Unari the Bearcat
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Unari the Bearcat is a member of the Cloudtop Freedom Fighters, and is one of it's original three members, with the other two being Sajin the Horse (the leader) and Mei the Panda.

Physical Description

A stocky bearcat who stands a fair bit over three feet tall, Unari has a short muzzle with a round nose and three thick whiskers on either side of his cheeks, rounded ears ending in large tufts, and a long, fairly thick tail that is also prehensile.

His fur is primarily cordovan in color, with a tan muzzle, inner ears, eye markings, chest, and stomach (the tip of his tail is black and tan), while the tufts of his ears are black in color. He has no hair on his head, instead having a tuft of longer fur, and his eyes are arylide yellow in color.

Unari's typical attire consists of elbow-length xanadu fingerless gloves with black trim, baggy black pants with a xanadu cloth sash around the waist, and xanadu boots with white cuffs.



Eggman's Attack

When Sajin, Mei and Unari were 14 years old, the Eggman Empire's influence had started to stretch towards their mountain home. As very few of the villagers had any combat experience, the trio had to improvise. Sajin had the idea to advantage of the knowledge they had of the area to outpace and outwit Eggman's robots, such as luring them to ledges, only to shove them over the edge and destroy them. The myriad of connecting tunnels that ran throughout the mountain range helped them accomplish this greatly.

But this would prove to not be enough. Therefore, in between attacks from Eggman's SWATbots and Badniks, the trio took the time to participate in combative training, helped by the village's elders, who were the only ones with any combat knowledge. They also ended up befriending the son of one elder, an impulsive squirrel named Renkaeve.

A New Threat

Two years later, after on-and-off skirmishes between Eggman's robots and Sajin, Mei, Unari and Renkaeve, a formidable threat soon appeared at the Cloudtop Mountains. For a while now, The Thundering Armada had been content to only tax the settlements located in the Moonlight Plains Zone. But rumors of powerful and valuable artifacts hidden deep within the Cloudtop Mountains had reached the ears of Hachiro Shimasu, the Armada's leader. Wanting to see these rumors for himself (and take the possible spoils, as well), Hachiro took his two trusted confidants, Arata and Asuka Mori, as well as a bunch of footsoldiers, to Cloudtop Village.


Base Stats
Stamina Great
Strength Great
Energy N/A
Durability Great
Resistance Good
Speed Good
Reflexes Average
Magic N/A
Kinesis N/A
Intellect Great
Other Stats
Eyesight Great
Hearing Superior
Olfactory Superior

While once a decent fighter in his own right, the Cloudtop Village Elders helped Unari to hone his abilities, allowing him to become quite formidable. As a bearcat, Unari has a fairly sturdy body, guarded by a thick coat of fur. His long tail is prehensile, allowing him to grab objects with it or even hang from things. He also has sharp teeth and strong jaws, making for a nasty bite. He is also quite durable, and his thick fur protects him from the cold.

Genetic Ability: Fur Coat

An ability that is quite common in Mobians with thick fur, this Genetic Ability causes Unari's fur to act as a sort of natural shield, absorbing physical blows and reducing the overall damage by about 50%; it also acts as a natural defense against cold weather and weak, Ice-based techniques. However, it's useless against energy-based attacks that aren't Ice-aligned, as well as the energy-based components of certain melee attacks, like Inferno Slash. The thick fur also tends to leave Unari prone to heat exhaustion.


Unari not only has good physical strength, but he is also more durable than he looks; this is thanks not only to his natural bulk, but to his genetic ability of Fur Coat, which reduces the damage taken from physical attacks by about 50%, and also gives him some protection against cold weather and weak, Ice-based techniques.


Unari has virtually no way to attack from range, allowing those who don't need to get close to him to stay out of his reach and harass him from afar. He is also quite slow, allowing faster opponents to outpace him easily, and making him rather poor at dodging. His genetic ability of Fur Coat also leaves him prone to heat exhaustion.

Friends and Foes






  • Mei the Panda - Unari seems to have a slight crush on her... but he won't admit it.


A bit of a gruff person, Unari would much rather get straight to the point instead of mess around. He has a bit of a hot temper, and is easily agitated; the most common source of his ire tends to either be Mukuro or Renkaeve, two fellow members of the Cloudtop Freedom Fighters, who, in his opinion, are "obnoxious and aggravating".

However, Unari is quite brave, and is more than willing to put himself on the front lines if it means protecting the people and places he cares about.

Positive Traits

  • Brave

Neutral Traits

Negative Traits


"Can you maybe, just maybe, go be a nuisance somewhere else?"
—Often said to either Mukuro or Renkaeve


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