Umeme the Lion is the father of Cyo the Lion and husband to Ayah the Lioness, father in law with Bonnie and grandfather to Ewan the Hedgelion. He first appears in the story Brainwashed Cyo and is a supporting character in Terror of Crimson.


Umeme is a mobian lion with orange fur and yellow hair, chestfur, goatee and tailtip. His overall appearance is similar to Cyo besides the color differences and he does not have a mechanical arm. He wears a masaai type of pants. Like his son Umeme has orange/golden eyes.

When he was younger he had no goatee.


Umeme is kind and caring when it comes to his family and allies. It is known he has a great father-son relation with Cyo with them being out hunting or trying out roaring. For his wife Ayah he loves deeply and he helps her out at their home and even hunting animals or feeding their pet ostrich.

At the time Cyo was freed from Eggman's brainwashing on him, Umeme was at his son's side to comfort him along with Ayah to make Cyo come out of his depression and guilt.

Like anyone else, Umeme hates Eggman very much when it comes to him messing with his allies.

Abilites and Skills

As being a mobian without special powers, Umeme has instead just average strength, speed and stamina. But he does possess a mighty roar which can be like normal lions be heard 4 miles away. He also is good at using a spear in both hunting or in self defense. When it comes to fighting he will either use the spear or his claws during the fight.


He and Ayah at some point in the past met and eventually married and they got Cyo few months after their marriage. Together they both raised him well and taught him how to hunt and roar.

When Cyo was about 11, he was chased by a bull elephant on musth and Umeme ran and saved his son in the last moment just before the elephant could crush him. He somewhat scolded his son for getting too close to the elephant but was proud that Cyo learned his lesson.

When Cyo reached his teens, Umeme taught him how to roar.


  • His voice is pretty much that of Kevin Michael Richardson's natural speaking voice.
  • He was about 30 year old when Cyo was born.


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