This page is not completed and is still being written!Umbra the Hedgehog is a member of an organization known as the Light Guardians, and Jezz the Hedgehog's father.


Precursory Era

Umbra was born into the Light Guardians as the son of the Supreme Commander known as Kalliango the Benevolent. Kalliango decided he wanted a son who would be free of darkness. He was granted his wish, but the darkness within Umbra's heart took on it's own existence as a result. It defeated several Light Guardians on it's own, only to be suppressed by Kalliango himself and his elite troops. The darkness was then sealed in a world of darkness. This darkness then vowed to take revenge, and took on the name "Armageddon the Evil".

Meanwhile, Umbra grew to be a soldier who excels in defensive techniques. Deployment after deployment hardened the young agent, in addition to fine-tuning his photokinetic abilities. After he came of age, he was to be sent to his final deployment, where he would guard for the rest of his life: Earth.


Umbra, as an operative of the Light Guardians, is a no-nonsense type. When he makes a decision, he will follow through with it unless a better solution arises. As a scientist, he studies dimensional travel, and the various strange properties to the multiverse.


Umbra is a master of photokinesis, even compared to any of the other Light Guardians. He specializes in defensive techniques, however the offensive techniques he knows are more powerful as a means of compensation. His running speed hits the speed of light, to the point where he has the option of becoming a light beam, allowing him to pass through objects without harm to himself. In light-beam mode, however, he becomes vulnerable to reflective surfaces, just like a normal light beam. He also has the ability to fly.


Umbra, like all Light Guardians, has a weakness to shadow-based powers, and is also weak to Dark Chaos Energy. This weakness was what killed him the first time. After his rebirth, the most it can do is take away his powers, leaving him unable to assist anyone for a time.









  • "Umbra" is an ironic yet fitting name for this character; "umbra", Latin for "shadow", is the name of the innermost and darkest part of a shadow. Umbra's dark side, Armageddon the Evil, is the darkest and most evil creature the heroes might ever face.
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