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Umbra of the House of Penumbra


3 ft 1 in
70 lbs
Chronologically 4000+ (from earth's perspective) Physically 60
March 1
Good, Nocturnus

Umbra is Moon's father and a Nocturnus scientist. Moon lived with him up until she became a soldier. He is still living, although in the Twilight Cage and is 60 years old.


Umbra is a bit timid and soft-spoken. A hardworker, he is good at his job. However, he's not always sure of himself and sometimes won't speak up even if he really does know the answer. He is very caring and always puts others before himself, sometimes working too hard because of it.

He is quiet and usually keeps to himself, though he's perfectly willing to talk about his interests, namely science. Despite not saying much normally, if he finds himself in a teaching situation he will speak rather enthusiastically. He gets very excited about scientific things, but he does realize that there isn't always a scientific explanation for everything.

As a father, he was always kind and supportive of his children. He was especially close to Moon and always encouraged her, even if that meant her going off to war like her mother did.


He is an orange echidna with pale orange stripes horizontally down his dreadlocks like Moon's. He has grey hair on his head and wears glasses and a lab coat. Under his lab coat he wears black pants and light blue boots.


Unlike his wife and kids, Umbra was not trained in combat. Thus he lacks any real offensive abilities outside of his own resourcefulness. He does know a few self defense moves though that Starlight taught him.

His true abilities are his intelligence and scientific knowledge. He is an expert in the field having worked in it for many years and he knows much about technology due to how much the Nocturnus were into it. He knows how to work with robots, weapons, and armor as well as computers. Mathematics are another thing he's good at.


Early Life

Umbra was born on Albion back before the echidnas that would become the Knuckles and Nocturnus clans left to colonize Soumerca. Much of his childhood was spent going to school and studying the wealth of information that echidna society had to offer. He was what could be considered a nerdy child, but he was also rather ambitious. He began to try and discover more and more things up until the ultimate opportunity presented itself.

As a Member of the Nocturnus

When the groups finally did leave to colonize, Umbra was one of the ones who volunteered to go with them, having an interest in discovering the new land. When some of the colonists began to leave and the remaining ones split into castes, Umbra was among the more science focused ones who became the Nocturnus. Also in that group was Starlight the echidna, whom he met during all of this. They ended up falling in love and having two children. For a little while they had a complete family, but living in the power-hungry Nocturnus colony it couldn't last. Several years later the colony went off to war with the Knuckles clan. Starlight, being a soldier went off to fight, but she was killed in battle. Naturally, this has a rather strong effect on Umbra, as well as on his daughter, Moon, who trained to take her mother's place. During all of this Umbra continued to work as a scientist, furthering the development of the Nocturnus technology and its weapons. That was until the Argus event, which took them all to the Twilight Cage.

In the Cage


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Starlight the Echidna

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