Ultra The Hedgehog
Ultra The Hedgehog
Superspeed, Levitation
Helping others out, having a fun time, play videogames, composer music, play music, run
Boredom, Losing
Love Interests
Theme Song
"Gold" by Spandau Ballet
Voice Actor
Matt Damon

Ultra The Hedgehog is one of the most famous musicians and composers of Moebius, the place of his birth. He is a great friend of Sonic and considered like a brother to him and the Sonic Team has written many songs and has also occasionally helped on several occasions. Ultra is in love with Blaze the Cat but is too shy to declare and also because of the ongoing missions, they do not see themselves ever.


Ultra was born on Mobius, but he never knew his parents because they died a few hours after his birth in an accident unknown. Ultra will be "adopted" as a brother by Sonic with whom he formed a strong friendship immediately. From an early age, Ultra shows a great interest in music and in particular to the electric guitar, which he learned to play very easily. Ultra has a good natural speed and is a great fighter, in fact, helped Sonic and his friends on several occasions against Dr. Eggman and his henchmen. He is always in conflict with Rouge the Bat and Shadow the Hedgehog because of their arrogant and superior attitudes, even though they always help. He is in love with Blaze the Cat from the first moment he saw her, but because of his shyness almost never speaks to her but he always offers to help her and do many missions and battles together.

Sonic Shine dubbed him for his great ability to play the guitar because he likes electronics and electricity.

Ultra has formed a rock band called "Three Lights" which includes him, Sonic and Tails.

"Between Earth & Sky" one of the most famous songs of the group, is dedicated to Blaze.

Amici / Alleati

Rivals / Nemici


Ultra can turn Super Ultra with the power of the Chaos Emeralds.


  • Ultra has a strong sense of justice but is also very generous and this can sometimes be a weakness.
  • Ultra has a strong passion for comic books and video games and that's why the others make fun of him calling him nerd.