Ultima Mystic is the super transformation of Mystic Monkey. Despite the name it is actually a standard Super transformation that Mystic can do with the Seven Chaos Emeralds (and gameplay wise, additional 50 rings). Unlike Sonic and most of his friends who were able to become super when they first had the seven emeralds, Mystic was unable to achieve Super Transformation since the creation of the Black Chaos Emerald and was not even able to use standard Chaos powers for any abilities.

This disability was over-come after an adventure in the realm of Camelot where Caliburn himself tutored Mystic in the way of becoming a knight. Mystic discovering the Light of the Sacred Swords, was able to overcome his disabilty with Chaos Energy and with the emeralds, able to achieve his ultimate form.

It is unlikely for Mystic can use the Super Emeralds for hyper state of power.


Mystic Monkey's eyes become ruby red and his brown fur becomes orange. Like most super transformations he possess the golden aura that most super transformations from the Chaos Emeralds have.


Despite different sounding title in name, it is still a standard super form from the seven Chaos Emeralds. Mystic possess one unique ability above that of the other super heroes. In this form he will replace his own sword with Excalibur to channel his power through. This is because in the World of Camelot Mystic became a paladin due to the Long Lost Light of the Sacred Swords. As Ultima Mystic, Caliburn is able to temporarily visit Sonic's dimension and become Excalibur, his own super form to assist Ultima Mystic as his weapon.


Ultima Mystic possess the same enhancements and invincibility to that of other heroes who are able to turn "Super" by the seven Chaos Emeralds. Despite the "Ultimate" title, he is still regarded as the same kind of super forms granted by the Chaos Emeralds.


The only power Ultima Mystic has that Super Sonic and other super-state beings do not possess is the ability to summon Excalibur from the world of Camelot almost instantly after transformation. This is due to Mystic Monkeys affinity with the Long-Lost Light of the Sacred Swords. This sacred light however does not grant him golden armour like Excalibur Sonic or any additional powers other than the right for Ultima Mystic to wield Excalibur.

When Ultima Mystic can no longer sustain his form (such as running out of power or rings) Excalibur will vanish in golden light, returning to his world.


  • Originally, Mystic had two super forms known as "Holy Mystic" and "Evil Mystic", the later behaving like Super Sonic from the british Sonic the Comic, however it was decided Mystic to have one Super form that he would have much later than initiative.
  • While Ultima Mystic is named after the word "ultimate", he is more named after the reaccuring Final Fantasy term "Ultima", powerful spell and it's all-powerful weapon and boss being named after it.
  • Mystic Monkey unlocked Ultima Mystic from the quest of collected the seven World Rings, despite the fact that the rings have little to do with the Chaos Emeralds. Ultima Mystic is not a transformation by the World Rings.
  • Ultima Mystic maybe revoked or phase out, given little use for him in personal lore.
  • "Comic" version of Ultima Mystic maybe considered. Simply known as Ultima, created when Ebony the Cat infuse Mystic with essence of Super Sonic either somewhen after Point of No Return! or Ebony & Ivory. Unlike Chaotic-Evil Super Sonic, Ultima would be Neutral-Evil. It is unknown if this will be before or after his life in Pre-SGW Mobius or if he is able to retain his super-state there. (If able to it will function like traditional super-state given different the nature Chaos Power is to Chaos Emerald radiation.)
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