Tyson The Echidna

Tyson the Echidna( is a troublemaking youngster and apart of The Star Tribe. He not only has Celstialkinesis but Sonokineis as well. He is a very talented member of the tribe even if he doesn't act it.He is the younger brother of Nami-Ne and Tai-Su.                               
Tyson The Echidna


Living In The Tribe                                                                             

Tyson unlike other members always wanted to escape the confounds of everyday life. He wanted to leave the village and explore. This always gets him into trouble as he and his friends constantly attempt to escape. Tyson is a very popular boy and is a social butterfly. He is always called a hedgehog however.Tyson is rumored to one day become the strongest member of his tribe due to his natural abilities. Though it is doubted by the villagers. Also the older viallgers(Teenagers, Adults, and Elders) seem to think that Tyson is an outcast and shouldn't be rewarded for his mutations. There are only a select few besides Tyson's mother who think otherwise of this, and it doesn't help that Tyson is a troublemaker and usually breaks things of the older villagers accidently.


Tyson is a fun-loving,heard-headed, soft hearted, troublemaker who loves his village. However he longs to see beyong the walls of his village. Tyson hates boring and loves adventure. Also Tyson is very popular among students escpecially girls. His friends joke around calling him a hedgehog without ears. Tyson also sneeks out at
Tyson The Echidna
Ty Hedgehog
Nami-Ne The Echidna~Sister

Tai-Su The Echidna~Sister Star Tribe King~Uncle Knockes~Father

Romantic Interest
An Unknown Girl(Small Crush)
Girls, Brownies, Casuing Mischieve, His Powers, his friends, his family, adventures,exploring
People who mistake him for a hedgehog, being bored, being trapped in his village


Superspeed(Almost As Fast As Tails)
Lu-Lu The Echidna

Mackey The Dog

Sandi-Si The Echidna
Star Soul Form(Not Known Yet
night to look over the village wall(which is very high) and sees a girl around the same age as him taking in clothes from a clothespine. Tyson is enfatuated with this girl even only seeing her at a far distance and very briefly. Tyson also never feels pity for people only telling them to cheer-up. He usually talks to anyone willing to listen and can make friends with just about anyone. He can sometimes come off as annoying as do most chuildren and isn't to gifted in the smarts department. Despite his immaturity and lack of responsebility word around is that Tyson may become the strongest warrior the 4,000 year old village has ever seen rivaling the great legend warriors Tiku and Tifu.



  • Celestialkinesis- With this Tyson can use s the stars as an energy boost or use their energy for attacks(functioning like chaos powers) with this tyson can do a number of moves.
  • Star Pulse- A move that when used can give the user a burst of energy.
  • Rapid Star Succesion- A Move that allows the user to make star shaped energy beams and throw them at an opponent rapidly.
  • Shooting Star Kick- A basic kick charged with Star Energy
  • Star Dance- A move that allows the user to see through an opponents attack(only working on opponents at the same strenght or weaker than the opponent.
  • Solokinesis- An ability not commonly aquired in The Star Tribe. This ability shows that the child will in the future posses great strength.
  • Sonic Screach- A move that can deafen an opponent in close enough range.
  • Vocal Tapping- Allows the user to easily mock a person perfectly or conrtol the person's voice(that bit is only mastered by strong users)
  • Sound Radian- A move that can block out all sound within a two mile raduis of the user.
  • Sound Doopler- Once the user has heard the person's voice they can track that person easier as they can here their voice from very far distances(Good for tracking)
  • Superspeed- Tyson is almost as fast as Tails still making him very fast. Though he doesn't like to run because unlike Sonic it can tire him out easily.


Tiku and Tifu

Though Tyson obviously never met the two he still has a HUGE amount of respect for them. He wants to be heroes like them when he gets older. Tiku and Tifu to Tyson are gods. He finds them the strongest people that ever roamed the Earth and the fact that he is said to posses their power is that much greater for him.

Zaro The Hedgehog

Tyson has a great deal of respect for Zaro seeing him as a friendly rival. Wile Zaro is faster and smarter than Tyson it is still up for debate on who is stronger as they always either end in a tie or are interupted.


Tyson loves his big sister and despite him being younger is very portective of her. He hates when any guy even looks at her let alone flirt with her. Tyson and Nami-Ne usually travel together sneaking out when their mother is away or asleep. Tyson and Nami-Ne are very close.


Tyson quite frankly is amazed at his other older sister. She is very quite and kept to her self which is weird to Tyson. She also never seems to fall in love like Nami-Ne. Tyson always calls her a boy repellent to which he is comically smacked in the back of the head.

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