Tyrus the Lemur

Tyrus the Lemur is a member of the Efrika Egg Army, and serves under Efrika Sub-Boss Kerion Croc of the Shifting Sands Egg Base.

Physical Description

An athletically-built lemur, Tyrus has Falu Red fur with Dark Red eyes. His outfit consists of a long sleeve top with white cuffs, white stripes down the arms, and a zipper down the front, as well as white gloves, black pants, and dark brown boots. His tail is entirely Cyberized, though still functions like any regular tail would. His muzzle is slightly-bright red in color.


Prior to joining the Eggman Empire, Tyrus was basically a thief who enjoyed stealing things, and even searched for treasure without much success. It didn't took long for him to be recruited to join the Efrika Egg Army. Unlike other members, he voluntarily joined. When confronted by Kerion, he stood nose-to-nose and didn't backed down. Despite the consequences when Tinashe found out, Tyrus still joined up.

While he doesn't like Kerion, he doesn't back down and complies with orders, much to his teammates' dismay. Even if he could try, he'd rather follow orders than to commit treason, even if he doesn't like being ordered around too much. He refers to Kerion as 'a big brute with a brain that's a size of a peanut', though he keeps it to himself.


Apart from having good sunakinesis, Tyrus' unique trait is the use of his Cyberized tail; like Tangle, Tyrus can use his tail as his third arm, and even deliver strong attacks, including grabbing heavy objects and hurl at them as projectiles. He is also moderately fast for hit-and-run attacks. In addition, he is adept with stealth, hiding in places where he is least spotted, and is also an excellent climber. He can also use his tail to block incoming attacks, making it an excellent, defensive weaponry.

He also serves himself as a scout, being able to spy on others and relaying to his teammates ahead of time.


Tyrus is weak against water and fire attacks, and his unpredictability can leave him wide open to be attacked. In addition, his tail, while useful in carrying and throwing objects at his opponents, he can't carry and throw objects that are exceedingly heavy, and this can strain his energy. He is also a terrible swimmer, and his tail can corrode easily by acid or other corrosive elements, which can weaken him even further. And being light means he can be easily thrown around by heavier opponents.

Friends and Foes



  • Kerion Croc - Despite not liking him, Tyrus still complies with orders with him as Kerion assumes his role as leader. Even then, he doesn't like being bossed around too much, though he doesn't have much of a choice anyway.



Brash and cocky, Tyrus is a no-nonsense individual with a lot of pride to show. Unlike the Efrika Egg Army members who are completely afraid of Kerion, he doesn't show any fear to the large crocodile, especially when being confronted by him for the first time, and was shown standing his ground with no signs of backing down. In other words, he is shown to lack any form of fear and isn't very easily intimidated. Still, he is obviously wise to not backstab on him whenever he's around with Kerion.

Tyrus is also a thrill-seeker, not hesitating on tackling on dangers head-on, and is shown to miraculously making out alive unscathed (apart from few scratches). Still, he does care about his team (minus Kerion), and he'll always watch their backs.

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