"Suffer the truth or suffer the consequences."
—Tyrone, Knuckles: Giya Lives!

Tyrone the Conquerer is a cosmic entity and the last survivor of his home planet Giya. In a last ditch effort to preserve the planet's heritage, the Giyagan council created a planetary successor through a magical spell, harnessing their combined knowledge and power to form a worthy successor. With an IQ of 5700 and the strength of a planet, Tyrone the Conquerer was born.

Though it was believed Tyrone was the last survivor of that planet system, later on Earth other lifeforms would come down after surviving the destruction of their homeworld. By the end of 2030, Tyrone was accompanied by four other former inhabitants of his planet system. The last of their kind, Tyrone, Pablo, Uniqua, Tasha, and Austin formed the 10th Giyagan corp, renaming the organization the Backyardigans based on their new home.

Tyrone is the first Backyardigan and one of three that survived the Neutron Struggle.


Estimated Early Life (Before Earth)

In a planetary system far away lies Tyrone's homeplanet Giya, a small, sandy landscape that holds the civilization of Gen. The system's largest star, Urepra, was reaching its red sun stage of development. Within years, it would explode and wipe out all life in the lightyears surrounding Giya.

Giya's highest council, the 9th generation of the Giyagan Corps, met at the capital to discuss their options. Gen's shuttles could not travel fast enough to escape the blast of the sun's near galaxy-ending explosion, meaning that there was no chance for their civilization to survive long enough to reach another safe planet. The Giyagan's eldest member then proposed an idea. Using the Giyagan's magic, they could sacrifice their planet's knowledge and strength to place into one lifeform that could save Gen's heritage and culture without saving the species.

Hence, Tyrone was created and sent off into the farthest depths into the galaxy via Gen's only pod capable of lightspeed. Hours after Tyrone's pod reached past Giya's planetary system, the sun exploded and Tyrone was truly one of a kind. He was the last of the Giyagans.

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