Jin "Typhoon Prower"

Age 14
Gender Male
Species Fox
Description Two-tailed Fox with yellow fur and red gleaming eyes
Attire Blue Jeans

Black undershirt

Black Jacket


Red and Black Gauntlets

Relatives Miles Prower (Brother)

Twister the Fox (Prime Counterpart) Tempest the Fox (Dark Mobius Counterpart]]

Affiliations Suppression Squad


Nicknames Typhoon (most preferred)
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Romantic Interests Unknown
Weaponry None
Abilities Fighting Ability, Power to fire a laser from his eyes due to some genetic curse.
Super Forms Devil Typhoon (Gained as a part of a genetic curse)

Pandora Typhoon (only when provoked to be extremely angry)

Typhoon the Fox is the Moebian Counterpart to Twister the Fox


Typhoon like Twister had his simple life up until he ran from the grand forest when he became fourteen. He went off in search of someone who can help him train for a big threat which possibly could be attacking his home. He along the way of this found out about his cursed gene he gained from his past although he was unaware of it. The gene itself had given him his red glowing eyes which he hid under his sunglasses, a power to fire heat-induced lasers from them,an ability to make sphere-;like projectiles from his gauntlets, and an ability to have illusion of having 2 black seraphic-like wings. These he proved were useful to his arsenal of combat, wary of the curse.

Meeting his Prime Self

to be written

Future Actions, and A Reunion


Jin is a cold, but caring individual for a moebian. On the outside some of his personality could be cold and devastating at first, but when one comes to know his true feelings on the inside he is a very good person. In battle he is as cold as ever, yelling for his enemies that he will show them true fear, before utilizing his powers. Saying to not stand in his way, ad he decides his own destiny. He shows a certain respect for both family, and his prime counterpart, saying he was a worthy rival. They unlike other counterparts have a fair-share of speaking terms unlike others such as Sonic and Scourge, who nearly start a fight almost EVERY TIME when they are put in the same room.





  • The Destructix
  • Scourge the Hedgehog


  • Battle
  • Friends and Family
  • Peace
  • Business
  • His own destiny


  • Scourge
  • People picking on his brother
  • His enemies
  • People trying to make his destiny


"Don't stand in my way" -telling someone to not stand in his way

"I decide my own fate" -saying to someone that he controls his fate

"Not bad for someone from Mobius Prime" -Upon fighting his prime counterpart in battle

"You'll pay for getting in my way!" -before battle


Facts about Typhoon

  • Some of his personality, and his appearance mirrors that of Jin Kazama from Tekken
  • His Cursed Gene is based upon the Devil gene from the aforementioned Series
  • His Pandora Form is from an exclusive gimmick from the Game Street Fighter X Tekken
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