Tyler The Wolf
Tyler The Hedgehog
Parkview, Green Emerald Zone
Emerald Vista Middle School
Sonic and all his friends, Sylvia Prower, ice cream, machinery
Eggman, Sissy Prower, Amy Rose (at times)
Has Learner's Permit, Super speed
See picture

Tyler the Wolf is a wolf on the planet Mobius in the Emerald Hill universe.


Early life

Tyler was born in the Earth year 1994 into an aristrocrat family. Living in Station Square, he enjoyed the good life, at least for 6 years. Then, there was a stock crash in Station Square, which went on to affect the Mobian Stock Exchange, leaving Tyler an average kid.

The family moved to Parkview's Metropolitan Area, not living with Sonic closer to the city, but in the suburb of Wolfington, a good 20-minute drive to the east. He made new friends, and one day he met Sylvia Prower.

Sylvia Prower: First Friend

Sylvia and Tyler got along well. They had ice cream together, played games together, etc. In 2005, Tyler moved a little closer to the city itself. Sylvia and Tyler could now be together all the time. Then, tragedy struck.........


Sylvia is Tails' cousin. When Tails moved to Parkview in May 2006, Sylvia started to hang out with him more. This upset Tyler, and he did everything to get his beloved Sylvia back. He made cards, bought her roses, etc. Sylvia kept hanging out with Tails though, and thought that Tyler was getting a bit creepy. One day, Tyler confessed that he loved Sylvia and wanted her back. Sylvia laughed, and then she decided to explain everything. Tails and Sylvia almost never met before, so they wanted to catch up. Besides, they are family. Tyler was relieved and then went home.


Besides the ones listed above, he is also very good with grammar and geography. He has a learner's permit, as he got a 99 on his Qualification test. He also has super speed, but not as fast as Sonic or Shadow.

Police cars & equipment

Tyler has been a good mechanic and builder, and once, he built 55 new police cars for the Hunter County Sheriff's Department and the Hunter County S.W.A.T team. Pretty soon he started building them for free, and eventually he started his own small company called Tyler Built Security, Inc. He has built special security equipment for Hunter County, Parkview, Wolfington, Chaos County, Mobo County, and Emeraldsville. He has good mechanical talents, but not as good as Tails.

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