Tyler the Porcupine is the fourth male character and is Danny the Hedgehog's best buddy, he is in Danny Double X and his games, he is Danny sidekick and is part of the "8 Freedoms", he is has a rival in Max the Mouse and is in love with Alice the Dog


  • Race: Porcupine
  • Gender: Male
  • Age:14 - 16
  • Brithday: Nov 20
  • Blood Type: B
  • Favorite color: Yellow
  • Favorite Food: Pizza, Chilli Dogs, Nacho, Banana, Tofu, Potato chip
  • Hobbies: Playing video games, reading comics, dancing, partying, sleeping, skateboarding, snow boarding, surfing
  • Crush: Alice the Dog
  • Rival: Max the Mouse
  • Enemy: Eggman
  • Family: unknown mother, Kai (father) Skip and Kip (brothers)
  • Pet: none
  • ID: 324567000123
  • Occupation: High School Student, Skateboarding champ, Hero
  • Sport: Baseball, track and field, rock climbing
  • Power: Electrokinetics
  • Likes: Alice, his best buddy, working at his dad's pizza shop, partying
  • Dislikes: Rock the Hedgefox (formly), Heart's bad cooking, being alone
  • Theme Song: Just so you know by Jesse McCartney


Tyler was born in a small village living well and happy with his family, his Father was a famous dancer and skateboarder and his mother was a champion snowboarder and sufer, to Tyler life in school he was the class clown and the coolest guy in school, it also said that he can make people happy by making them laugh or smile (this is prove to be true), at the age of Six, Tyler and his father pay their respect to his father's long-time best buddy, who wife has died of a heart attack, while his father talk to his friend, Tyler met a girl sitting and crying for her mother to come back to life, Tyler wanted her to stop crying so he tells her joke, made funny faces and tell her stories about how he lost his great grandfather and how much he miss him so much, the girl stop crying and hug him for being so nice and caring for her, she told him her name is Alice the Dog and told him she was very close to her mother and love her very much, she wish her mother didn't died but she was gone forever in her life, Tyler say she watching over her and is glad she alright, from then on Tyler and Alice became friends (unware to Alice that Tyler has fallen in love with her).

Years later, Tyler is the coolest guy in school, being captian of the baseball team, track and field team and surf team and join dance classes in high school and he in the same class as his best buddy, Danny and his childhood crush Alice, Tyler found out from Giant the Hedgegoose that the most richest kid, Max the Mouse also likes Alice and he wasn't going to lose Alice without fight, later Tyler Join the "8 Freedoms" cause he heard that Alice was joining and also Max and his buddy Danny, Tyler ready to party!


Tyler is known as the party dude by alot people and the class clown by his classmates, he is light-hearted, very cheerful, laid-back, very hyperactive, goofy, jokester, innocent, immuture, fun-loving and very childish guy who just love to party, he come from a middle class family and he let everyone knows that, he also has a romantic side and knows how to treat girls right and not drool over him just because he cool but because he cares and is a true friend, he is in love with Alice, but hide it by getting himself in trouble or by teasing her, but he truly loves her and can get jealous easly if Max is near her and get angry when she not around, but he thinks about Alice and think about if he's good for her or not. He play pranks on everyone, accept Mina cause he does not want to hurt her feelings or make her cry and tell jokes which make people laugh. He one of the five characters that is really good at cooking the other four is Mina, Danny, Alice and Giant.


  • Alice the Dog: Tyler is in love with the genius girl, he made her smile when they where kids, snice then he loves her but is having a hard time showing it and worries that he is not good eoungh for her.
  • Danny the Hedgehog: They are the best of buddies in the world.
  • Rock the Hedgefox: Tyler is the only one who knows that Rock is Danny's half-brother and he don't trust at first, but got over him and became friends with him.
  • Max the Mouse: Tyler's rival, Max tried to get along with Tyler and Tyler only see him as a threat to his and Alice relationship.


Tyler is a yellow porcunpine with little black dot eyes and he wears goggles over his head and wear brown gloves, has shoes are black and yellow and he wear a green vest. he a little overweight. His hands are small, wearing gloves that have lighting on them. he also have a gap in the middle of his teeth on top.


Tyler has the power of Electrokinetics that was pass down to every male in his family, but this power is stronger then any male in his family, Tyler seem to master it at a young age, he's also talented at dancing snice he love to dance.


"Let's get FUN-KY, everybody"

"Let's Party all night"

"let boogey till I can't dance no more"

"Hey cutie how it going"

"Danny, hey there dude"

"Alice, your just like every nerd"

"You know Max, I like Alice and I'm not going to let you take her away from me"

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