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This is an article about Tyler Oké Aghara, a character created by Rapidthehedgehog on 01/12/2015.


Tyler is a green wolf. His eyes are brown. His muzzle is furry and white. Tyler wears a white T-shirt designed with waffles with a red rectangle in the center labelled "Prime". He wears gray shorts and high socks that go up to just below his knees. His socks have 3 horizontal red stripes. He wears green skate shoes. Tyler has a black beanie that has the "Prime" label on it. Tyler wears red gloves. He wears a backpack most of the time. This backpack is a simple 2 pouch, zip-up backpack. It is a pewter color. Tyler has a string necklace with an upside down cross along with wooden beads around the necklace.


Tyler is probably one of the most misunderstood teens in school. He loses control of himself and turns into "Ryder" often. This is only reversable when he is either sedated or left alone. Tyle has a "forget it" attitude due to his constant bullying in the past. This is also the reason why he's very depressed all the time. 

Tyler is an avid skater. He picked up this trait as a hobby Dr. Cron Tat suggested. Tyler was a natural, able to pop kickflips the second week he got serious about it. Tyler feels more happy when he skates, making Dr. CT feel accomplished as well. For Tyler, skating is like an alternative want for him to express himself. Earl also skates, making Tyler feel more comfortable when he knows someone's with him.

Because he has multiple personalities, his view on things alter. Tyler in his normal state is a normal outcast teenager along with his best friend, Earl. Tyler is down to earth, yet straight to the point person. He can be very honest, sometimes too honest. He is often described as "the weird kid" by people that don't pick on him.

Tyler finds success in himself when he completes a rap. He gains a sense of accomplishment. Everytime he and Earl finish a rap, they go to a recording studio and record it, make more, complete the album and sell it. Tyler has many fans and he continues to create raps to this day.


Tyler was born March 6, 1996 in Station Square. He is an Ethiopian/red wolf hybrid. His father is of Ethiopian wolf descent while his mother is of red wolf descent. Tyler has a younger sister, Lynda. Tyler's father left the family when he was 3. This messed with his psyche. Because of his lack of a father figure, Tyler turned to music at age 7 for a hideaway. Tyler would take CD cases and put his own "album" designs on there as well as an original track list of fake songs. As Tyler entered middle school, he met his friend Earl Thebe. Tyler and Earl began to make raps together starting in eighth grade. As soon as the two made their first real rap together, they were best friends. 

High school was basically hell for Tyler. Tyler was bullied hard all four years, leading to him to be sent to camp Flow Gnag. Tyler dated his first girlfriend, Rochelle (Roe - Kell). Rochelle ended up playing Tyler harshly by cheating on him in front of him with a "friend" of his that turned out to be another bully. This happened in ninth grade. Sophomore year looked worse. Because Rochelle's name was the password to most of his personal devices and accounts, he slightly went insane. Everytime her name was mentioned, he would denounce it and curse her name. This made Earl question the password choice. Tyler didn't have an answer and changed the subject. 

Tyler reached his breaking point his junior year. Tyler wanted to join his high school's football team. The players thought otherwise. During the conditioning months, Tyler was beat up in the locker rooms after conditioning. He told the coaches, but they wouldn't believe him. Tyler eventually quit trying and went back to rapping with Earl. One day, a jock on the football team grabbed some papers with their raps on it and ripped them up in front of the two. This enraged them both. Tyler snapped and attacked the football player and ended up stabbing him in the chest with a fork. The football player survived, but the school councellor sent him to camp Flow Gnag to "reform him". This would be the change of Tyler.

Tyler reached camp Flow Gnag when he was 16. Tyler met Dr. Cron Tat. Dr. CT introduced him to Samuel Haley, another teen who had a bad past. Sam had murdered a teen at his school, but authorities considered in involuntary manslaughter because he lied and said it was self defense. Sam immediately hated Tyler and told him to "stay the hell outta my way." and Tyler didn't know why. Tyler then decided to try and stay away from him. Until Sarah came along. Sarah, also called Salem, caught the attention of Tyler. Tyler was informed by Sam that the two were dating. Salem told Tyler about how the two met, talking about how Sam took her on bike rides on his handle bars. Salem also told Tyler that Sam sells blow. Tyler then begins to hit on Salem, going against all of Sam's warnings. He tells her to take a chance with him and also cites how lame Sam is. Salem gave in and messed around with Tyler. Tyler befriended two other teens with damaged psyches, Burrito and Jason. Sam then attacked Tyler in his cabin. Tyler told Salem and asked why he was like this. Salem told Tyler the story of how he was bullied in high school too and how he murdered someone. Sam then figured out that Tyler and Salem had began a relationship together. This made Sam explode in anger. Sam began a "war". His squad against Tyler, Burrito, and Jason. The war was ended after Dr. CT caught Tyler in his cabin fighting. This caused Tyler and Sam to be expelled from camp Flow Gnag. 

Tyler was sent to a new high school in the city of Stoneview. Here, he was assigned a therapist. He was to have three sessions, one each week. Surprisingly, his therapist was Dr. CT. Dr. CT had quit his job at camp Flow Gnag. At this time, Sam and Tyler as well as Salem had been put in the same school. This is where things went south for Tyler. Tyler had noticed that Salem was "acting weird". This ended up with the two arguing a lot. While the two began to argue more, they decided to split. This caused Tyler to lose a grip on reality and Salem to date more guys. Tyler then retreated to his conscious to keep himself entertained as well as alive. He would talk to himself and created a new persona, Ryder. Ryder was Tyler's "forget everything, kill everyone" personality. Tyler began to slip deeper into madness as he fought himself over control of who he was, Tyler or Ryder. Tyler regained control of the real Tyler once he finally met his father. He was sane for about 30 minutes before arguing with him, eventually threatening to kill him when he turned into Ryder. This forced him into deeper therapy sessions. The fact that Salem started to talk to Sam again didn't help either.

On his second therapy session, Dr. CT mocks Tyler's threat to his father saying "he would never shoot anybody". Tyler disagrees and goes on a long rant on the world and turns into Ryder. The session forces Tyler to shift from Ryder to himself often. Towards the end of the session, Tyler mentions something about "Sam not being around anymore" and Dr. CT feels like Tyler won't do much. Tyler is then dismissed from the session and goes to school the next day. At school, Tyler finds out that Sam and Salem are back together and Tyler is heartbroken due to the fact that Salem had began texting him and flirting with him the night of his second therapy. Tyler is then transformed into Ryder. Ryder completely snaps and attacks all of Sam's goons. Tyler's friends notice his violent behavior and on his third session, Tyler's friends are invited to the session. Tyler was still in the Ryder personality at the moment however. Tyler had went on and on about all the misfortunes he went through, making his temper to rise. Dr. CT felt threatened and sent a security officer and nurse to sedate him. Tyler's friends were dismissed. Tyler then stopped his rant and argued with Dr. CT about why he hasn't helped much. Dr. CT defends himself by saying Tyler isn't listening. As the security officer arrived, Tyler has completely turned into Ryder and fought against the security officer and nurse. The security officer then got Tyler and the nurse calmed him down. Tyler then pretends to be calm later as he regains full control of his body. He then suddenly got up and jumped out the window and landed safely outside. He ran away and looked for Sam to finish the job. 

Once Tyler returned to school, he saw Sam and told him to meet him after school. Tyler then assaulted Sam. However, while Tyler was gone at therapy, Sam turned over a new leaf and began to live properly. He had ended his relationship with Salem and hung out with smart kids. Tyler didn't know this and wouldn't listen to Sam's pleas to let him go. This resulted in Tyler knocking out Sam. Tyler's friends then confronted him soon after along with Dr. CT. Tyler then was fed up with the therapy sessions and went completely insane. Tyler was confronted by Jason. Tyler was in Ryder mode and shot him with a gun taken by Sam's old goons earlier. Burrito asked Tyler to put the gun down, but all efforts failed. Then he challenged Tyler asking "so you're just gonna shoot me then? Your best friend?" and Tyler nodded and proceeded to shoot and kill him too. Sam then tried to stop him. Tyler didn't listen and shot Sam in the leg. Before Tyler ended Sam's life, he asked if he had any last words. Sam then prayed and said he was sorry for everything. Tyler didn't care and killed him. Dr. CT grabbed him and took the gun from him. Tyler then snapped back to reality and realized what he had just done. He just killed the only people that cared about him as well as somebody that just apologized for being a bully. Dr. CT then took him in and did one last therapy session.

In this last session, Dr. CT just wanted to know about his insanity and what caused it. He then figured out that he had a true alter ego, Ryder. He then forgave Tyler, knowing it was his mentality that killed the teens. Dr. CT then reassured him that he doesn't have to worry about anything. 

Tyler currently resides with Dr. CT in his home as well as visiting Earl every now and then. Earl wasn't able to handle everything at once, but gradually forgave Tyler. The two still make raps to this day. They have a label company as well, Weird Past.


Personality Shift

Once angered or depressed to a certain point, Tyler will turn into Ryder. Ryder is his evil side. In this state, Tyler will not hesitate to kill anyone that defies him.

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Tyler is an excellent rapper. With his partner, Earl Thebe, he can make very creative and deep raps. The two have made plenty of mixtapes and albums. This is his best skill so far because he doesn't like to try new things. Except when it's forced upon him.

Tyler is a very skilled skater. He can do the most intricate tricks. Not perfectly, however. He has been in numerous competitions, but dislikes them. He believes "skating is an art, not a showcase" and doesn't want to skate for money. This is noticable when he messes up on purpose during competitions.

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Tyler cannot handle bullying. He usually turns into Ryder when he witnesses or experiences hate. Tyler will be very violent, usually resulting in himself or someone innocent getting hurt. Tyler is a very mentally unstable guy and will usually snap back and forth from reality. This is very dangerous.