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Tyler Chanphi is a sparkhog of the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus, a youth aiming to become a battle mage.


Already surprisingly tall for his age, Tyler is a Tangerine colored sparkhog with peach skin, often with his fur on-edge from his natural static generation. Always energetic and bouncing around; Tyler's eyes are Duck blue and on occasion seem to flicker with storm-like intensity.


Due mostly to his age, Tyler doesn't wear the typically militant clothing commonly seen within the Nihlic Clan's territory. Instead, while he wears a small set of combat-style boots; he wears a simple brown vest with two belts hanging around his waist; an appearance not uncommon to young civilians in the other Elemental Clans.



As a sparkhog, Tyler is a naturally potent electrical generator; his biology somewhat tied to the element of Electricity. As such, he often displays the rapid reflexes common to electrical elementals. Indeed, he tends to generate fairly consistent static electricity simply by moving around, often leading to unintentional shocks for the people he touches, though he has been learning and practicing storing that energy within himself for future use. Due to his youth and home in a more militant elemental clan; he hasn't spent much effort experimenting with the utility of his element; instead honing in completely on the power.

Thanks to some training from Nulla the Hedgecat; the second in command of the clan herself; Tyler has developed a number of rather interesting electrical skills, with his stated goal to become an elemental mage. One of his skills is an eruption of electrical energy, utilizing his own uncontrolled static generation as well as his stored energy and elemental control to create a large burst, though this decreases in effectiveness with his vitality. However, Nulla had taught him how to restore vitality through electrical impulses, including drawing that power from opponents or other electrical sources. Finally; while he has nowhere near mastered it, she gave him the basic pointers towards developing the technique known as Lightning Blade.

As a sparkhog; Tyler is vulnerable to being grounded or having his spark discharged, a facet that even others within the clan are aware of. Indeed, due to his currently limited training and age, he lacks any real means of trying to combat Earth-wielders; or anybody that is capable of protecting themselves from electrical currents. Similarly; he has shown a distaste towards weaponry and standard hand-to-hand self defense training; instead placing all of his energy into training his electrical powers.








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