Tye has Many transformations from going in to Rage State to Superforms. 

Rage Mode

Behind all that kindness and compassion is a monster deep within him. Tye does have some anger issues but if you push him to this point, yeah this is his true rage. While using his Rage Mode he does have a set time limit on it restricting him from using all his power in one go. While using this he has a significant increase in melee damage and Increased melee attack speed. Tye’s appearance doesn’t change much except he has a red aura around him and his eyes are now red.

Limitations and Drawbacks

  • Time Limit ranges from 5 – 10 minutes
  • Power can be overused easily and it drains a significant amount of stamina
  •  He doesn’t think in this state. He just attacks without hesitation.
  •  He loses control of his emotions


  • He lets his guard down easily even when an ally is hurt.
  •  Emotions

Devil Trigger

Unlike most character his forms involve Demonic power like his rage state. When activated, it seems to appear as a translucent shadow of a demon that encompasses his body. This is mainly because of his right arm. Tye himself only acquires a blue aura, burning red eyes, and a deeper, echoing voice. When using the form Tye attacks using Xernos while the demon fights use it sword in its left hand. When attacking using his fist (mainly his right hand) it does more damage to his opponent. Attack in this state will stun his opponent easily, but Tank like opponents will be difficult.

Limitations and Drawbacks

  • Even though it is Nero’s Devil Trigger from Devil May Cry 4 he can't use summoned swords for ranged attacks, in fact he just can't use any at all unless the shadow is seen
  • Tye could still could hold his own while fighting but there are certain things he could do in this form along with the effects of them. These abilities he can use in his normal state but in his Devil state he has major drawbacks.
    • Rajin (Yellow) - He could lightning attacks boost but it would decrease how fast he is in combat.
    • Chikara (Red) - He could use a power boost but it would decrease his health
    • Baitaru (Green) - He could use a health boost but it will decrease both power and electric abilities
    • Sokudo (Blue) He could use a speed boost but it decreases Lightning attacks and Health.


  • Cockiness
  • His Ability Boosts
  • Very weak tank like characters (Buff characters)
  • Holy Water (Or something equivalent to it – It weakens him greatly)
  • Pandora’s Box (Or Something Equivalent to it – It takes him out instantly)

Super Form

Like most super form’s Tye has one, the only difference is his fur turns white. His outfit takes a different approach to the look. His jacket becomes red in color and his vest becomes white. He does have a white aura around him in this state. Unlike his other states (Rage and Devil Trigger), Tye has better training with this one. Tye has some unique attributes to this as well such as his full power which has sparks of blue lightning around him and his aura becomes light yellow. In this form Tye has powerful attack called Super Twin Lightning Wave which he can send a wave of lightning that puts his foes down.

Limitations and Drawbacks

  •  Without the Chaos Emeralds, this form runs on the power he already has and goes into his reserve power.


  •  Weaker to opponents who uses a stronger state
  • Attacks that are stronger than his
  • Being Impaled or Bleeding Badly

Kai Gate Form

This is Tye’s equivalent form if he can’t use his super form. The Kai Gate gives him an orange aura and his appearance changes to a white coat with red flames on it. Tye eyes are golden and his pupils are slit. Both of his hands are demonic now but are covered up with red gloves. In this form Tye's power is basically in his super form in stats but the difference between them is that his super doesn’t allow him to heal his wounds while this form does. This form required training while super form is natural

Limitations and Drawback

  •  The way this form is activated is by being still to concentrate the energy to become one with the user. That means he is vulnerable to open attacks because he can’t move when awakening it.
  •  It’s true that the Kai Gate last longer than the super form but it damages him if he uses it too much.


  • How much of his power is actually used
  • Once the form is depleted, it leaves him vulnerable for an open attack.

Kai Legend (Legendary Kai Form)

This is considered his most powerful form. This form is the pure power mode of the kaigate mode fused with the lightning abilities he has. His fur changes to white and his demonic arms are now blue. The most notable features of his transformations are the two dragons going around him as if it attached to him. He has light blue aura around him as well unlike his other forms. His hair seems to be longer than normal and it has blue stripes in it (especially his last quill). His coat now has white flames around it as well. This form is stated to rival a god’s power. While in this form his normal attacks are now extremely powered up. Occasionally you can see the dragon that Ty is with when using certain attacks. It does leave the foes terrified when they see it. This form unlike the others seems to be more balanced in all aspects even it has no time limit, the form runs on his will/spirit meaning if he doesn’t have the will to continue anymore then he goes out of it.

Limitations and Drawbacks

  • It runs on will power and energy as opposed to just energy
  •  It damages the user’s internal strength but increases his external strength
  •  He still can get damaged but it doesn't heal as quickly like the kai gate form.
  •  He can go back to the regular kaigate mode.


  • Vulnerable to fused attacks
  • God Tier Characters and Overpowered Characters
  • His Energy Drainage

Demon Tye

Coming Soon...

Scrapped Forms

Pure Rage Mode (Demonic Rage/Devil Trigger 2)

In the end this form had to get scrapped because I would never use it, It was just for show and it seem to be giving his rage form a bad reputation.

True Trigger Form

Basically it's the same as Trigger just a different look that's it.

Ascended Super Form

I didn't even want this to be up here, straight rip off of DBZ. (Created when my first Time I was on here, which I had just turned 12 at the time).

Ten Circles

It was a bloody palace from DMC Idea form but I scrapped it.

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