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""Why must I make friends with the hated and make enemies of the respected... It's times like these when I miss the days of the fighting with my friends. The days before I discovered the little space between good and evil...Someday I will get back to you guys""
—Tye The Hedgehog

Tye The Hedgehog (Formerly known as Tynic) is a 16-year-old hedgehog who possess demonic power and seeks a good adventure. He is the only son of Billy Gnehm and Tammy Palos.


Authors Note: Tye has grown in the past couple of months during my hiatus

Tye’s appearance is reverted back to his classic look, however, there are some modifications to his outfit. His spines are curved into five quills instead of four. On his left hand is a black glove with a blue trimming on it. His right arm looks demonic, but it's unknown to anyone how he got it to look like that or where it exactly came from. He covers up his right arm by putting bandages around it. He now wears a sky-blue zip-up jacket which previously matches his eyes. The sleeves on the jacket are rolled up to his elbows. He wears a grey shirt which is similar to his previous design. He wears navy blue pants instead of the pair that matched the color of his jacket. His shoes are now black boots with blue laces which are covered by his pants leg. Now Ty wears a blue scarf that is wrapped around his neck. On his back, he carries a sword (modeled after Nero’s sword) called Exceed.

Tye fur color is now flaming red which is a bit lighter than his father's. Tye spines have grown a few feet but are now cut down to 5 once again which he has hair going down his back. Tye now has bangs that go down to his shoulders and his hair in the front is now in four pieces (Three big ones and One small one). He still retains his black glove on his left hand but has a black marking on it now which goes around his wrist. (It's more visible when he unlocks one of his new forms). He still retains his right arm too but instead of letting it all show, it's partially covered by his right sleeve. He now wears a light blue zip-up Jacket with a grey belt going around his waist. On that jacket is a black lining on his sleeves form a fire like symbol (more noticeable up close). He wears a grey shirt with a strap on it, to carry any belongings he needs for his adventures. He wears a cobalt blue pair of pants and blue shoes with limiters on the bottom of them. Tye doesn't carry Xernos as much anymore because of his Fire and Electric manipulation abilities.

Tye's fur is mainly red like his father's(Billy). His spines are curved into five quills, he had long hair but he had to cut it. On his left hand is a black glove with a red trimming on it. Hist right arm looks demonic(which it is) but it's unknown to anyone how he got it or where it came from. Along with that, he wears a blue zip-up jacket which it matches his light blue eyes. He wears a darker shade of blue on his pants. He wears a blue pair of shoes and with them is some enhancers. On his back, he carries his sword named Xernos (also known as SoulEdge) which it is considered to be a Sacred Weapon. He used to have a limiter on his left arm to suppress his demonic power but since he controlled it he doesn't need it.</span>

In his alternate outfit, he has four spikes and it goes down his left side more. His hair is going in the same direction as well. He wears long white gloves on his left arm and his right arm. He wears a white jacket with a blue trimming on it. Under that is a blue vest that is a zip up and a muscle shirt. He wears a dark blue pair of pants with a pair of enhancing shoes. He still carries Xernos around but he uses Twin Blades Sol and Gust.


Younger Traits

Tye is far more laid back than he was before and a bit more reckless aside from that he is extremely loyal, passionate and an extremely protective friend. He happens to know that little space between good and evil but he doesn't fight for his own benefits but he does it to protect the ones he cares about. Despite his laid back and calm nature, he does tend to get heated up easily through seeing a friend hurt. He values his family and friends so much that he will sacrifice his life for them. Sometimes when he is fighting female opponents he holds back unless he absolutely has to or is forced to unleash his full power. He stills goes by the golden rule to this day.

Ty likes to prove his strength to others and continuously tries to find a new challenge every day. Even though he manages to lose, he shows his respects and shows no ill will. He calms his strengths is from his friends and that what keeps him moving on. Tye is quite perceptive and understanding of his friend's feelings so he does everything he can to help them out.


Tye has retained much of his old personality, although he appears to have adopted many different ones too. But a bad trait is mispronouncing names of other people. Tye two dominant traits are his confidence and his increasing intelligence. Tye can be described as an individual who sees his own sense of justice. Some people see Tye as "Arrogant" but that's not the case, In reality, Tye just seems to often talk about his feats he has done but not to the point where he can be considered arrogant. Tye is a bit reckless when doing some actions such as accidentally burning a house during a mission he was assigned to.

Tye still has his laid back personality but he will get serious when the time calls for it. He has also displayed an immensely fierce protective streak towards his friends, to the point where he will disregard everything he is currently doing if he feels that something is wrong. As a result of this, he has the tendency to never back down from a fight, saying that he would never run once facing an enemy. He does this so no one will get hurt if anything happens. Tye can get provoked easily if someone talks about his family or anyone that he considers family.

When it comes to fighting, Tye's mind is instantly freed. When fighting an opponent he makes sure to not fight at 100% until he seen most of their abilities. It's pretty clever if he's fighting the right opponent for it. Tye takes time and makes up tactics as he fights in combat, he heavily relies on it. But if time doesn't allow him to do it, he'll just fight until his last breath. Unfortunately, he does still maintain his going easy on females trait from when he was younger and undoubtedly it has gotten worse.


Coming Soon...

Weapons and Abilities


Tye has had many weapons before he chose his main weapon, Exceed. His weapons range went from swords to gauntlets and even scythes. He doesn't really like to go all out and change his weapon unless he absolutely has to.


This is Tye's main weapon of choice, It's sword form like the other form steals their opponent's energy upon contact but it does it slowly. While using this form he can call upon an energy blade that comes from the middle of the sword, that and it also increases his slashing range. While he is able to use the energy that comes from attack his opponents, He can also utilize it to give him different forms of powerful strikes. Unlike any sword, this sword actually talks to Tye (Like Caliburn and Sonic) like a person. It's basically like a person but with a sword for a body.

A new ability he can use while wielding the sword is called Exceed Accel. It allows Tye's abilities to flow into one motion. While using that he could enter a trance called active flow which allows his abilities to become stronger and faster.


Thanks to his demonic abilities his strength is greatly increased. He can large with little to no sweat, he can shatter stones with no difficulty. He can punch a hole in the ground enough to make an earthquake. He can take down enemies much bigger than him (anything over his height). Once he knows about this newly founded strength he vows to only use it to protect others and not use it for evil (he has a will for that). Not only he can lift and break a lot of stuff, he can create a bigger version of his arm to block incoming projectiles.

This trait didn't come from his demonic abilities. He was naturally fast and able to run at blindingly fast speed, he can also dash for long distances to dodge attacks. He can also run up and down horizontal walls with no time at all. He can't go over the speed of light even with his lightning-like abilities.

Electricity Manipulation

Tye has mastered using lightning. He is able to control it in any way, shape, or form. He was born with it though but he had to keep it sealed away knowing he could hurt others with it. Almost all of his moves are electrically based with an exception of a few.

Darkness Manipulation

This one comes from Tye's right arm since he is part demon he was granted with dark powers. Most of these powers allow him to call upon his demonic abilities. An example of this is summoning a giant demonic claw to grab his opponents while he attacks. While having this power he is able to enhance his life draining ability, he can also bombard you with dark tendrils finishing you off with a dark explosion. He can alter any type of darkness whether it's a shadow or a dark room.

Authors Notes

  • Tye's story is currently being written, The title of the story is currently unknown.
  • Current Tye is more Mature than his Classic Self


  • Tye is known for first seeing and doing it, meaning if he sees something he can copy it and do them on his own but with a small price...
  • Tye specializes in lightning but he knows other elements such as darkness.
  • Tye seems to have a sweet tooth and is always seen eating some type of sweets.
  • Tye is unable to utilize his father's abilities, he has to unlock them.
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