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Ty the Thylacine

Biographical Information
Age Mid/late teens
Relatives Sly the Thylacine (Brother)
Alias Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
Romantic Interests Shazza the Dingo
Physical Description
Species Thylacine
Gender Male
  • Red-brown shorts
  • Brown fingerless gloves
  • Belt with pockets
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Downunda Freedom Fighters
Weaponry Boomerangs
Super Forms None
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Kagimizu (Based on already existing character)

Ty the Thylacine (prefers "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger") is a Mobian Thylacine hailing from Downunda. He is a crossover character, based on the video-game character of the same name.


Ty is proud of his Downundan heritage, and speaks with a thick (but understandable) Downundan accent. While many would praise Ty's abilities and reputation, Ty himself is rather humble about all of it, but nonetheless sure of himself. However, he can get somewhat tongue-tied when around his girlfriend Shazza. Ty bears a great amount of responsibility as a member of the Downunda Freedom Fighters, and primary protector of Southern Savannah.


Ty is a golden yellow Mobian thylacine, who wears red-brown shorts, coupled with a belt with big pockets attached (presumably for his boomerangs). In addition, he wears brown fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back and the first joints of his fingers (save his thumb). Ty has brown stripes on his back, and his tail-tip is brown as well. He has green eyes, three bangs of hair (with the front one being rather long), and a red-brown nose. One of his most noticeable aspects is the bright yellow band-aid on his muzzle. Unlike most Mobians, Ty goes completely barefoot.


Ty is an experienced fighter, and knows how to handle himself in a fight. In addition, he is fast and agile, able to smoothly navigate rugged terrain and thick jungles. However, the two things that make Ty especially dangerous are his incredibly strong bite, and his numerous boomerangs, all of which come with unique special effects.


  • Boomerang: A pair of basic boomerangs, which Ty uses when dealing with average baddies or beasties. Despite lacking any special abilities, it is still quite effective in Ty's hands.
  • Multirang: Boomerangs that are no more powerful than normal ones, but are swung instead of thrown; whenever one of the 'rangs is swung, it releases yet another boomerang. Swinging the boomerangs rapidly allows a swarm of boomerangs to be thrown at the enemy.
  • Aquarang: Boomerangs that work just as well in water as a normal boomerang does in the air. Using them for swimming allows for great underwater speed.
  • Freezerang: Ice-elemental boomerangs that're a bit weaker than other boomerangs, but offers the tactical advantage of freezing enemies and other objects otherwise immune to boomerangs, allowing Ty to take them down without hindrance. It can also freeze water.
  • Lavarang: A pair of powerful fire-elemental boomerangs, which can melt through ice and burn through numerous obstacles, as well as melt armor. Hitting enemies lets loose a few fireballs that can strike other enemies.
  • Warperang: A pair of mystical boomerangs that, when thrown, leaves an "energy rope", attached to Ty's hand. If it catches on or lodges in something, Ty can swing from it like a vine/rope. However, what makes this boomerang extra special is that if it hits a jewel or mineral, it allows Ty to warp to a different location, so long as it has that same mineral/jewel in the vicinity.
  • Kaboomerang: Two boomerangs thrown at the same time; once they make contact with each other or another object, they release a powerful explosion.
  • Zoomerang: Boomerangs that have built-in telescopic functions, which allow Ty to zoom in on faraway objects.
  • Xrang: Technological boomerangs that have special sonar capabilities, allowing the boomerangs to find normally unnoticeable objects. They also have built-in visual functions, allowing Ty to see normally invisible enemies and objects.
  • Omegarang: A pair of boomerangs that when thrown, split into three boomerangs each, which can home in on enemies to strike them down.
  • Chronorang: Technological boomerangs that upon hitting targets, slows them down to a crawl, allowing Ty to go in for additional 'rang strikes, or chomping them directly.
  • Thunderang: Elemental boomerangs that, after traveling a certain distance or striking an enemy, release a powerful lightning strike.
  • Doomerang: One of Ty's most powerful boomerangs, the Doomerangs are long-distance boomerangs that can be remote-controlled, and after traveling a certain distance or hitting an object, each boomerang lets loose an explosion more powerful than the Kaboomerangs.
  • Shaderang: A pair of boomerangs that can meld with and travel through shadows to travel long distances, then surprise the enemy.
  • Dummyrang: Boomerangs that when thrown, transform into a dummy replica of Ty to distract and fight off enemies.
  • Hurrirang: Wind-elemental boomerangs that whip up powerful hurricanes when thrown, able to pick up and toss around targets.
  • Raidarang: Boomerangs that let loose fireballs/bombs at the apex of its flight.
  • Vaporang: A water-elemental pair of boomerangs that let loose water as they fly, dousing fires and drenching nearby enemies and objects.
  • Tunnelrang: Earth-elemental boomerangs that tunnel through the ground to strike the enemy from below.
  • Blinderang - What this type of 'rang lacks in the power department it makes up for with the ability to release a blinding flash of light upon impact, temporarily dazing enemies and allowing Ty to attack without hindrance.
  • Darkrang - A powerfully offensive 'rang that, when thrown, becomes shrouded in a pitch-black fog. If it hits the foe, they are slashed by what appear to be Darkness-infused "claws".
  • Seedrang: A boomerang that travels along the ground, planting seeds. When water is added, the seeds erupt into vicious plants that will attack anything nearby, excluding Ty.
  • Berzerkerang: A vicious 'rang that almost seems sentient, flying after anything in its sights to strike and evading counters. However, this aspect makes it dangerous, because it will also strike Ty if he can't catch it before it strikes.
  • Smokerang: Boomerangs that while flying let loose a thick smoke.
  • Reaperang: An insidious boomerang that doesn't affect physical matter, rather striking the opponent's soul/spirit, passing right through them in the process.
  • Seismarang: Boomerangs that upon striking something, release powerful seismic waves. These waves are steong enough to knock large enemies off their feet, knock over trees, or cause small quakes. If used on a fault line, the Seismarang can cause a full-blown earthquake.
  • Antimatterang: Boomerangs which upon making contact with anything made of solid matter, lets loose a localized antimatter explosion, eviscerating anything caught in the blast radius.
  • Incinerang: An even more powerful version of the Doomerang, which upon being thrown lets loose three boomerangs that home in on a single target, each letting loose an explosion as strong as the Doomerang's.
  • Plaguerang: Ty's most destructive boomerang. When thrown, it splits into three remote controlled long-distance boomerangs, each capable of releasing explosions as powerful as an individual Doomerang.


Bunyips are giant mechs, with several models having specific purposes. Ty and his brother Sly use these Bunyips when they need to get a specific purpose done, and can't do it with their own power alone, calling in the heavy-duty Bunyips for extra firepower.

Battle Bunyip

A large red combat Bunyip, built with high-tech pistons in its arms, allowing it to throw extremely powerful punches. For additional power, it can be equipped with a "Bunyip Mortar".

Extreme Bunyip

A Bunyip based on the "Thermo Extreme Bunyip", but built for very opposite purposes. The Extreme Bunyip has built-in flamethrowers, satellite-guided missiles, and superheated hook-chains with can melt into and latch onto almost anything. It also has a large thruster built into its back, allowing for larger jumps.

Shadow Bunyip

The ultimate combat mech Bunyip, outclassed by no other. The Shadow Bunyip has powerful pulse lasers built into its arms, gravity grenades that temporarily distort gravity in its explosion radius, and a powerful energy shield. In addition, it has thrusters installed in its back, allowing for additional height and distance in jumps.


A unique Bunyip built for long-distance, high-speed air travel and dogfights. The Gunyip is equipped with several air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons, allowing the Gunyip to take on all sorts of enemies.

Sub Bunyip

A Bunyip built for underwater travel. It can withstand extreme pressure, and with large oxygen containers, can stay submerged for quite some time.




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