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Two Kinds of Heroes is a fanfic by BearfootTruck, and the first episode in the ASMW series. In this crossover episode, Sonic & the Freedom Fighters meet Hogan's Heroes. Together, they work to sabotage the German war machine and get back home.


The Knothole Freedom Fighters are on a mission to destroy a mech factory in Eggopolis. However, due to a freak accident caused by an electromagnetic storm, they end up getting teleported to Stalag 13 in Germany. After meeting Colonel Robert Hogan & his Heroes, they learn about a tank factory somewhere near the town of Hammelburg, which is to produce a new heavy tank. Now, before they can escape, they have to help Hogan out first. Sonic just wants to get home, but after some prodding from his friends, he relents. Sonic helps by getting components for a teleporter machine, while Tails scouts out the location of the factory.

They also have another problem to deal with: Shadow the Hedgehog is working for the Gestapo and has been inserted as Stalag 13’s chief security officer. He warns Sonic not to try anything funny or he’ll shoot him. Despite Shadow’s watchful eye, Hogan & Sonic blow up the factory – with a little assistance from Rouge the Bat, who also thwarts a group of Cylons that have invaded Stalag 13. With Hogan’s job complete, the Knothole Freedom Fighters get back to Eggopolis, destroy the mech factory and make it home in due time. Meanwhile, Shadow hands in a fake release form to Colonel Klink & quits the Gestapo.

Sonic Says

Scratch & Grounder find an unexploded hand grenade and try to show it to Tails. However, Sonic steps in and warns the audience about the dangers of unexploded ordnance, telling them that they should call the police.




Guest Stars

  • Colonel Robert Hogan
  • Colonel Wilhelm Klink
  • Sergeant Hans Schultz
  • Corporal Louis LeBeau
  • Corporal Peter Newkirk
  • Sergeant James Kinchloe
  • Sergeant Andrew Carter
  • General Albert Burkhalter
  • Major Wolfgang Hochstetter
  • Hilda


  • The title of this story is a reference to the video game Sonic Heroes as well as the TV show Hogan’s Heroes, hence, "Two Kinds of Heroes".
  • The self-destructing message at the beginning of the story is a reference to Mission: Impossible.
  • There is a little bit of early installment weirdness going on in this story. For example, Sonic doesn't use as much 70's slang as in later episodes. Also, Knuckles' role as guardian of Knothole isn’t spoken of as much. Furthermore, in this episode, it’s not clear whether this is the same planet as Earth or a different planet.
  • Newkirk's use of the line "Survey says" is a reference to the game show Family Feud. Richard Dawson, the original host of the show, played Newkirk in Hogan's Heroes.
  • Sonic's use of the alias "Sonicheimer the Hedgehog" mirrors a common tactic used by Colonel Hogan in the TV series, namely, the attachment of "German-sounding" suffixes to one’s name (e.g., "Colonel Hoganhoffer", "Colonel Hoganschmidt", etc…)
  • It’s not known how Shadow & Rouge got to Stalag 13 in the first place. Presumably, Shadow used Chaos Control during the storm and accidentally sent Rouge there, along with himself.
  • In real life, the E-75 never went into mass production, nor were any prototypes ever constructed.
  • Newkirk's comment about "stone knives and bearskins" is a reference to the Star Trek episode "The City on the Edge of Forever", where Spock makes a comment about constructing a mnemonic memory circuit from the same materials.
  • In this episode, Shadow gains an obsession with apple strudel, an obsession that persists throughout the series.
  • The Cylon attack is an indirect reference to the infamous fanfic My Immortal, which included a bizarre cameo by Marty McFly.
  • Despite quitting the Gestapo, Shadow keeps the Walther P-38 as his standard sidearm for the series.

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