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"I strike from the shadows..."

Twitch the Rat is the first test subject for Bubonic's latest project, which revolves around biochemically mutating Mobians and using them as soldiers.

He is based on the champion Twitch from League of Legends.

Physical Description

Twitch has dull, steel-blue fur and fairly long, messy black hair, and his eyes are bright yellow, with duller-yellow sclera. He also has a crooked and bent tail.

He wears a tattered, dark green coat with many buckles and clasps on it, and an armor-like cuff that extends across the back of his shoulders. He also wears gold-colored greaves that expose his feet.



The extensive "testing" that Bubonic performed on Twitch gave the rat a frightening level of control over poisons, so much that his very body became poisonous; a bite or scratch from Twitch that draws blood is almost sure to become infected. Like any Poison Wielder, Twitch can use skills such as Sludge Bomb and Gunk Shot. He can utilize a wide variety of poisons as well; ones that paralyze, hinder the motor skills, cause excruciating pain, etc. These powers are part of his Putrikinesis.

A highly unpleasant odor emanates from his body; this odor can easily make foes dizzy and cause them to lose focus. However, it also makes it rather hard for him to hide.

He also wields a crossbow that fires poisoned bolts.


Twitch is fully immune to poisons, and resistant to a number of diseases.


Twitch seems to have a weakness to Water-aligned moves, and he cannot swim; he also has a harder time fighting against non-organic individuals (although in the case of robots, he can utilize a highly corrosive toxin against them).

Being in contact with water for an extended period of time also seems to cause him pain, which makes it difficult for him to bathe; hence the constant odor.

Friends and Foes






Despite the fact that he looks like a maniac, Twitch is only a little bit unhinged. He tends to get too much into attacking his enemies (mainly Trolls), however, and seems to delight in poisoning them and watching them suffer. He tends to keep to himself, and finds it hard to make friends.

He hates the Trolls for turning him into a "walking disease factory", but admits that his new skills (even the foul odor he emits) have helped him survive a great deal. He also hates it when people make fun of his odor.

He is also fond of tea.


  • Making his foes suffer
  • Tea
  • Peace and quiet


  • Water

Biggest Fears

  • Drowning


"Taste of my disease!"

"I don't exactly ENJOY smelling like this, you know."

"Tea helps calm me down..."

"I've got the right poison for the job..."


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