When Twitch was born, it was discovered that her body generates about twice the normal amount of adrenaline than normal. This came into play almost immediatly, as it caused her to jitter uncontrollably, and at such a fast rate, that it would actually break almost anything she touched whenever it happened. Her parents saw this, and thought that it would only be a detriment to her future. Doctors attempted to cure it with medicine, but that only delayed the effects.

Throughout the years, she was unaware of her ability, and obediantly consumed the meds without question, though as the energy was repressed, it also began to stockpile. This caused her to slowly discover her ability, which became more powerful as time passed. She was scared of this, and believed that more medicine was needed, continuing this practice until she was about 7, where she overheard her parents arguing, where her father brought up her ability. Twitch had realized what was truly happening, and after years of being lied to, quit taking medicine for what was called her "defect," and developed a deep loathing of her parents.

The next morning, a huge amount of energy had been released inside of her, from years of repression from the medication. At first she had felt an excruciating amount of pain, as she had never felt hyperactivity of this amount before, and lost control of herself, reducing nearly anything she touched into rubble. Her uncontrollable rampage had continued until she had accidentally killed an innocent bystander, which had allowed her to finally come to her senses, and after seeing the destruction she had caused, had went into hiding until she believed that she could control her ability.

After that, nothing really surfaced about her, as she was constantly moving from one location to another, searching for a way to finally control her power. That is, until she was about 15, where, after arriving at a new town, she had witnessed a gang constantly beating and torturing anyone who defied them. At first, she refused to fight them, and they would only continue to harm her, until they begin making snide insults about her past (all of which were mere coincidence that most of them were correct) and she, for lack of a better phrase, snapped, and unleashed a powerful vibration that had pierced clean through their leader, killing him. The weaker member began to flee, but one by one they quickly fell to her, until all were dead.

Upon her victory, the residents of the area had showered her with praise and cheers, having freed them from what they considered hopeless to confront, and during which, she was scouted and asked to become a part of EQuartz Industries, which she accepted, hoping to make further good use of her ability. She was tasked with collecting rare objects rather than the normal Soul Collecting, and on her first mission, was assigned to be mentored by one member from a list, where she chose a mechanical ram named Gyro, who was stated to be very difficult to work with.

During this mission, she was quite exited, though had felt that Gyro wasn't enjoying her presence. She would keep refusing whenever he asked if she wanted to quit, and this angered him. After an accidental cave-in caused by Twitch trying to help him, Gyro had attempted to throw the rocks out of his way to continue. Having just haphazardly threw them around, one eventually caused a massive gem to fall, with Twitch rushing to save him. At the last second, she had used her vibrations to split the gem clean in half, saving both of their lives. Gyro told her of his doubts, and she didn't mind, then thanked him for showing her around. That's when their friendship had begun.

Since then, their alliance would only grow with how much they would hang out with each other. During a test where all members had to find a compatable partner, they joined together almost immediatly, passing every exam within it with flying colors. So much so that the higher-ups now send them together on most of their missions. Gyro helps her out when needed while she teaches him of the outside world, as he only went out for missions. Together, they make a great team, simply put.




Twitch is very energetic, and easily excitable. She doesn't let sadness get too far in the way, and will always try everything before giving up. Her movement is very jerky and erratic, and on occasion talks very quickly like "ohmygodguysthisisthegreatestthingever." She often doesn't think too far ahead when planning something, as she starts to become impatient with her own plans. She doesn't really enjoy it when paople talk about her past, even if it's a wild guess, as it brings back painful memories that she does not wish to re-experience.


As stated before, Twitch can essentially generate powerful vibrations from deep within herself to attack, which she can also use to generate Ground/Earth-based attacks. Despite her hyperactivity, headaches only occur if she overdoes her vibrations, and she can fall asleep at normal speeds, but will sometimes take a while. Her weapon of choice is a Buster Sword that, when her vibrating starts, the heavy blade breaks off revealing a thin, light-weight fencing sword. Due to her ability, this sword can basically be used similar to a drill.


Although her vibration ability is powerful, if Twitch uses it for too long, she can suffer a multitude of effects ranging from minor headaches to her arm bursting into blood and liquified flesh. She also has difficulties in focusing on many things that are of considerable importance at given times. Another fault of hers is that she tends to feel lightheaded a lot when standing up, and is prone to nosebleeds.


Twitch has very messy light-green fur, as her vibration ability usually messes it up even with the strongest hair gel. She wears a pure black shirt, a small brown jacket, a white cloth wrapped around her waist, black and white checkerboard bracelets, brown boots and just any other ordinary pair of jeans. Her eyes are blue.



  • This character's first name was chosen based on somebody the creator knows in real life.
  • Her vibration ability is based somewhat on Ragnarok from Soul Eater.
  • Twitch's favorite cartoon is Yonder Over Wander and anything else from Krack McCraigan.
  • The text lingo on her shirt spells out "Malk" a reference to the video/comic "Terezi Wants Some M4lk."
  • Despite wielding a difficult to use item such as a large buster sword, Twitch is actually somewhat terrible at using it in this state, as it's about the same weight as her.

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