Twister the Fox

Biographical Information
  • 17
  • Twist
Physical Description
Species Fox
Gender Male
  • Fur:Yellow
  • Eyes:Blue
  • Hair:Yellow
  • Hoodie
  • Mining Hat
  • Jeans
  • Red and black flame design shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Himself
  • Inventing
  • Shooting
  • Running
  • Flight
Romantic Intrest
Super Forms
  • Riot of the Heart state (ROHS) Twister (Now separate)
Other Information
American V.A.
  • Keith Silverstein
Japanese V.A.
  • Jouji Nakata
Theme Song(s)
  • March of the Inventor's Might (originally March of the Wicked King)
  • Outrage Savior (originally Stolz)
Original Creator Tails6000

This fellow Fox is a brother to Tails they both got the pilot and mechanics skills,this fellow also has flight speed,strength,and marksmanship from the others.He is mainly a loner when on adventures unless it involves a team. His appearance is a black hoodie,black sneakers,and a mining helmet. He did have a love interest for Shade, before her death at Ix's hands.


Leaving Mobotropolis

Twister had thought of his position in the freedom fighters over one day, and asked his brother what he should do. Upon hearing what Tails said, he thanked his younger brother,packed up, and set off on his own adventure towards Soleanna. The next day the freedom fighters caught note of this due to a note he had left in his room, and nearly set everyone in a panic. Giving Commander D'collette an idea to search for him with General Amadeus. They were able to find him, but the two were beat into submission by the young fox, and ran off.

Duel with The Raiju

Note: This ends depending on which version of Twister you are researching, if you are wondering why his cousin wagered his marriage rather than wagering information about the iron dominion, then a separate section with said wager will follow suit from the first version of the story

to be written

Operation:Search Party Beat-down

Apparently sooner or later news had spread of this disappearance, and more and more freedom fighters on either Elias' order, or on their own accord, tried to stop the teenager from getting to Soleanna. But as he was with his father and Antoine, they were close to no match, or near-par with him. He reached his situation after fighting Elias himself allied with Geoffrey St. John, but he was able to get away at a tight spot. Prompting the freedom fighters to give up, thinking he was lost forever.

On Trial

Note,from here on out, this backstory goes by the Jezz of Time (fanfiction) timeline

to be written


Twister is a polite and friendly person. He is defensive towards friends and family alike when they are in any sorts of trouble. He does what he thinks is right when things are to be put in his own hands, but is obedient when authority is towards others. He at some times can be very violent, but that is only part of a sign of his determination. He is a very smart mechanic like his brother Tails, but unlike mechas, Twister is personally one to create personal firearms and super weapons to be used by himself or allies in certain situations.



  • Miles "Tails" Prower (Brother)
  • Ash Mongoose
  • Sonic the Hedgehog


  • to be revamped


  • Doctor Gercious Transk

Relationship Descriptions

Sonic the Hedgehog

to be revamped

Miles "Tails" Prower

top be revamped

Shade the Echidna

to be revamped

Abilities & Weaknesses


  • "Heh, don't get too cocky..."

  • "Don't hold back... I don't exactly pull my punches or blasts."

Theme Music


OOC Twister

Only shown in Roleplay:Out-Of-Character Crisis it is shwn that he is a womanizer, but he tries to get a tactic before he hits on a girl he deems hot enough to date...mainly fox females...he was also a skilled poker player winning mostly all the hands...he was a brat when he thought to himself, because his womanizing and greedy ways cause him to punch himself to stay calm....he only had 1 date in course of the story, with OOC Shanoa...they only had 1 kiss during said date....he said "she was more beautiful than he imagined" despite only having 1 date with her.....when he turned back to normal, he was shocked he dated her once...and was scared to stay around her for over a minute without freaking out.....

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