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Twinkle the Cat is a Mobian cat and is friends with Razer the Fox and Ajax the Hawk. Like the two, she rides motorcycles prior to her near-fatal accident, though was also raised in a foster home after her parents' disappearances from a young age.



Not much is known about her childhood, though at one point she was raised in a foster home after her parents' mysterious disappearance. Despite this, she did had a positive life over the years, with a healthy education, and learning on using computers and being able to hack through various things... at her own discretion, of course.

Near-Fatal Accident and Present Day

During the top speed testing at an abandoned airfield, her motorcycle, having hit top speed, began to lose control when its rear tire suffered a blowout, careening out of control and sent her tumbling on the ground at high speeds. Despite wearing protective gear, she suffered a catastrophic injury, including broken and/or missing limbs, including internal damage along with serious trauma in her head. They were quick to retrieve her and took her in an undisclosed location within the base as to undergo emergency surgery.

However, because her injuries were far too great and that she only has minutes to live, they soon took drastic measures and used the Roboticizer as a last-ditch effort to save Twinkle. After long, grueling hours, they were successful in reviving Twinkle albeit fitted with robotic parts, both on the outside and inside. Horrified, she broke into tears from her looks which took her five months for her to become adjusted with her modified looks as a part-Roboticized Mobian.

Over time, she slowly became accustomed to her new, modified appearance, and expressed gratitude that she is still her usual self and not mind-controlled. Even Razer offered a bit of optimism, in which Twinkle accepted and gave a thanks. In part of her Roboticization, she also gains solarkinesis, mainly with the use of a magical wand from her training.


A young, teenage cat with robotic parts fitted, Twinkle has various limbs that are completely roboticized, including her eye also being roboticized. Her outfit varies, though usually wears a white jacket and black jeans, including black boots like Razer's in order to conceal her appearance. However, her jacket lacks a hoodie, which can reveal her components around her face, mainly her right eye, and she may have trouble concealing herself at times.


Twinkle is a bit of an oddity of the sort; she comes off as easily startled when meeting others the first time. Though after a while, she becomes quite an affable individual, even if a bit of a tease sometimes such as when she toys with Razer a bit, mainly from his temper, in which he disapproves of. Still, she is quite amiable and is always there for her friends.

Still, she doesn't show approval of being made fun of her looks from her accident that led her to being partially roboticized and comes off as standoffish when being called out as such. She also doesn't wear outfits that are considered too dressy for her needs, and isn't afraid of water either, thanks to her robotic parts being completely waterproof. And despite her partially-roboticized nature, she is still in her normal senses, which gives an obvious indication that she was never under Eggman's control.


By summoning her magical wand, she can cast light powers on her foes, but can also provide defensive abilities to her friends/allies. Overall, however, Twinkle is more of a support than taking on foes head-on. She is also incredibly agile, also capable of traversing through high-scale walls with ease and is quite the adept biker, even after her near-fatal accident.

She is also a talented hacker, surpassing Razer's average hacking skills. Because of her half-roboticized nature, she can very easily hack through even the most secure systems, though she never uses her skills for malicious intents. Despite her parts, she is an adept swimmer and given that her roboticized parts are waterproof, she needn't to worry about her short circuiting upon coming into contact with water.


She isn't the strongest and doesn't bode well against stronger foes and usually depends on her friends to handle them. While waterproof, electric attacks can do serious harm to Twinkle since they can short her out, even result in serious paralysis. In addition, if one were to try and take control of Twinkle, a failsafe activates in her, rendering her completely paralyzed, or frozen, akin to Egg Soldiers who end up completely paralyzed whilst still conscious. And this can take a full day until she regains consciousness again.






  • Twinkle is one of the few, if not the only, Mobians who was given a full (or partial in her case) Roboticization while retaining normal senses.