" Well time flies " Twilight the cat In Tails and the werewolf

Twilight is a overhyped cat.He never ages so if he did age he would be 70.His best friends are Shadow and Blue.


Twilight is a navy-coloured cat with green eyes.He has a scar on his eye.His height is about the size of a real cat.He leads the Nightlight of hopes


Twilight was created 70 years ago in Space Conley Ark by The Paw ( Later Midnight).He was trained by her as well.They were always hiding from the people.20 years later they heard people talking about Project Shadow.Twilight used to think that was an art project.Finally the project was done.It's name was Shadow.Twilight wanted to meet Shadow really badly but Midnight would stop him and tell him that Shadow is weapon used to end the world.Twilight didn't believe her but they was nothing he could to.Midnight gave Twilight the power to tell the future.One day Twilight threw Midnight off the ark.Later becoming friends with Shadow.Twilight saw that in the future GUN will come and shoot everyone at the ark but no one believed him.Later that day Twilight got pushed off the ark by Shadow.Right now Twilight is seeking for revenge.


Twilight is a brave,friendly and loyal friend and leader.His looks make you think he's weak but he's not.Twilight can grab a gun with no fear and shoot his enemy in the face.Be warned!Aside from the dark side of him he's a really good friend ( To some people ).Also he's make a lot of jokes and bad puns.

Friends,enemies and teams


Sonic the hedgehog,

Shadow the hedgehog,

Shellby the dog,

Jack the lynx,

Sofia the raccoon,

Tails the fox,

Blaze the cat,

Rouge the bat,

E123 - Omega,


Dr. Eggman,




Ice king,


Team Dark,

Nightlight of hopes,


" Oh my god! "- almost all the time he says it.

" Be gone "- The truth.

" Remember me "- The tale of Twilight.

" Is this what you really wanted "- Hidden Memories

" I'll find you,One day "- The truth

" Can I kick GUN's butts now "- Tails and the werewolf

" You can't do this to me " - Hidden Memories


S rank- I think im better then Shadow A rank- Take that B rank- So close C rank- OMG D rank- ummm E rank- Do better  F rank- Bye -jumps off screen-

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