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This is an article about Twilight Shard, an item created by Chamesthehero.

Twilight Shard is an ancient, indigo-colored prism that is the manifestation of the mixture of the negative aspect of the Chaos Force and the negative emotions of the population. It is a main antagonist in Dimitri Chronicles, a series created by Chamesthehero.

With its origins shrouded in mystery, the Twilight Shard surged in ancient times and sought to spread its darkness all over the world, overpowering even the Ancient Walkers. Following the outcome of its legendary, forgotten battle with the Golden Champion, its immeasurable power was thought to be suppressed and sealed away within a mysterious, dense forest called Mormon Woods for millennia, only to be forgotten by history.

Introduced within Reign of Darkness, it is revered as the embodiment of darkness in numerous cults found within the continent of Soumerca such as Nightmare Seekers. Its second coming was prophesied and it would be orchestrated by the one that has a complete affinity for its stored malice, the Dark One.

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Physical Description

In its truest and original form, the Twilight Shard retains the appearance of a massive, indigo-colored pentagonal prism. It has sharp edges and smooth facets. Because of its immeasurable negativity, it constantly emanates purple-colored negative Chaos energy to its surroundings.

While transformed into its Mobian incarnation featured in Twilight Whispers, the Twilight Shard takes the appearance of a slim male black-colored horned bull that has a small, but prominent golden ring on its nose. Adopting the name Mamon, it has gleaming green eyes. His attire of choice is a hat and black outfit that looks similarly to a businessman. In addition, he holds a silver-colored metallic cane.

History and Appearances


Forgotten History

The true origins of the Twilight Shard are shrouded in obscurity, for no one truly knows the one responsible for the catalyst of its creation. Although little is known about it, from what has been discovered through the notes of Madam Weiss' Book of Shadows and oral traditions, the embodiment of darkness surged in the prehistoric era when the Chaos Emeralds were discovered by the first Mobian gods, the Ancient Walkers.

Through the sudden mixture of raw negative Chaos energy from the Chaos Force with intense negative emotions that emanated from the Mobosaurs that roamed around Mobius, the Twilight Shard materialized into a massive, sentient, indigo-colored pentagonal prism that sought nothing but to spread its darkness.

With its natural connection to the Chaos Force empowered by the population's emotions, its original strength was said to be planetary in scale. It had a massive battle with the original gods, the Ancient Walkers, and its connection to the Chaos Force surpassed even theirs, promptly overpowering them.

However, when all hope seemed lost, an ancient hero that rose from humble beginnings was summoned by the Ancient Walkers and used the power of the seven multicolored relics to battle against the Twilight Shard.

Eventually, the embodiment of darkness was thought to be defeated. Having its ultimate dark power suppressed and being sealed away within Mormon Woods, an airborne poisonous miasma curse was placed inside the forest to prevent mortals from reaching it; the poison decimated an entire civilization that lived there.

Legend has it that it would return through the direct assistance of someone that had would be able to inherit some of its strength and lead its future groups: the Dark One. In the search for such being, the numerous cults formed to worship the Twilight Shard attempted to find out more about him throughout many generations.

In modern times, most knowledge about the Twilight Shard is obscure and considered myth. It was only later its location was finally discovered and encountered two hedgehogs that attempted to harness its power...


Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness

Powers and traits

Negative Chaos Energy Manipulation

Twilight Shard bears a natural connection to the Chaos Force, the metaphysical realm where Chaos energy is said to originate from. Chaos energy, by its very nature, is able to bend reality and the time-space continuum whenever properly utilized, with its only real limits being the amount used and the user's imagination.

The embodiment of darkness' connection to the Chaos Force is empowered from its constant, slow-paced global absorption of quintessential negative emotions of the population; and thus, one can infer that this crystal grows stronger through conflict and its terrible emotional aftermaths.

Those that harness this prism's powers are granted its attributes: empowerment by conflict and a vast amount of negative Chaos energy at their disposal. Those who receive its power also absorb its consciousness and of those it trapped within itself in the past, usually manifesting themselves in their subconscious.

Its connection to the Chaos Force is said to exceed the Ancient Walkers and, given how its power derives from the world's population, it is theorized the full extent of its powers might be planetary in scale. However, in truth, it is wrong to assume it can absorb the negative emotions of the population solely or that its connection is enhanced linearly. Perhaps using a certain external source could make its power borderline limitless.

Theoretically, the Chaos Emeralds might be its only weakness, considering that using them all at once allows users to become the golden embodiment of the Chaos Force and allow them to bypass its reality-warping defenses by using even more Chaos energy. Furthermore, it cannot absorb positive emotions.

Fun Facts

  • Twilight Shard's original names were Omega Crystal and Apocalypse Gem.
  • Its massive, pentagonal appearance is a shout-out to the Master Emerald.
  • The showdown that the Twilight Shard triggers in Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness within Rikai's mind is based on Jimmy Five's battle against Soranin from the widely-acclaimed Monica Teen #16.
  • The first concept of the Twilight Shard involved it being a malevolent version of the purple Chaos Emerald that held far more power than the other six emeralds. This was scrapped.
    • Instead of defeating it in a psychological battle within one's mind in order to absorb its power, the method for obtaining it originally was by swallowing the small gem whole.
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