"Can you not see?! This is perfection! This is true power! None shall surpass me, and none shall defeat me!! I am your god now!


—Twilight Masuta

Twilight Masuta is the Twilight form of Masuta the Fox. This form grants him devastating abilities, though at the price of his old ones. In this form Masuta believes himself indestructable, and he nearly is. His power alone is enough to shake the world. Xing-Li and her allies face him at the end of Twilight's Reqiuem. Twilight Masuta is extremely powerful, rivaling the Gods themselves.

Awakening the Form

(Coming Soon)

Granted Abilities

Base Stats
Spcl. Atk10
Spcl. Def10
Total 94/100
Other Stats

Twilight Masuta has many capabilities. His first capability is flight. He can fly for almost any amount of time, only needing a few moments of rest every once in a while. His flying abilities make him a hard target for close-range fighters, but can leave him open for long range. Masuta is capable of using his new Umbrakinesis and Solarakinesis in a drill liek fashion whilst flying to attack and opponent. Masuta's speed has also drastically improved, though he loses the ability to transport. He travels at blinding speeds which would render the use of transportation obsolete anyway. Masuta has also become far stronger. He is able to lift up a bus with relative ease, and is capable of using pyscokinesis to an extent. One of Masuta's most devastating attacks is his "Twlight Roar" which is capable of causing small earthquake's or destroying weaker buildings. Masuta's "Twilight Shield" allows him to block himself, though it can be broken with strong enough attacks. He will usually use this to heal himself midst combat. As stated before, Masuta can control the dark and holy elements. He can shoot beams of dark or light from his eyes, shoot them in blasts, or make small explosions by combining the two together. Masuta is capable of using invisibility. His reflexes also improve extremely. Masuta is capable of summoning a light and dark demon to attack his enemies. This is of course similar to Shenmi's Kage and Hikari, and Xing-Li's Gekko and Nikko. Masuta is capable of casting spells to slow down an opponent, weaken them, strip them of any status alignments they have, and even take a small portion of their health for himself. Because Masuta is in his Twilight Form his dark or holy attacks still effect those aligned with the element. (i.e. if Shamia were to face Masuta, despite the fact that she is an Umbrakinetic, she would still suffer damage from Masuta's Umbra attacks).


  • Twilight Roar- An earth shattering roar used to intimidate opponents, and cause small earthquakes. The aftershock of the roar can leave those with extremely good hearing temporarily deaf. The move takes a short time to charge.
  • Twilight Shield- A shield made of light and dark to protect Masuta from attacks. It can be broken with strong enough attacks.
  • Yinyang Blast- A move that combines light and darkness to create a powerful explosion that can reach a 3 mile radius. It is very destructive though not usually fatal.
  • Umbran Fists- Masuta summons two large fists from his Umbra summon as they repeadetly pound the specified area. Used to cruish enemies or switch up the battlefield.
  • Solara Heal- A move in which Masuta can heal himself.
  • Imperil- Masuta casts a spell to weaken his opponents. Can be cast on up to one person at a time.
  • Slow- As the name suggests, Masuta slows down an opponent by casting a spell. Can be cast on up to two opponents at one time.
  • Hellfire- Dark energy rains down from the sky, damaging anyone it comes into contact with.
  • Strip- Masuta can remove any negative status alignments from himself, and any positive ones from his foes.
  • Umbran Pact- Masuta can drain the life force of one opponent partially and heal himself with it. It is rendered useless by Solara Heal.
  • Umbra Summon- Masuta can summon Umbra, the Lord of Darkness to aid him in combat for a small amount of time.
  • Solara Summon- Masuta can summon Solara, the Queen of Holiness to aid him in combat for a small amount of time.
  • Flight- Masuta is capable of flying.
  • Umbran/Solara Drill- Masuta can use this whilst flying to drill into an opponent.
  • Laser Beams- Masuta is capable of shooting lasers from his eyes, but at the price of his eyesight for a short amount of time.
  • Heaven Sent- Holy variant of Hellfire.
  • Superspeed- Masuta posses superspeed, though still not as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Super Strength- Masuta is capable of lifting up a bus full of passsangers with relative ease.
  • Umbra/Solara Missles- Heat seaking missles made from Umbra or Solara energy.
  • Masuta Clones- Masuta is capable of cloning himself (similar to Kage and Hikari) though the clones are far less powerful, they are still very strong opponents.
  • Umbra Blitzkrieg- Dark fists shoot out from the ground.
  • Angel's Conspiracy- Angel's come from the sky and attack for a short period of time. This comes from the Solara summon, but the angels aren't very strong in their current form.


While Twilight Masuta is extremely powerful he does have a few faults. As stated before, he is left open while in the air to long range attacks. If his "Twlight Shield" is broken, it will leave him dazed for a limited time. Masuta is not used to using Umbrakinesis or Solarakinesis, and can be rather reckless while using them in attacks. This can leave him open or make him predicatable. Masuta will also taunt mid-battle leaving him open. Masuta loses all of his previous abilities however including Nihilikinesis and transportation. While Masuta is very fast some of his strike attacks aren't very fast, and can leave him open. His magic attacks however are extremely fast.

Theme Song

thumb|250px|right Twilight Masuta's theme song is a remix of the song "Requiem of a Dream" composed by Clint Mansell. The epicness fits a final boss battle.


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