Twilight Hill
Game Sonic Dreams
Played As Sonic
Acts 4
Level Theme Ancient Ruins
Boss Egg Keeper (Sonata)
Music The Edge of Ruins

Twilight Hill is a level featured in Sonic Dreams. It is the first level in Sonic's story, the fifth in Sonata's story, and third in Knuckle's story.


Knuckles comes to Twilight Hill after leaving the Frosty Bunker with a quest to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman has a chance to. While he finds none in the ruins of Twilight Hill, Knuckles does find an old notebook detailing an explorers journey into the Sunken Palace, and that an Emerald would rest there when reality starts to bend and fall apart.

Sonata lands in Twilight Hill after she escaped the Egg Dreadnought with two of the Chaos Emeralds in tow. She is pursued by Eggmans robots through the ruins until confronted by the Doctor himself on top of a monastery. After crushing the Egg Keeper mech, she manages to hitch a ride with Eggman to the Lunatic Gate.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Act Name: Moonlight Valley
Level Number: 1
Areas: 2
Assist Character: Tails
Next Stage: Urban Jungle

The first stage in Sonic's version of the level is a tutorial stage, introducing the player to basic controls and some of his skills. This stage takes place mostly in the ravines of Twilight Hills, with few features other than the occasional small settlement, farm or stream. It is the most linear of Sonic's levels, the only alternate pathway is right at the start of the level, and can be utilised by more advanced players to bypass most of the tutorials in favour of a more platforming based experience above the main path and through a cave.

His second stage is based more so in the cliffs at the edge of the area, and introduces the player to Dream Shift and its uses. Compared to the first stage, the second is mostly 2D, and more platforming based that the main path of the first.

Sonata the Wolf

Sonata the Wolf

Act Name: Marble Garden
Level Number: 5
Areas: 3
Boss: Egg Keeper
Previous Stage: Egg Battery
Next Stage: Lunatic Gate

Sonatas stage starts in the mountains before exploring the trap filled caverns and temples. Early parts of her level overlap with Sonic's second act, though her lack of Dream Shift forces her to head deeper into the caves of Twilight Hill rather than continuing to scale the mountain. Throughout the stage, Eggmans badniks chase Sonata through the ruins, enabling traps and reducing some sections to nothing, closing off some routes and opening others. The end of the level is located at the top of a tall monastery which Sonata has to climb, where Sonata fights the Egg Keeper.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles the Echidna

Act Name: Abandoned Village
Level Number: 3
Areas: 1
Previous Stage: Frosty Bunker
Next Stage: Sunken Palace

Unlike most of his stages, Knuckles version of Twilight Hill is a treasure hunting mission. Knuckles starts out just outside of the ruined village, and needs to find 3 of 5 keys hidden in semi-random locations around the level. Possible locations include hidden is secret passaged, in certain digging spots, or in the ruins of larger buildings.

Once 3 keys have been collected, Knuckles will be directed to climb to another structure further up in the mountains. While Knuckles climbs up, the buildings he is scaling will start to collapse, forcing him to act fast and to dodge any falling debris. The level ends at the entrance to the structure near the top of it.



Twilight Hill is a very uneven landscape, with cliffs and ravines separating larger plains and hills. The ground is very fertile, and has a deep drown colour, though it is mostly covered by emerald green grass. Outcrops of grey stone, man made or natural, are a common sight, as are half destroyed buildings and brick paths. The ravines in particular are rich with plant life, some trees growing large enough for Sonic to climb them.


Twilight Hill receives a disproportionate amount of rainfall compared to nearby areas, and the level is raining during Knuckles and Sonatas levels. When not raining, the area is usually cloudy; seeing little to no sunlight most of the time.


Twilight Hill has a long history of being lost and reclaimed by warring Echidna tribes in it's past, which has led it becoming a dangerous place filled with ancient traps designed to ward off potential invasions. Knuckles level is based predominantly in an area that resembles an old, mostly destroyed village; buried in moss and rubble, hinting at the vicious nature of the conflict.

Some structures in Sonata's version of the stage suggest that at least one of the tribes which populated Twilight Hill believed in some kind of fertility deity, which seems likely given the high amount of rainfall and evidence of farming. It is interesting to note that, among the ruins of Twilight Hill, the statues are left untouched, save for a little rain damage.

A tall monastery is explored by Sonata, and can be seen in the background of Knuckles. It is located high up in the cliffs, isolated from the rest of the village. Numerous modifications, such as Arrow Slits suggest that even religious sanctuaries were unable to escape the pull of conflict.


  • This level was inspired by the Apotos night stages and Kingdom Valley.
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