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Twilight Academy

The School!

Twilight Academy is a school for pupils of all ages.


Twilight Academy was built and founded 200 years ago by Morgana Twilight, she named the academy after herself. This academy welcomes students of all ages. Students are allowed to pick which lessons they go into themselves and are allowed to wear what they want.


Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Break Time
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lunch Time
Lesson 5


There are some groups called 'Houses'. These go in competition aganist each other to win a school trip for people in the winning house. Students get 'house points' for achivements. The house with the most points at the end of the year win the trip.

The houses are:

Buttercup - For Fairies and Magicians.

Rose Thistle - For Vampires and Demons.

Bluebell - For Chaos and Light Beings.

Tigerlily - Warriors and Elves.

Mystic Tulip - Others.


(If you want to be a student here, just place your name in the Application part)


Dawn the Fox - Fairy.

Chalice Whitelight

Cleo the Dog

Rose Thistle

Renée the Hedgehog - Vampire.

Yuri the Hedgehog

Lillith the Demon- Demon (Obviously)

Charlene the Fox - Vampire.

Kuru the Succucat- Succubus

Flair the Hedgehog

Fate the Demon

The Raven Sisters

Damon the Wolf - Werewolf


Destiney the Hedgehog - Chaos being

Matthias the Shining Darkness

Marth the Fox


Hunter the Fox

Leona the Lioness

Mystic Tulip

Wolfgang the Cat

Violet the Fox

Dalton the Cat

Memphis the Shining Demonhog

Rosalina the Skunk

Sorrow the Wolf


(If you want to be a student here, put your name and what you are, that way I can sort you into your houses)




Flash the Cheetah

Crash the Cheetah

Dash the Cheetah

Stella the Tigress

Tigora the Tigress

Brook the Fox

Vee the Fox

Mason the hedgefox


School begins


My name is Memphis, I am just a normal person with nothing special going on.

(Memphis is seen in a classroom writing on a paper)

I just graduated from middle school and I was looking forward to a relaxing summer

(Memphis is seen rushing out of the class room with all his paper's flung in the wind)

Boy was I wrong...

(2 days later)

Memphis: what do you mean I failed the test.

Mom: Well it looks like you rushed it... you did take your time right?

Memphis:*tear drop* Uhhhh yeah.

Mom: Don't lie to me a mother can see right through their kids!

Well it's like this I screwed the test up and now no school will let me take my entrance exams

Mom: wait until your father hears this!


Who would have thought that Dad would save my hide... or so I thought at that time.

(Dad comes in through the front door)

Mom: Honey listen to this...

(Memphis cringes a bit)

Dad: Hold on just a second look at what i found *pulls out a ticket*

Mom: What is it?

Dad: A ticket to get into school and get this no exam needed!

Memphis:*looks up*

trust me i don't need to explain how happy i was.

Mom: Where did you get that!

Dad: Well I was walking home and this strange guy in a trench coat dropped it I picked it up and tried to return it to him but he was gone... so finder's keeper's

Mom: That's great you hear that son! you can still go to school!


Mom:He failed!

Dad: Whattt!!!!!

Trust me you don't want to see this, but anyways that is how my adventure got started... and boy was it a start.

Part 1

summer has ended and now I have to redeem myself

(Memphis is seen walking out the door)

Memphis: Mom I'm heading out! see you on my next break!

Mom: Don't forget your toothbrush!

Memphis:*tear drop* Ever caring mom.

(A little later)

Memphis: Well the map on the ticket says I have to stop hear *looks around* but this is just street.

(A bus pulls up out of no where and the door opens up in front of him a weird bus driver peered at him)

Busdriver: Ticket?

Memphis: uh here *hands the ticket his dad found*

Busdriver: Take a seat...

(Memphis takes a seat behind the bus driver and the two drive off and end up in a strange tunnel)

Memphis: So where is this school?

Bus driver: You will see.

Memphis: what's it's name

Bus driver: Twilight academy...

Memphis: The students?

Busdriver: *smiles* They will be interesting for a case such as yourself

Memphis: What does that mean?

Busdriver: You ask a lot of questions...

Memphis: *frowns* I catch your drift *sits back with arms crossed*

(A little later a light appears and the bus comes to a stop the door to the bus opens)

Busdriver: We are here

(Memphis gets off)

Busdriver: Remember this... be sure to make friends or you'll be eaten alive *the bus door closes and the bus leaves through the tunnel once again*

Memphis: uhuh... *looks around* What the heck... Red skies, giant forest,,, b-bl-blood sea... Just where am I !?

(dashes off into the forest out of fright)

(A little later)

Memphis: I've been walking in this forest forever... *sighs* just what did mom and dad get me into.

(makes up an image of them laughing evilly while they watch him wander the forest)

Mom: That's what you get for failing... honey good job on sending him to the abyss

Dad: No prob honey, hey we got any soda left

(Back to reality)

Memphis: *puts his head down comiacally and a tear drop appears* they aren't smart enough to come up with an idea like that. *he hears something* huh what was that?!

(at the end of the forest)

Rosalina: Stupidthorn bushes! *shakes vines off and starts taking off the prickers on her arm* ow...

Memphis: *Hear's the noise and freaks out more and runs off even deeper into the forest* Ahhhhhhh!!!! (Sorry not the one i'm looking to meet up with right now, waiting for Rasario cross ^_^)

(i know. technically i was at the other side of the forest. i had just gotten to the academy. just forgot to put in location. -.-#)

Rosalina: hm... so this is Twilight academy? looks like nobody is here.... *looks around*

Renée: -comes from some bushes on a bike and accidently hits Memphis-

Midnight: hmm... so this is Twilight Academy? looks a little gloomy. and you know how we lke gloomy? *looks at her sisters*

Dusk: we Love it!

Eve: ! Cleo is here!

All: *run off into the woods*

Cleo: I guess this is the place.... *runs into woods and sees Dusk, who is lagging behind* So! The Raven Sisters are here. hmph. *skillfully bounds through the treetops*

(Back to Memphis)

Memphis: Ouch ouch ouch what the heck was that *he looks around and see's Renee* *thinking: what's a pretty girl doing here?*

Renée: -looks back- Oops, sorry -brakes but the bike falls over- Woah!

Memphis: this is just not my day *falls over with Renee*

Renée: Sorry, I guess I got lost...I'm new here..

Destiney: *she roller skates up to them, them stop* Two new guys, huh

Memphis: ah right... *looks at renee and blushes then gets up* Names Memphis... I'm new here too.

Leona: *falls from tree next to them* Oof! i knew i shouldn't have slacked on balance lessons! *gets up and dusts clothes* hi. I'm Leona! ^_^

Destiney: Balance... Lessons?

Leona: Yeah. i'm a princess from a far away land. and if i want to be queen when i get older, i have to train in all fields of skill. :)

Destiney: Alright, but i'm heading back to that acadamy *takes off*

Renée: -gets up- I'm Renée...and sorry again for hitting you, I guess I can't ride well ^.^"

Memphis: *Renee and Memphis are having a moment ignoring everyone else* (Sorry watch the anime i'm referencing and you'll understand)

Memphis: ouch *slightly bleeding* guess it was a harder hit than i thought *smiles*

Renée: Oh no, blood...-gets out a tissue from my pocket and wipes it, goes back a bit and blushes- -quietly- This scent..

Memphis: Are you ok *slightly confused* you seem a bit off. (sorry if i am not sticking to the script but i want to make these our own version in a sense ^_^)

Renée: I'm fine...(I'm just doing the parts I remember o.o")

Memphis: ahh ok *smiles* (ahh ok you were doing it so perfectly that it seemed like you were literaly following the scene play by play... )

Leona: *rushes to the academy entrance* Hey Rosa! The Ravens! Cleo! long time no see!

Rosalina: Hi Leona! now that we're here, what do we do? where do we go? inside?

Eve: i have NO CLUE.

Dusk: *runs to Memphis and Rene`ee* you guys better hurry or you'll be late! (i dunno how to do the little slash above renees name >_<)

Memphis: Huh their actually is a school in a place like this?

Dusk: Yeah. if you actually go through the forest. you'll find this huge academy.

Memphis: Well you go ahead i got to help Renee carry her bike it's the least i can do after being a hard object in her way.

Dusk: ok. well, see ya there! *dashes off*

Renée: It's fine, I wasn't watching where I was going (Just copy and paste it for Renée's name, Lugia lol)

Memphis: *smiles* well I'm kinda lost her so i was hoping you'd lead the way *scratches the back of his head*

(kk. thnx. XD)

Renée: I think it's this way.-starts walking and sings to self- (Renée's fur is supposed to be the same colour as Mizore's hair and her eyes are supposed to be like Mizore's, Memphis >.> lol)

Memphis: *follow listening to her sing* (Awesome ^_^)

Renée: There's the school -runs up to the building-

Dusk: oh, hey there they are.

Leona: hey! hurry! everyone else is here!

Memphis: *jaws drop* How could i not have noticed that! *runs in also*

without knowing it I have made some friends guess i won't be eaten alive in this new place... I hope.

Part 2

orientation, everything looks pretty normal. I wonder what the bus driver meant by the students being an interesting case in my situation?

Cleo: they say there are different houses! :D i hope i get Buttercup! tough luck for me, though all the nice people are there. T_T

Rosalina: i know, right! i don't expect anything special. i like Mystic Tulip.

Leona: Tigerlilly. that sounds like a house for me! The Feirce Tigerlilly house! >:)

Destiney: They house you by type, the seperate beings like Elves, Fairys, Demons, ECT.

Cleo: really? then i guess it's goodbye Buttercup. i'm no Fairy... *sighs*

Destiney: Your probably going there anyways

Cleo: you really think? *in mind* i hope she doesn't find out! i don't need anymore leakage of who i really am!

Destiney: Yup

Memphis: houses? *confused* -quietly to himself- we never did anything like this back at our place... Destiney: Kind of like social classes

Renée: I already know what house I'm in then...

Destiney: Same here

Memphis:... huh?

Dusk: i don't care wich house i get as long as it's not with CLEO.

Cleo: ....hmph.

(A teacher goes up to the podium and begins to talk to the group of new students (Renee i leave that to you since this is your Rp))

Miss Roberts: Welcome to Twilight Academy, as you know there are houses, to the side of me are 5 doors, each of them saying which house they are, so without further ado, here are the houses.

Mr Hanson: In Buttercup house, Dawn the Fox, Chalice Whitelight and Cleo the Dog. In Rose Thistle, Renée, Lillith, Charlene, Kuru, Flair, Fate and the Raven Sisters. In Bluebell, Destiney and Matthias. In Tigerlily, Hunter and Leona. And finally, in Mystic Tulip, Wolfgang, Violet, Memphis, Rosalina and Sorrow.

Miss Roberts: Go to the correct dooms of your houses, there is a girls' dorm and a boy's doom, make sure you go into the right one.

Destiney: Sweeeet...

Cleo: Well! i got Buttercup after all1

Leona: AWSOME! i got Tigerlilly!

Rosalina: yay. i'm glad i have Mystic Tulip.

Dusk: ok. let's go to Rose Thistle, girls!

All: *go to proper dorms*

Renée: So guys are in Rose Thistle as well? Phew....I'm not on my own...

Destiney: *looks at Ren'ee* Good luck!

Eve: as long as we are not with Cleo we don't really care what house we are in.

Renée: I'm with your counterpart, Fate, Destiney -.- This isn't going to go well...

Destiney: She aint the only one I was wishing ya luck with....

Sorrow: Destineys right

Renée: Oh Flair? >.< Great (!)

Destiney: Yep (What?)

(lol bloomie, (!) means sarcasim)
Renée: -sigh- I hope I'm not the target of both of them >.<"

Rosalina: *goes in door* Hello? anybody else in this house?

Destiney: Fate only targets me

Sorrow: And who knows who Flair go's after

Destiney: So don't worry your head off, Mkay? (don't call me bloomie)

Renée: Fate doesn't bother me..much...I'm going to keep my guard up around Flair though (o.o sorry)
Rosario Vampire-moka`s transform

Rosario Vampire-moka`s transform

Renee's Transformation from 0:00 to 0:37

Lillith: -appears beside me- I'll deal with Fate if she acts up..

Destiney: Hint for ya, his ideas end him using several, so you won't be the only one

Sorrow: *looks at Lillith, and her tail wags timidly* Who are you?

Lillith: I'm Lillith, Renée's older sister.

Renée: Ok, thanks Destiney..

Sorrow: Uh....

Destiney: Your welcome *looks at Lillith* Please excuse her, she's very shy

Rosalina: *notices Sorrow* Hi. I'm Rosalina the Skunk. your Sorrow, right?

Sorrow: Yes... thats my name...

Rosalina: ^_^ well, it's nice to see sombody in the same house as me!

Lillith: It's fine. I have to look after my sister, beings she is a half breed, a yuki-vampire, snow vampire for those who don't know Japanese, she's a cross between a Yuki-Onna (Snow Woman), and a vampire. She might get picked on, and those who do will be dealt with by me.

Destiney: Kay

Sorrow: Uh..... (Hey Renee, you have some appilications to put in)

(oh yeah >.> I'm putting 2 videos at the top, showing Snowstorm, the song Renée sings and her transformation into vampire, and yes, she does have the lollipop in her mouth all the time, except as her vampire form lol)

(XD if Destiney has anything in her motuh, it's a strawberry XP)

Memphis: I actually got a house *thinking: this is to weird it's like someone expected me*

Destiney: Yup

Memphis: *looks around* Um hey Destiney how was every one sorted out?

Destiney: I'm going to Bluebell, Ren'ee is headed to Rose thisle, your headed to Mystic Tulip

Memphis:*scratches the back of his head* yeah i got that... but what is so important about those houses?

Destiney: I don't know really, probably keeps ability types together.

Memphis: RIght abilities *thinking: abilities she probable means smarts and stuff like that.*

Renée: I'm going outside..-runs outside, Lillith following me-

Memphis:*notices the stalker* hmm I have to check something out *follows her at a distance*

Trinity: It's 8pm, you never know who would be out here...

Memphis: *hides*

Renée: I just want to get away from everyone else...-hears a branch snap- ...!

???: You can't get away from me..

Lillith: Damon, who let you in?!

Memphis: *sneaks a peek*

Damon: I came to see how your sister was going...-he smirks- Ah, what is that on your chest?

Renée: ...My rosary? -covers it up-

Damon: ..Heh, I'm surprized you were one of them..

Memphis:*frowns* -whispers to himself- Perv... *thinking: but what does he mean one of them?*

Lillith: It's against school rules to show your true self!

Damon: We're outside of the school aren't we? -he smirks and transforms into a werewolf-

Renée: !! -Lillith guards me-

Memphis:*mouth drops* -thinks- WHHHHHAAATTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damon: Heheh -he knocks Lillith away and hits me into a wall of the school-

Renée: Wah!!

Memphis: -thinking- I can't watch this *turns away* -thinking- but i can't stand by and do nothing *looks back*

Renée: -quietly- I can't do this when the rosary is on......

Memphis: Hey dog *memphis appears and starts pelting him with rocks*

Leona: *is walking in the woods when she hears the commotion* Huh? *faces Memphis* what's going on?

[In a tree near the entrance a red cat with purple markings lazes, doodling in a sketchbook]

Rosalina: *was walking to the border of the woods and sees Dalton* ? Hi. what's your name?

Dalton: *Looks around, surprised to be noticed*

Rosalina: You new here?

Dalton: Err, yeah. *puts away his drawing stuff*

Rosalina: yeah, most of just started today. *shrugs* well, then i better take you to the principal so they know you're here! :D

Dalton: *jumps down from the tree* I guess so.

Rosalina: Ok! let's go! *leads him to the office*

Dalton: *follows quietly*

Rosalina: Well, this is his office! *points to the door* I think you can handle the rest urself. *starts to walk away*

Dalton: *nods and watches her go* Thanks. *walks in*

Renée: ...-quietly- If only I could take this off myself..-pulls at the rosary- (Hey Memphis, I'm trying to speak/sing with a lolipop in my mouth like Mizore, it's not as easy as I thought >.> Should Renée have one, she'd take it out when she transforms into Inner anyway, my bro said she'd look Mega cute lol)

Memphis: *Runs in between Renee and the werewolve* Stop it don't hurt her anymore (-Thinking- what am I doing 'm going to get killed!!) (Sure that makes it more interesting for her ^_^ and good luck singing like that XD it is hard but it can be done.)

Damon: Gr..why do you get in the way?! She's not any of your business. (o.o oops, I think Renée forgot to say something to Memphis, about if the rosary gets taken off, she'll turn into her true vampiric form, could we pretend she said that to him?)

Memphis: Maybe not But it isn't right to hit a girl!!! *thinking about how the two meet in the forest* Especially a kind girl like her!!! (Nah your good just make him accidently take it off by knocking him back or something XD)

(K!) Damon: Well then, I'll take you out first! -he charges at Memphis-

Renée: !! -pushes Memphis back-

Memphis:*shocked by the push he grabs for anything to slow his fall down and he feels like he broke something off* Huh? *hits the floor*

Damon: ...Damn..

Renée: The rosary.........-a huge demonic aura goes around her, and she transforms into Inner Renée-

Memphis:*looks at his hand and sees the rosario* Huh *looks at Renee* did I do something wrong?

Kou: -flies over- No you didn't, you actually helped her~chu (I love Kou! I can't have a rp without him lol)

Damon: So this is the S Class monster, don't look much..

Inner Renée: ....So you think..-Memphis notices her change, with silver-like fur, blood red eyes, her voice and huge change in personality-

Memphis:.... Vampire? *eyes shaking in fear*

Kou: And a powerful one, but this often occurs for some accidents~chu...-Inner Renée grabs him- Eck!

Inner Renée: -throws him on the ground- Kou-chan, say anymore of this useless crap and I'll punish you.

Kou: I'll shut up~chu.

Memphis: Hey that's not cool *cover's his mouth quickly* (-thinking- What the heck am I doing I can't have a vampire want to kill me as well)

Inner Renée: -frowns- Anyway...onto business...

Damon: Heh..-he charges at Inner Renée-

Inner Renée: -jumps up- You think you can match my power? Know your place! -kicks Damon into a nearby tree-

Damon: Gah! -he falls down- I now know my place..

Memphis:*shocked* Amazing... that's the power of a vampire? (-Thinking- What have my parent's gotten me into! I'm going to die!!!)

Inner Renée: -turns to Memphis- You..

Memphis: Eek, who me *points to himself*

Kou: -sarcasim- No, the tree!~chu

Inner Renée: Kou...

Kou: Sorry >.>

Memphis: *get's up* What is it? (-thinking- She is going to kill me so that there won't be any witnesses) *freaking out*

Inner Renée: -reads his mind and shakes her head- I'll keep you alive, because my other half seems to take a liking to you, only if you don't tell anyone about my identity.

Memphis:*sigh of relief* ... sure not a problem my lips are sealed.

Kou: Now, 2 choices for you, either attach the rosary back on her, or give it so she can do it herself~chu

Memphis: (-Thinking- I can't back down... I have to show her I can hold my ground)... I'll do it myself *walks up to her*

Inner Renée: -smiles slightly- Your scent is amazing...I can see a reason why she likes you..

Memphis:*confused but not detered* Thank you... here like this? *puts on the rosario*

-Inner Renée's fur and eye colour go back to Outer Renée's colour and she collapses- (Next morning, should Memphis notice her having a lolipop in her mouth after they meet each other again?)

Memphis:*catches her before she hit the floor*...who knew such a sweet girl had another side to her. (I'm ready to go ^_^)

(K! Make a new part, I think Part 2 is getting full lol)

Part 3

(In the nurses ward)

Memphis:*fell asleep waiting for Renee to get back up*

Renée: -gets up- ...-flicks Memphis' forehead- Wake up sleepyhead

Memphis: *becomes awake* Huh who what where?... Oh *looks at Renee and smiles* Your ok!

Renée: Yeah..I need to get changed into some new clothes though..

Memphis:*blushes and quickly gets up* Right!!! I'll let you get changed *rushes out the door*

Mason:errrrrrr hia Memphis

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