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The swampy west way

Twerunka jungle is the home of many different animals. But it mostly has frogs, rats, exotic polar bears, rare pandas, and turtles. The jungle has many pathways.


Twerunka jungle was formed in the early days of mobius making it ancient. Animals started coming to the jungle for shelter making it's population spread like a wild fire and the jungle became a home to many mobians and un-mobian animals. In the early days of the jungle the back of it emitted high chaos energy comparing to the power of about 10 master emeralds. In about a thousand years or so the jungle became unstable and it the energy drove most of the animals mad and the others died. In about 500 years the chaos energy canceled itself out and the jungle now has the energy of 3 master emeralds. New animals came to the new lush and green (thanks to the chaos energy) Twerunka jungle making it a paradise for living (if you exclude the obvious dangers of a jungle). Many groups of animals started living in high altitudes. These include the birds, the silk worms, the spiders, a lot of the insects and some of the frogs.


Northern Twerunka jungle

Break way path

This part of the jungle has had a huge effect thanks to the intense chaos energy of the early days of the jungle. It isn't hard to tell the ground here is unstable because it's severley cracked and trees always fall here. Countless animals lost their lives when the chaos energy rocketed out of control. Now it is a jungle grave yard.

Chaos lake

A lake where at the bottom gooey chaos energy lives. This is where the jungle gets it's chaos from. There used to be a island where the lake was but thanks to the massive chaos outbreak the island became a floating island and floated away to make sure it didn't get too stressed out. Users of Chaos can go near this lake and get a sudden energy boost from it. You also can find treasures relating to chaos at the bottom of the lake. Since it's more of a circle it would make since if this was Chaos pond (a gigantic pond may I remind you).

Cave of the unknowns

More tilted toward north west. The cave of the unknown use to be a mining cave of the early days of Twerunka.

Miners would come out with shining blue rocks experts now say it's most likely a source of chaos energy. Most miners would absorb the power and become more powerful. Thanks to the energy spike of the chaos energy the entrace was caved in and a blue door formed. The door is now on the end of a bridge. If you go to the door with a chaos energy tracker the tracker will explode. Hints of a village still living inside is you can sometimes hear laughter from the door.

Twerunka beach

At the far north of the jungle lays a beach run by generations of land sharks. Since barely anyone from outside the jungle comes in the jungle the animals resideing there use it as a vacationing spot. Some chaos goo collected from the lake keeps the beach extremely hot and the water extremely cold. The water gets very deep. It is deeper than the lake the residents of the frog village come hear every year.

Frog Village

A village where some of the frogs use to live. Sometime after the chaos outbreak some frogs found Twerunka jungle and lived in the swampy areas but got tired of the dumb swamp life. So they moved higher altitude and modernized their economy and got a leader. When the firt 9 leaders died (called elders) more frogs came and the frogs had to choose wisely about their next leader. The chose 40 year old Waizu Kawazu (the current elder who is now 150 and Krinkinko's adoptive grandfather) for their new leader and were happy about it. The elder lived in a cave with windows. Recently (a year ago) Eggman burned down the village but the people were mostly unharmed thanks to the efforts of the elder and Droget Tereya Frog. The moved to Frog cave. Krinkinko the hedgehog lived here.

Pit of dispair

Thanks to the chaos energy outbreak near frog village it tore the ground and seemingly made a bottomless pit. The frog villagers throw enemies in there from time to time. Krinkinko's real parents were victims of the pit.

Frog Cave

The former home of the frog village's rivals the Minables (meaning pathetics in french). The Minables moved out to find a better jungle a year ago and left a boulder at the entrance of the cave. The elder pushed the boulder out the way with ease with his true strength form. The frogs set it up to look like their old village. Strange enough the elder has a cave in the cave.

Eastern Twerunka jungle

Break top pillar

Breal top pillar is an extremely high pillar and the highest and coldest part of the jungle. Strangley you can get to the top easily and without the aid of a air mask.

Water fall trotter

The waterfall trotter is home to a millonair barrel seller. He sells barrels for people to get in and ride the waterfall. He is so succeful next to the waterfall he lives in a mansion.

Water fall troter

The Great Quake

The great quake is a tough place to get through. Most folks by a map from the Waterfall trotter.The reason the great qauke is so hard to get through is because the qauke is really, really really round. Thanks to the aftermath of the chaos energy outbreak it made it round and confusing. Before it was a straight shape.

The great qauke

Quiet falls

The sister waterfall of Waterfall trotter. It is extremely quiet and there is a nob you turn to change the force of water. Strange plants that serve as body wash grow there. Krinkinko and some other animals use this area as a bath/shower.

Snowbound mountain

The sister mountain of breaktop pillar where various animals use it as a snowbaording resort.

Lake cold

A freezing lake on the east side of twerunka jungle. With all of the lakes on the east,west,middle,and south of twerunka jungle it spells lake C.h.a.o. .

Middle Twerunka jungle

Krinkinko's new house

After the events of his story Krinkinko built a new house in the middle of the jungle in the middle of lake hocus pocus.

Southern Twerunka Jungle

Great plains

A large plain located in southern Twerunka jungle. This area is mostly peaceful but if one were to stay in a spot for a long time a hungry jaguar will stroll along...

Bamboo Thicket

A jungle of green bamboo located south of the great plains. One can barely see in this area and you will often get sat on by lazy pandas.

Swampy way

Towards the exit of the jungle there lays a small swamp where alligators reside.

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