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Twenty-Four Letters
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Twenty-Four Days to Delusion, sometimes also recognized as Forty-Five Days to Denial, is a fictional twenty-five episode web series depicted by episode pages. The reasoning behind the two titles is on the dependence of audience preference when it regards to monthly chronology--twenty-four days being a month for the Platurian calendar. This is another separate series depicted of the past in the main arch, The Experimentation of Reyonis Platura.The program for the series began August of 2016, and the ending date is currently unknown, meaning that it still is featured or abandoned. It was produced by .:.TellZeal.:. Productions in courtesy of the Sonic Fanon Wikia, and it was finalized on the very pages each belongs on.

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Najarv'sye Au-Vimoen (pronounced "Na-jar-vuh-sigh Aw-Vemo-in"), the sub-protagonist of the series, is drafted by the Ovilian Arch of Studies (OAS) to reside in the deadliest and strangest regions on Reyonis Platura--Ovilis--for the sake of studying the environment and finalize conclusions to resolve recurring events. As he is expressing day-by-day of his experiences with board members of the OAS Assemblies, the very series is still told in the perspective of the main protagonist in the series: Savoice Allashar Demoy (pronounced "Sa-voh-is Al-luh-sh-are Dim-oye"). Savoice is an OAS Assembly Representative in the Conclusion Branch with a duty to submit official documentation on the resolution to relieve conditions on Ovilis. Originally from the Pertan region, Savoice only seeks his work ethic in order to adhere to the "Almasia Law".

However, as Savoice is attending to his task with his assembly comrades, he gradually becomes more attached to the protagonist, Najarv'sye, as he documents and interprets his words, and he sympathizes to the situations being recalled. As he is complying with so, he visualizes the senarios provided to him through Najarv'sye, and solves the Ovilian issue of spontaneous reality. Eventually, he becomes in denial of reality that is implied by the assembly.

Even through this, Savoice encounters his own circumstances, and makes means to negotiate with the Ovilian government. He steadily becomes infatuated by a female representative for the assembly moderation team: Zyphera Elleai. Some of the assembly members seek to eject Savoice from the conferences, such as the frequent contender Byer Hoberzt. Amidst it all, Savoice progresses into a steady state of delusion to reality. So, the very experience of having the ability to face one's words becomes one's own in due time.

This would be further known as the Almasia Incident.


The main place which Twenty-Four Days to Delusion and its events were featured is in the synthetic land of Reyonis Platura. Specifically, it is in the Ovilis region, where reality is more surreal and spontaneous, in the district of Turiah in the Corvias Line area of Ovilis. This was during the Cycloonis Chapter of the Pordemom Era according to the Platurian time frame. Here, the main characters would most times be located in the Ovilian Arch of Studies (OAS) Headquarters, often referred to as the "Ovilis Center". When in the meeting room for all the subordinates, they are in the "Main Arch" room. When the characters would document Najarv'sye or make inferences on the matter, they would be in the subordinate branch section of the Ovilis Center, called the Regimen.

Theme Song

Twenty-Four Days to Delusion Main Theme
"Illusion of the Primary"


  • The series may or may not be complete by summer 2017.

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