This is an article about Turpin the Monkey, a character created by Darkchaos2795 on 03/8/2013.

Thomas T. Turpin (also known as Turpin the Monkey) is a character created by Macintosh. He was intended to be an original Sonic character, in which Macintosh wants to show that there is more to create a Sonic fan character than just a hedgehog, fox or echidna (in other words: Think outside the box).


He has brown fur, has brown eyes, and has a mustache on his muzzle. He wears a top hat with a black jacket with blue stripes. He also wears a monocle with a pair of blue boots.


His characteristics are based on British stereotpyes. He is a bit of a snob who loves to drink teas and have tea parties.


When he was a young boy, he was adopted by British resident Tolken the Eagle, and that's where he got his British stereotype attitude.

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