Cquote1 Just as you have a duty to your own band of rogues-[...]-I have a duty to my family. Leave this land and never return, and you can avoid trouble. Cquote2
Turner to the unnamed leader, The Warrior's Quest

Turner the Jackal is a male black-backed jackal with a badly scarred face, and clouded, sightless eyes. He is Alex the Jackal's father, and was blinded by the unnamed Jackal Squad leader while fleeing from a vicious attack on his family. He debuted in The Warrior's Quest, made a cameo in Broken Trust, and will return in After the Blackout. As of the Jackal Pack's settlement on the Storm Moor, Turner is the main caretaker and babysitter for Eli, a mischevious jackal cub formerly apart of the Pack with his previous caretaker, Clover(Alex's love interest).


Turner is a male black-backed jackal, with tan fur, black fur on his neck and back, and a black-tipped tail and ears. He has several long scars slicing over his face, and even his eyes, which are clouded and sightless. Before being blinded, Turner had amber eyes.


"Look at me, Austin! What's the point of me even being here? What use am I to a Team of highly trained warriors? I'm blind!"
—Turner to Austin, After the Blackout
Before the attack on his family, Turner was a stern but caring father figure and the patriarch of his family. He cared greatly for his family, and hated the Jackal Squad leader's attempts to force him to join his squad, outright refusing his repeated offers, and even going to far as the bite the leader in retaliation for him grabbing Alex. In After the Blackout, however, Turner was shown to have lost a great deal of his previous confidence, likely because Alex, Kate, and Tobi can all serve as warriors, while he can't because he is blind.


In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm:

The Warrior's Quest: Turner is first mentioned in the Prologue when Alex remembers something his father told him. Turner later appears when he leads his family into the nearby town, but they encounter the Jackal Squad. Their leader makes vague references to an offer he made Turner, which the jackal loner vehemently refuses, stating he has a duty to his family(calling the Squad a "band of rogues" in the process). When Alex complains about being confined to the family's camp, Turner tells him a lengthy story about the War of Darkness, which was still ongoing at the time. Later, when the Jackal Squad raid the family's camp, Alex wakes up to see Turner in the entrance to the main den, bristling and facing down the leader, who once more vaguely references a mysterious offer, which Turner once again refuses. The leader then orders his Squad to attack the family, forcing them from their home, and Turner is last seen shoving Alex in front of him, howling for his family to run. Later, throughout the story, Turner is mentioned, but does not appear again. The Jackal Squad leader finally reveals to Alex that he gave Turner the chance to join his Squad, but the loner refused, with the leader deeming it a "mistake" and saying Alex could make up for it by joining himself. Like his father before him, Alex refuses, and later bites the leader on the tail, viewing it as vengeance for his family.

Broken Trust: Turner, Kate, and Tobi all make a cameo when Stan finds them in High Mountain City before Infinite destroys it. Stan notes that they're all badly scarred, and that it was a miracle Tobi survived the scars on his throat and chest. When Infinite destroys High Mountain City, Turner, Kate, and Tobi escape, and are never seen again.

After the Blackout: In the Prologue, Tobi and Kate are pinned down by two Squad jackals each as the leader viciously taunts and beats Turner, who is recovering from horrific wounds on his face that have left him blind. His eyes shut tight, Turner tries to fight back, but the leader constantly dodges and strikes him. Finally, and enraged Tobi breaks free and rescues his father, punching the leader in the face and being brutally slashed in return. In the main story, Turner and his remaining family members are guided to the Storming Base by a Lamarkie Defense Force human named Conrad, and are recognized by Alex despite Turner being blind and all of them badly scarred. Kate and Tobi are accepted as warriors in the Storm Fighters while Turner helps out around the Base. When the Jackal Pack are given a home on the Storm Moor, a young female warrior named Clover decides to join the Storm Fighters and brings along her charge, a mischevious cub named Eli. While Clover trains as a Storm Fighter, Turner is assigned to keep watch over Eli, confounding the cub with how he can watch him while being blind.


Humphrey and Avery

Humphrey and Avery are Turner's parents, and he holds a great deal of respect for them. Turner also cares deeply for his parents, revealing to Austin that even when he was the patriarch of his family, he took care of them himself.


Kate is Turner's wife/mate, and they care very deeply for each other. On their journey to the Storming Base, Kate acted as Turner's guide due to his blindness.

Tobi and Alex

Tobi and Alex are Turner's sons, Tobi the eldest and Alex the youngest. Turner cares deeply for them both, and would often tell Alex stories of the warriors. While Turner was being assaulted by the Jackal Squad leader, Tobi broke free of the Squad jackals holding him down and retaliated for his father.


"Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I can't keep an eye on you."
—Turner to Eli, After the Blackout
After Clover and Eli joined the Storm Fighters, Turner found a purpose in keeping watch over the mischevious jackal cub. Eli is constantly confounded by how Turner can watch him without seeing him, though Turner refuses to elaborate this to his troublesome charge.


Due to the terrible scars on his face, Turner lost the sight in both eyes, a fact the unnamed Jackal Squad leader(who would later become the villain Infinite) exploited in the Prologue of After the Blackout, as he had Tobi and Kate held down and made to watch him beat Turner, constantly dodging his feeble attempts to fight back.


Turner is the first completely blind character to appear in the series, though he was not born blind.

Turner was initially meant to die in the attack on his family, but this was changed.

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