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"Do you know how easy it is to become part of a crowd? I can fade into anonymity at will. Those who end up being the odd man out are either a hero or a target...or both."



Turncoat's actual appearance is unknown to many. Only his contractors know of his real face. His scales are a jungle green with little bits of black everywhere except his belly, which is a pale green. His attire is a pair of black jeans and a black long sleeved shirt. He is usually seen wearing his favorite hooded black poncho along with his usual clothing. The poncho easily conceals his silenced magnum and as val assault rifle with built in suppressor. He wears under his clothing a high tech suit which amplifies his abilities. He speaks with a distinct Russian accent.


Despite his love for crowds, he usually keeps to himself. The only time he converses with others are times when he negotiates prices on hits, talking to strangers to mix into a crowd, or gloating to his soon to be deceased target.

He does all of his work show no emotion except smugness just before taking a life. With every life he takes, he takes a deep breath, almost like a convict tasting freedom. With the exception of murder, his favorite past time is people-watching. He once disguised as a fiance of some girl and ruined a score long relationship. He later found out that the male fiance he disguised as took his own life. He smiled after hearing this, musing how easy it is to dispatch a target without pulling a trigger. This shows that he, by no means, lacks ingenuity or creativity.


Aleksander was born into a wealthy family. His mother killed for a living and his father stayed at home and occasionally hid bodies throughout the mansion, mostly under floorboards. Alek was introduced to his first gun, a silenced .22, at the age of ten by his mother, who taught him to shoot. Alek was a bit shoddy, but after becoming a whipping boy for a week, he caught on and perfected his aim with guns of most sizes, but he loathed the shotgun. His relationship with his father was a bit more realistic. He taught his son how to hide bodies and clean up any evidence, even showing him another use to a bathtub relating to volatile chemicals. Alek, believe it or not, loved his father much more than his mother.

He started going on contract hunts with his mother when he turned thirteen. She taught Alek how to use his chameleon abilities during a hunt. His first kill was soon after when he bludgeoned the target to death with a golf trophy. At fifteen, he took independent contracts under the name of Turncoat. After several successful kills, he was assigned his highest value target to date, his mother. She saw him coming though, and easily overpowered her son. He was saved at the last moment by his father after he overpowered her and force fed his wife hydrogen cyanide.

After this, Alek and his father used the money to turn the mansion into a base of operations. They started developing technologies such as a suit worn under clothing meant to amplify Alek's camouflage abilities. He could now take on the form of people of any shape and size, even his tail never got in the way. His father became a sort of butler to Turncoat, serving him and giving advice whenever necessary.

After a kill during a hunt, he discovered a remarkable gem on the corpse, a Chaos Emerald. Turncoat could not harness the power it contained on his own, so he had a generator developed by Barry The Badbleep that runs on the emerald's infinite power. He even paid Barry to build a teleportation device. He can go anywhere he wanted and his father could just lock on to his location and retrieve him. He used this power to get to Saari, the land of opportunity for hired killers. With so much hate in a city, the money kept coming in. He was recently hired to kill the mayor by a wealthy madman, but only at the proper time.

The Fall of Jericho

In the events before the fall, the mayor of Jericho was revealed to be a sick monster. Turncoat was told by Tangent when he took the contract that this was the time to strike. Armed with a silenced pistol, he shot the mayor as he was being dragged out by Solomon. the bobcat attempted to give chase, but Turncoat already blended in with the crowd. This single moment sparked massive riots across the city. People lit fires and slayed each other, and Turncoat watched with a smirk. His actions along with Tangent's and Solomon's destroyed an entire city and thousands of lives. He disguised himself as a refugee when Solomon was making evacuation plans. He along with an extreme few made it to the last boat in time. Alek, after the boat arrived at Central City, stowed away on cargo ships to make his way back home. Now he is in his mansion, hanging pictures of the recent carnage on his walls. Every time he feels like he's having murderer's block, he looks at them and regains some motivation.

Completed contracts

  • Fernando Sanchez: Massive hemorrhaging to the cranial area. Kill weapon confirmed to be nearby golf trophy
  • Alfonzo Jackson: Several gunshot wounds to the torso. Bullets untraceable and casings removed.
  • Daniel Queen: Knife wound to the back of the neck, just at the upper spinal column.
  • Charlie Maxwell: Single shot to the forehead. Suspect named Allen Price seen fleeing the scene of the crime.
  • Allen Price: Self inflicted gunshot wound to the temple.
  • Seth Zeke: Numerous shattered bones from a great fall. Was seen earlier splitting up with his wife after heated argument. The couple were known to be happy with each other until that point.

Many more have yet to be confirmed. Local law enforcement is looking into murders where the suspect has little to no motive or no means to accomplish the deed in question.


  • proficient in the use of firearms
  • adept at martial arts designed to target pressure points
  • can mimic voices perfectly after hearing it once.

Special Abilities

  • Can blend in with his surroundings
  • Can turn into anyone, no matter their height or species.
  • Looks with one eyes. Stalks with another


As a master of stealth, Turncoat uses only the finest in silent weaponry.

First is his butterfly knife. This knife is his close quarters weapon. Since he rarely fights with his targets aware of his location, he mainly uses the knife for backstabs and cutting through some materials. The drawback of this knife is its feeble range, the blade only being as long as the average human index finger.

Second is his silenced USP .45 magnum. This pistol is one powerful little bullet spitter. It has good range for a scope less pistol, it's quiet, and has great mobility. The drawbacks to this weapon are its power, which is reduced by the suppressor, and its range, although good, is not as good as many others in its class. Its suppressor is it's greatest strength and weakness.

Third and final weapon is an as val assault rifle. This rifle is notorious for its built in suppressor. Its fire rate is like a quiet bullet hose, and its magazine size makes it even the more dangerous. What's really special about the gun are its modifications Alek's father gave it. It now has two other fire modes if automatic fire is not suitable. They are a three round burst and a single fire. He also extended its range with the other more controllable fire modes along with a small scope to give it some sniping capabilities, although not as good as an ordinary sniper.


Turncoat relies on his stealth and firearms to kill his opponents. He may know how to kill a man with his bear hands, but he is by no means strong. In fact, his is a bit scrawny for a mobian his size and can be easily overpowered if caught unawares.


  • Turncoat is based off of the Spy from Team Fortress 2 and Frank Fontaine from BioShock, given the Spy's stealth capabilities and Fontaine's hobby of disguising as several kinds of people to save his skin.
  • His Russian accent was added for no reason. I mean, is there a Russia in Möbius?
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