It is known that Turbo had descended from a ancient race of sub-dragons called Hedgedragons. About six years ago he woke up on Hidden Island with serious amnesia and could only remember these things:His knowledge of the Island, his name and his powers, and a memory of a horrible, unspeakable and incomprehensible evil (later revealed to be Super Turbo).

As of now, Turbo is the Guardian of the Chaos Amulets and Hidden Island but usually travels around for fun. He loves nature and technology so he can usually be found in these areas. He has nack for fighting Trolls.


Turbo is normally a very friendly person. When he tries to make friends, he usually comes off as weird or out of the ordinary, but has good intentions. He is belligerent, and is near addicted to fighting. He will constantly ask if anyone wants to fight. While he will never kill someone in a friendly battle (intentionally), he has no qualms about killing in self defense, or in war.

He is a very lighthearted person, but tends to stay serious when needed. He has a love for many unhealthy foods, and eating in general. He also seems to have a bit of an extreme streak, liking to make a good entrance. He also cares deeply for his friends, and would hate to see anything happen to them.

He has a subconscious fear of his Superpowered psychotic alter ego (Super Turbo) of getting loose. He fears that the demonic creature's power will destroy all life on Mobius.

Appearances (Major Only)

RP:The Troll Chronicles

In this Rp, (ironically the First Rp his appeared in) Turbo played a major role in the downfall of the Trolls. He made friends with Banzai, Krinkinko, Artixunio and Quake here.

Neo Stellar Royale!!

Turbo is one of the 16 competitors in this tournament. After a vicious battle, he beat Crymson.


Turbo's Shoes

Turbo's Shoes are one of his most prized possesion, and what's allows him to run so fast. They are like Shadows Air Shoes and give Massive propulsion to give Mach 1 running speed, amazing jumping prowess, Increased Flight Speed and near infinite Flight/hovering capabilities.


A powerful sword made the Dragonstar Meteorite. It increases all abilites when used and can cut through almost anything. It can also extend itself.

Powers (Being Rewritten)


  • Super Speed:Super speed is one of Turbo's most noted abilities. He can use his natural speed in combination with his air shoes to run at 700 miles per hour (slower than Sonic) and must use Chaos energy to focus his speed. This speed can be used to scale walls, run over water, and create small tornadoes. Unlike Sonic, he cannot transfer his energy to objects, nor can he ultravibrate his limbs. Additionally, if he is on top of a source of electricity, he can increase his running speed significantly.
    • Flight/Levitation:Turbo can spread his wings to fly, and can easily beat his runnig speed. His has full air mobility, and is as skilled in mid-air combat as on the ground. He can also use his own energy to fly, should his wings be damaged.
    • Jet Dash Attack:Turbo can exert additional energy in the form of a blue aura to increase his speed. He can reach at least 800 miles per hour this way. He uses this technique to catch up with a foe or even a barrage to them. He can still maneuver at full ability when doing this.
  • Spin Skills:Turbo can curl into a spiky ball and spin around at high speeds. While the velocity and power are not to much greater than his normal speed and hitting power, he is swift, bouncy, bouyant, and more resistant to attacks while in ball form.
    • Spin Attack:Turbo breaks into a run and then curls into a ball. He then collides with an opponent or structure at high speeds. This attack is not too efficient, but works as a great suprise attack.
    • Spindash:Turbo curls up into a ball and spins in place. In thisd state, one can be hurt be just touching him. He then rockets foward, hitting whatever is in his path. This attack is capable of breaking through reinforced steel with ease.
    • Spincharge:A more powerful and even faster Spindash. The attack will also give off an explosion of kinetic energy when it hits the target.
    • Spin Tornado:Turbo spins around at super high speeds and creates a vortex of wind. This tornado is strong enough to pick up heavy objects and uproot trees. However, they are quite easily dispersed.
    • Sonic Wave:Turbo makes a quick spin at the speed of sound and creates a wave of destructive ultrasonic energy that can easily tear apart metal with ease. The blast will only travel in a straight line, and can be dodged easily. The attack also has the function of disrupting and possibly shattering any crystalline construct.
    • Homing Attack:Turbo curls up into ball form and creates a small gravitational energy feild. He tends to spin around rapidly for 2 seconds. At this time, he is surrounded by a green aura. He then homes in high speeds towards an opponent or object, usually doing sizeable damage. While the attack is near impossible to dodge after it finishes charging, the 2 seconds it takes to charge can be used to get to a safe distance, erect a barrier, or somehow prepare for the attack.
  • Extreme Durability:Turbo has very high defenses, and can survive injuries that would normally be fatal. He has had his skin burned off, his body being badly beaten and his skull cracked. Although his survivability can be greatly contribiuted to his Regeneration, he still has a much higher tolerance for pain and injury than a normal person. In addition, he can also lift weight and run at speed that would fracture bone and tear muscle.
  • Regeneration:Turbo's most notable ability, and then one that pulled him out of the fire the most is his power to renerate and repair his cells at incalcuable rates and extents. He has been able to regerate his entire outer layer of skin with no scars, heal cuts up in a few seconds, repair fractured bones and regnerate lost limbs. It is unknown if he can regenerate vital organs such as his brain or heart, but it is known he cannot create painkillers.
  • Super Strength:Turbo can press about 30 tons of weight. This strength is used to deliver powerful punches and kicks. He can punch through solid rock with little issue. His legs seem to carry less strength than his arms, but he can still perform amazing feats with them, such as jumping off walls like a ninja.
  • Extreme Stamina:Turbo's musclucture hardly produces any fatigue toxins. While not as much as RedToxic, he can keep himself going full strength for hours. He also has a large amount of energy to pour into his attacks, so he can continue to use energy attacks for a long time.
  • Energy Sense:Turbo can sense energy contained in other entities. This way, he can sense how strong someone is, exactly where they are, and if they are conscious or not. The more energy an opponent has, the farther he can sense them from. This can be very useful for finding people, or for accessing there powers.
  • Energy Supression:Turbo can forcibly lower his power level to near zero to avoid accidental injury or destrction, along with hide himself from other energy sensors.
  • Weapon Summon:Turbo can "summon" weapons from a particular area to aid him wherever he may be. This requires concentration, and a bit of energy. He then must focus for four seconds, and cannot be disrupted during this time less the ability be wasted.
  • Hell Blaster:To use this, Turbo holds both of his hands infront of him as if he was holding something and starts gathering energy in the form of Chaos Energy and Electromagnetic energy into a core of darkness. Once Turbo charges it enough he will fire a very dense black sphere that is surrounded by orange, Cyan & Pink wisps of energy.
  • Dragon's Pledge:Turbo focuses his metaphysical energies, then draws in power from nearby Mana Ley Lines. He then uses this power to increase his all round power for a rather short period of time. It can be used as a weak heal, recharge,
  • Electrokinetic Core:Turbo breathes in negatively charged particles or gathers electricity from other sources to generate electrical energy. This energy can be outputted in the form of raw lightning. It appears a pale blue in color. The electricity can be generated by force if Turbo is willing to convert his own energy into electricity. Interestingly, his Electric powers are immune to water.
    • Lightning Strikes:Turbo can create lightning from his body (usually his hands) to attack foes with. These blast usually arc before they hit the foe. The lightning will usually shock a foe if hit, and depending on the amount of force put into it, it may reflect, spread, or even tear through metal.
    • Lightning Spheres:Turbo can project his Lightning into spheres of blue energy. This provide more knockback and power than strikes, but less accuracy.
    • Lightning Bursts:Turbo uses electricity in the form of explosions targeting all around the affected area. 
    • Antigravity:Turbo can use his Lightning powers to fly. This works like normal energy flight.
    • Magnetism:Turbo can use his Electrokinesis to manipulate metal to a small degree. He can use Metal to conduct his electricty, but he will likely melt it in the proccess. His electromagnetism isn't strong, but can be helpful.
    • Techno Manipulation:Turbo can subtly affect technology by altering its electric flow. He can melt circuits, or short them out, but like his magnetism, he is unskilled.
    • Electron Overdrive:By creating a large amount of static electricity, he can create electrical tornadoes. This attacks can easily pull in a foe and shock them unconcious.
    • Electric Slime:Turbo becomes a mass of living plasma that is ultra flexible and charged with large amounts of electricity. In this form, his flexibility and electric strength increases greatly. Simply touching him will send an electric shock through the contacted object. He has even shown to be able to attack with Slime from a destroyed clone that splattered on someones body.
    • Plasma Cloning:Turbo can create clones of himself through electric slime. These clones are made of plasma, and carry an extreme electric charge.
    • White Lightning:Sends a powerful burst-beam of lighting that is concentrated, and glows a pale blue and white color. It has a powerful damage rate, and even a deadly aftershock that deals Splash Damage.
    • Red Lightning: Creates a blast of Red Lightning. While not as strong as White Lightning, it is very high in tempature and gives off a large amount of sparks. This attack can easily melt through rock and steel, and set things ablaze,
    • Black Lightning:This attack creates a black colored lightning attack that has a large amount of power, and also deals a DoT to the target. This can wear down an opponent significantly.
  • Shadow Manipulation:Turbo can manipulate Shadow Elemental energy to attack. While his skill is low, he still has a good level of power. At night, he gets stronger. His powers are a dark purple in hue.
    • Shadow Projectiles:Turbo can generate projectiles of Shadow energy that can pass through walls.
    • Shadow Energy Wave:Turbo uses energy waves made of shadow energy to attack the foe.
    • Shadow Rave:Turbo thrwos a swarm of caltrop-like spikes made of pure shadow energy at the ground near his opponents feet. These spikes explode when moved the slightest. 
    • Shadow Charging:Turbo generates Shadow energy to attack his foes in shapeless bursts.
    • Shadow Slime:Turbo can convert his body into a shadowy slime like substance. In this form, he is impervous to Shadow attacks, and can flex his muscles with superhuman agility. He can also stretch and meld his body to suit his needs.
    • Shadow Cloning:Turbo uses his Shadow Slime to create a greyscale, mute clone of himself that is impervous to darkness and has all of Turbo's non-electric abilities. While he can create multiple clones, each clone only has 1/4 of Turbo's power.
  • Chaos Manipulation:Turbo can tap into the power of the Chaos Force to use Chaos Powers. This is his greatest power, and has mastered shape transformation and knows many different techniques. He can do many things with Chaos Energy, and is only limited by his skill and energy in his body.
    • Chaos Spear:Turbo can fire a long range damagaing projectile that can easily harm a foe. The attack is the most basic form of offensive Chaos Powers Turbo has in his arsenal. This spear can be colored Red, Gold, Green, Purple, or Pink, but this is purely aesthetic. The projetiles are very swift and possess a great peircing power.
    • Chaos Arrow:Turbo can fire weak yet rapid fire damaging projectiles of Chaos Energy. These have the same properties as the Chaos Spear, but lack the peircing power.
    • Chaos Lance:Turbo can create rather large and rather powerful projectiles. These have much more power, range, piercing power and speed than Chaos Spear, but take more energy and longer to charge.
    • Chaos Eraser:Turbo charges both Positive and Negative Chaos energy into his hands, and the either cups his hands behind him self or or in front of him and charges it. The energy is unstable, and will explode and backfire if Turbo loses control. He cannot move while charging. He can charge for as long as he sees fit. When he finishes charging, he fires the attack in the form of a super high speed destructive energy wave made of pure Chaos Energy. This attack has incredible piercing power that allows it to tear through reinforced titanium and powerful energy barriers. The pressure it produces makes it hard (but not impossible) to deflect. It is Turbo's signature technique, and becomes rather defensive of people trying to copy it.
    • Chaos Energy Physical Ability Augmentation: Turbo can temporarily increase his physical abilities by pumping Chaos energy into his body, allowing him
    • Chaos Control:Turbo can use the (in)famous Chaos Control technique. Like normal users, he can slow down time, and teleport large distances. He does not need a Chaos Energy power source (they do not exist in HS664's Fanfics). He can use the short range teleport easily without speaking.
    • Chaos Blast:By channeling anger and rage, Turbo can activate a state were he sparks red and becomes highly resistant to damage. This state only lasts several seconds however. Turbo can then concentrate large amounts of Chaos Energy into one of three forms: A destructive (not as powerful as powerful as Chaos Eraser, but requires much less charging) blast of crimson Chaos Energy. The second is a deadly, blinding explosion of the same color that stretches over 20 yards. The third is a crimson orb that can be used to execute one of the previous two attacks from an angle or range.
    • Chaos Bladedge:Turbo's eyes glow a a dark red and his physical attack strength grows about 15%. His spines and claws become sharper, and his muscle density increases very slightly. He is a stronger flier in this state. This buff only lasts a few minutes, but can be very sufficient.
    • Chaos Blackscreen:Turbo creates a black, pyramid shaped forcefeild and gains a blue aura. The barrier is not neccessary for the effect, but provides a slighly wider barrier range. This sheild can be easily broken by a Brick Break.
    • Chaos Tension:Turbo clears his mind and relaxes his body, then taps into his natural reserve energy in a short burst. This allows him to open up his body's natural floodgates and multiply his power in short burst, allowing him to double, triple, or occaisionally quadruple his strength, speed, reflexes, defenses, regeneration, senses, charging speeds, mindpower, and even biological processes (like breathing and blood flow). When he does this, he gains a golden aura and he is constantly covered in bursts of battery-charged blue bio electricity. However, this power comes at price of putting an immense strain on Turbo's body and mind.
    • Chaos Attack:After Turbo executes his homing attack, he can then swiftly manuever into a five hit combination of punches, kicks, and chops fueled by Chaos Energy.
      • Chaos Snap:If Turbo is powering himself up, Chaos Attack becomes Chaos Snap, which allows him to instaneously teleport to his foe and deliver a much more powerful burst of attacks. He can chain together multiple "snaps" via teleporting to another foe or to his original target.
    • Chaos Grenade:Chaos Grenade is a peculiar technique. Turbo thrusts his arm foward, and creates and explosion of Chaos energy about the twice the size of a watermelon. This attack does little physical damage at all, but has a tremedous knockback, allowing foes and objects to be hurled with great speed and force.
    • Chaos Magic:Turbo creates a concentraction of Chaos Energy anywhere within 20 feet of him. He then snaps his fingers, creating a fairly powerful explosion of purple Chaos Energy.
    • Chaos Nightmare:Turbo creates marble sized sphere of concentrated Chaos Energy in the center of his palms, the grinds his fists. He then forces the to explode, and creates watermelon sized explosions of raw Chaos Energy. While doing this, he extends his fists sideways in an outward punching fashion, badly injuring anyone caught in it.
    • Chaos Burst:Turbo uses Chaos Control to distort space and time just enough to hide himself from view. He is mostly undetectable in all fashions. He can still move in this state, but cannot go up or down. To return to view, he creates an explosion of energy around himself similar, but smaller and weaker than Chaos Blast.
    • Chaos Acid:This is a techique made to bypass the possiblity of meeting a foe who could match his Chaos powers and be resistant or Immune to them. He creates an Acid that shuts down immunities and resistances. this attack is also unrestisable. Additionally, due to the chaotic factor of Chaos energy, this attack also increases the damage the target take from attacks they are weak to.
    • Chaos Screw:Turbo spins in a tornado like fashion, generating warm and cold air in his hands. The spinning motion creates a large amount of wind, eventually manifesting itself in a small yet strong tornado. While not nearly as powerful as a normal tornado, nor as powerful as most other tornado techinques, it provides a helpful defense in many situations.


Turbo cannot resist any form of attack, even Chaos Energy. He is also very reliant on his powers for combat. If a foe can shut down his powers, he would be rendered near helpless. Another weakness is that he cannot control his speed without exerting energy.

It also seems that Turbo is vunerable to Fire by a factor of about 30%. Although it isn't a severe weakness, it still is a disadvantage

Forms and Powerups

Super Turbo (Super Demon Turbo):

At an unknown point in his life, Turbo had gathered Six Chaos Amulets (The Silver Amulet had been missing for countless millenia) but when brought together outside stabilizing conditions, the Chaos Amulet's Power would increase one anothers causing a chain reaction where there power would go out of hand and cause a Trans-spatial Warp sending them to the Special Zone and release all their exess energy in the proccess. Turbo apparantly took the full force of the blast and turned Super. from then on, when Turbo is exposed to large amounts of Chaos (or Ring) energy from an Outside source, under EXTREME stress or Anger or in mortal danger, he will change into his Super Form. However, Super Turbo is a homicidal Super-maniac who enjoys death and Destruction. Luckily, these transformations happen Very rarely and Turbo would never do it intentionelly.

Unleashed (Two Inhibitor Rings)

After taking off two Inhibitor Rings, Turbo's power escalates greatly. Identified by the gold aura around him, and the crackling battery charged blue bio-electricity erupting from his body. The extreme power output makes him appear bluish gold, due to the thickness of the aura.

Notable boosts include a sharp increase in power, speed, defense, reflexes and energy. He can deliver deadly attack combinations, including flurries of Chaos Lances, electric tornados, or using his speed and strength to tear apart the landscape to craft deadly one use weapons such as sharpened rocks.  He can create more slime clones, and summon his weapons instantly. He also attains far more shape transformation, allowing for his attacks to adapt to whatever is thrown at him.

The energy emitted from his boddy is so dense, and gives off so much that pressure that he can float with no effort, and he can use the aura to help charge attacks or hold weapons while Turbo uses his main limbs for something else.  

This ability is not without weaknesses, however. At this stage, his stanima drains significantly faster, and should he stay too long, he will suffer from an extended strain on his powers. Also, should he use Chaos Tension, he could die of overload.

Ultimate Elder Turbo

By using the power of his Ultimate Elder Emerald, Turbo ascends to this form. Abilities are unknown. His Fur is now purple with Cyan eyes and white stripes.

Please note this RP is the one were this form originated.............

Plasma Shard Turbo

Turbo's Good version of his Super Form. Everything is the same except that his physical strength is much lower and he's not the "ultimate imbodiment of evil".

Technique List (does not count specials)


For quick reference, Turbo can use all Chaos powers stated here

Shadow/Dark Powers

Dark Pulse

Shadow Ball

Shadow Claw

Shadow Punch

Dark Fang

Blades of Darkness

Shadow Rave

Shadow Wave

Shadow Rush

Shadow Blast



Volt Tackle

Thunder Fang

Zap Cannon

Lightning Blade

Lightning Slash

Thunder Kick

Thunder Punch

Thunder Axel

Thunder Wave


Aura Sphere

Quick Attack


Razor Spindash

Razor Homing Slash

Lightspeed Razor Slash

Sonic Heal

Finisher Charge

Halo Attack

Sword Skills

Turbo is very skilled in sword skills, and most weapons in general. This is also helped by the fact he can use Chaos Control to summon a large variety of weapons he keeps at his house on Hidden Island (This takes 4 Full Seconds and a bit of ENERGY). Here's a list of weapons he can use:


  • Longswords
  • Shorts Swords
  • Katanas
  • Halberds
  • Axes
  • Rapiers
  • Spears
  • Lances
  • Guns
  • Bazookas
  • Lock-on Bazookas
  • Lasers
  • Hammers

Special Weapons

  • Orochi (Demon Weapon. Roleplays Only)
  • Dragonsoul:A powerful sword forged from the Dragonstar Meteorite. As a result it can cut through anything not made from the Dragonstar Meteor (plus a few exceptions.......)

If you have problems with this section, tell me.


cracks neck and his shoes blaze* 3, 2, 1, GO!!!!!!!! ~when starting a stage

Ultimate Perfection!!! ~ getting an X Rank

I'm the fastest thing on Mobius! ~Getting an SS Rank

You can't go faster than me!!! ~when getting an S Rank

At least I'm fast. ~when getting an A Rank

screen shows E Rank* WHAT!!! *stomps his foot and the E shows a B* Much Better!!! ~when getting a B Rank

Seriously? ~when Getting a C Rank

I'm ashamed of this. ~when getting a D Rank

NOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!! ~when getting an E rank

WHAT THE FUU-*explosion happens* ~when getting an F rank

'dies' while the Game over Jingle plays from Sonic 1* ~when getting a Z rank

This won't hurt a bit.....IT'S GONNA BURN YOUR FLESH OFF!! ~before a major battle/boss

I can't wait to sear your cold metal hide. ~before a robot boss

I know Chao who put up a better fight. ~after a boss

Time to show you the power of Chaos!!! ~Before a final boss

This was a good fight but it's OVER!!!! ~defeating a Final Boss

If you touch my shoes, I'll kill you before your brain can proccess what happened!!!!! ~ When someone tries to touch his shoes. DO NOT ATTEMPT!!!!


  • Turbo has fur on his legs, Torso and arms, but has Scales on his tail, wings and feet.
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