You may be looking for Tundra the Husky, Tundra Reaver, Tundra Smith, or Tundra the Walrus.
Tundra the polar bear 2

Tundra without his coat.

Tundra the Polar Bear

Tundra is a 20 year old male polar bear.


He is a bulky polar bear who has creamy colored fur and blue icey eyes.He wears big brown boots with tan straps. He has fingerless leather gloves and a gigantic green and red scarf that almost covers all of his head, bringing it down only when speaking. He has unusally long ears and echinda-like hair. He also wears a caramel color soft coat, with a lamb fur inside.


He is a tough fighter who never gives up, but is shy around girls and fancy things. It is rare for Tundra to speak to strangers and even his friends, only speaking when he needs too. He may seem tough and scary at first, but when you get to know him, he is a soft hearted polar bear willing to help anyone.


He was a loner back then, never speaking or playing with any kids. He's the same, he has never changed. He was very good in school, making A+ and B+'s in the school. Other than that, he was trained to swim and kanue.


He is very strong and smart, outsmarting even the most smartest of people in battle.

He can swim in even the coldest water with his thick fur.

He can't slip on ice because of the pads on his paws.

Special Abilities

He can swim very fast because he studied how to become faster in water in a book.

He can survive the cold easily.


He was tought how to master the staff at the age of 8.


He isn't that fast.

He isn't very good at math.

He can't see well in the dark.

He often gets mistake that he is or related to Bark, which can agitate him, much.

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