You may be looking for Tundra the Husky, Tundra Reaver, Tundra the Polar Bear, or Tundra the Walrus.

Tundra Smith is a character set to appear in the upcoming story, Reign of Terror. She is a young orphaned Siberian Husky pup adopted by Austin Smith when his "Rogue Tribe"(consisting of him, some warriors of his, and some warriors of the Tribes) came across her Village, discovering it to have been routed and destroyed, with Tundra and Lucky as the only known survivors. She was named for the Husky's use in colder climates.


Tundra is a young female Siberian Husky pup. She has the typical black and white fur and ice-blue eyes seen on her breed. She feels this makes her special due to her slight resemblance to Austin(who is black and brown with blue eyes).


Being a puppy, Tundra is eager and excitable, though due to the trauma she suffered as a result of the Dark Legion routing and destroying her Village, she has an ingrained mistrust of Echidnas(which she somewhat got over with a friendship with Lara-Su). She has very little memory of her biological family, which she is sad about, but is very thankful to Austin and Rosa for taking her in.


In Reign of Terror, as Austin's "Rogue Tribe" were heading home to boot Scourge from the Base(and save the Red Fox and Jackal Packs), having restored the freedom of the Tribes, they discovered a Village in smoldering ruins. Boulder is hauntingly reminded of the destruction of Rockhead Village, though this wasn't Infinite's doing. He at first afraid no one survived after seeing the bodies strewn about, then Austin discovers a lone Siberian Husky pup, who shrinks back from them in fear; Boulder notes that Austin would look intimidating with his pelt covered in scars. Nonetheless, Austin comforts the pup, who warms up to them, and is named Tundra. She is taken back to the Base with them, and after the massive battle with first Scourge then Mephiles, is officially named a Smith when Rosa takes a liking to her.




Austin and Rosa Smith

Tundra loves her adopted family, and hopes to be a great daughter for them after she hears of Dallas and Dakota's respective demises. She also believes she resembles Austin a bit, but this isn't entirely true.


While being conceptualized, Tundra was initially going to have a name in Russian, but this was scrapped.

Tundra was initially planned to be the only survivor of her Village's destruction, but due to an unrelated source, the creator was inspired to add a coyote pup named Lucky.

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