General Information

It is a newer shrine where many youkai reside. The resident god is Haruko. She doesn't get much faith from anyone, making her weak, but she doesn't care. It is located on Mount Scarlet, far away from the Kimiyama and Watoga Shrines. The three shrines share an intense rivalry and try to obtain as much faith as possible.

The shrine is somewhat new and provides good protection against extreme weather conditions. The shrine is decorated with snakes and bugs, to Aida's dismay. There are many youkai that reside there, most which live around Mount Scarlet.


The shrine was created in the 1700's by the Tsuchiura family to honor the deity, Haruko. At first, the shrine recieved lots of faith, and Haruko grew to become strong. Over time, people refused to believe in the gods, and Haruko became weaker and weaker. She only recieves little amounts of faith. Multiple generations served the shrine, and the most recent shrine maiden is Aida Inoue.

Geography and People

The shrine appears to be made out of wood and stone, and the roof is thatched. There are quite a few residents of the shrine. The area around it is rocky, and there is not much vegitation at that altitude.


Aida Inoue

The current shrine maiden of the Tsuchiura Shrine. Constantly hopes that she will be able to gather more faith by getting the youkai of Mount Scarlet to believe in Haruko.


One of the kappa who lives on the mountain. Likes to play with Haruko and show her inventions.


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