This is an article about Tsuchi Nokoti, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 01/25/2015.


Tsuchi resembles a short and somewhat stout reptilian with a stubby physique and withered skin. She can be usually seen wearing a tattered labcoat with a white undershirt, gray suspenders, orange gloves, black pants, and an old, bronze helmet with both an iron Scorpio symbol on the front and steampunk bronze glasses, those having bluish-green tinted glass. Her clothing, save for her coat, is covered in chemical stains and holes created from contact with certain acids. She also wears a rubber belt with holsters for where she can hold her various concoctions and tools. Her tail is a small stub that barely pokes out of her clothing and is constantly covered by her lab coat.


Tsuchi is a complete shut-in, always staying by her lonesome and trying to be as far from civilization as possible. She prefers to be in silent, lifeless areas where she can be in peace and do more efficient research. Tsuchi is one to put work above everything else, even using innocents who wander into her territory as subjects sometimes. She prefers not to get in combat with foes she knows she would beat, as she considers them "wastes of good chemicals." Tsuchi also suffers from a minor case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, meaning that everything needs to be organized in whatever elaborate way she attracts to, which can explain her fondness for labyrinths and other maze-like structures.


Tsuchi has the distinct ability to actually see chemicals. This helps her figure out the composition of the area around her so that she'll know exactly what mixtures to use and how to easily manipulate the environment to her aid. She mostly makes poisons, which she either bottles up for later use or uses them as weapons, as well as pouring them on her tools for a multitude of results. Due to her interests in chemicals when she was younger, she is also immune to any kind of poisons, as her blood itself is a powerful toxin that can instantly paralyze a massive creature with a few drops.


Tsuchi, with her ability to see chemicals, has become an extraordinary scientist, specifically studying in the field of chemicals and generally how the world works, while having basic knowledge in all other levels. She can easily determine the wind-speed in the surrounding area so that she would know which direction to let out a few of her more air-based poisons that can move more easily to affect opponents. Tsuchi also has knowledge of angles, so that if she were to throw her concotions at opponents, she would know exactly which arc and how much power to put in her throws.


Without her poisons, Tsuchi has little in the ways of combat. Her tools are made more for research and not combat, and from how much they are used, are prone to break after some use in battle. Tsuchi's strategies work best in tight, restrictive areas, so open fields and colosseums are horrible places for her to be spotted.


  • Tsuchi's name is a corruption of Tsuchinoko, the japanese mythological Bee-Snake.
  • Tsuchi's interest in deadly chemistry is based on the use of Chemical Warfare during the Great War, where it was used and later banned worldwide for it's unreliability from weather.
  • Tsuchi is based somewhat on the two required school subjects the creator hates the most, those being Geometry and Chemistry, as they will most likely do nothing to further his hopes for a career in cartoon-making.
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