True Divine Generation: Sonic Monster World XD
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True Divine Generation: Sonic Monster World XD (真・神世代: ソニック モンスターワールドXD) is the next enhancement worldwide game of its normal version for the mobile phone and

The XD part in the title has some possible abbreviations: Next Dimensional, Cross


Sega and The Nameless Seraph are creating a new update for the old version. They decided to focus on the new enhancement with some new elements in 2XXX. Unfortunately for the original was taken updates down, it was cancelled for the good of the franchise. Next year later, Sega announced Sonic fans that the old game will be no longer on their website. They announced that True Divine Generation's latest game will be released with the best graphic themes and entertainment and have a social mode that they will connect their members/players and their beloved close ones, which fan community was interested in the announcment

The game has been entertaining to all players, when the game has been the next platform for PC devices


  • The title screen is very different, The title changed, options are added with
  • Online systems
  • New Events
  • New monsters coming up.
  • Ranks (Knight, Dame, Lord, Lady, King, Queen, God, Goddess)
  • Added the default character Jane/John


  • Mobian Race Doppleganger (such as
  • Events


  • Summoning Laboratory - The Laboratory is where monsters are summoned by the
Banner Summon Feature Chances Cost
Normal 10x Soulshards
Average Summon Ammolites
Ultimate Pull-Up
Chaotic Pull-Up Archaic File 5 5★ Monsters 10x= 100 Soulshards

11x= 200 Ammolites

Event Summon Banners
Banner Feature Chances Cost
Medieval Battle of Vengence Lancelot
Dame Percival Percival
Excalibur Sonic Archaic File 5★Excalibur Sonic
  • Attacker 100%
  • Defend
  • Juggernaut
2,000 Ammolites
Wishes Erazor Djinn
Shahra Shahra 1,000 Ammolites
Darkspine Sonic Lamp
Djinn Princess Lamp 5★Djinn Princess
  • Attack
  • Heal 70%
  • Support 60%


The game has taken place in Sonic: Monsters from The Other World in the future presence.

The intro starts when the player

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5



See list of bosses.


  • Temple Maiden: The head of the Temple of Divine Sanitatium.
  • Marine the Raccoon: A former marine and the student to Tails to help become a freedom kaiju fighter



Shin Tokyo

  • Fuyuama
  • Natsuhama
  • Harunasaki
  • Akimura
  • Parallel Earth


Ready Player One Revival

The collaboration was revived after the original game was taken down


The collaboration was announced in October 8, in a celebration of the anniversary of the two films Goosebumps and Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween


Sonic finds himself an unusual book and sends it to the FKF HQ. 5 minutes later after the dining restaurant, Amy accidentally bumped the book opened itself and absorbed the FK Fighters Sonic and Jane/John into the pages. They later woke up in a world they never recognized

Sonic and

The featured monsters are listed who guest appeared

  • Slappy the Dummy
  • Abominable Snowman
  • Werewolf of Fever Swamp
  • Creeps

List of Episodes

  • Sucked into A Strange World
  • Meeting "Stephen King" Stine

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The collaboration was announced in July 6 as a reboot of the film TMNT. They are in the Mutant race.

  • Leonardo (2014 & 2016) Tank/Support
  • Raphael (2014 & 2016)
  • Donatello (2014 & 2016)
  • Michelangelo (2014 & 2016)



  • This is the appearance that the default character Jane/John appeared.
  • The game's title are released in different languages. The main languages are Japanese, English, Chinese, Taiwanese,
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