The Troll Supply Trucks are a class of unique treaded vehicle built by the Trolls.


All of the trucks are made out of plain steel, but each truck is individualized with paintings, images and graffiti supplied by the Trolls who drive them. These images often include scantily-clad women, either Trolls or favorite non-trolls, or scenes/icons/images/things they like. Some are fully painted.


The trucks were designed around Bolt's Nerve Overload technique. By using a central engine/control center where an electrified signal could be sent from, the trucks needed no engine, just a receiver. This idea intrigued Frost the Hedgehog, who worked alongside Bubonic the Hedgehog in designing a mechanism where a number of electrokinetic bodies would generate power through receivers into the trucks, which could run all over the planet. This idea actually worked, and the first few trucks were finished rapidly.


Each vehicle had a different usage. Most of them would ferry Trolls into and out of battle, using them as troop transports for the Trolls who could not Chaos Control themselves (which are rare) . Others were built with a flat bed that couldn't be covered, and were used in mining operations and supply carriers in Rainbow Hill Zone and other locations. The final kind had hidden force field generators, and were used to carry prisoners and test subjects into the Troll base.

Notable Drivers

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None. All weapons are wielded by either the passengers or guards on board.


  • The idea of having icons/scantily clad women on the side of the truck comes from WWII aircraft having names and those things painted on the side.
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