Tristella Tse'Elon is a farmer with a long history, and a member of the Tse'Elon Family, a Pyranic Empire family famed for their alcohol company.

Tristella Tse'Elon

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsAmir Roche (Husband, Hitmontop)
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Mienshao (Mobianised Pokemon)
  • Fur: White w/ pink markings & purple whisker tips
  • Hair: Pink
  • Eyes: Red
  • Orange torso armor w/ gold markings
  • Orange gauntlets w/ gold markings
  • Brown & orange shirt
  • Brown & orange pants, w/ gold markings
  • Orange greaves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Possesses the genetic abilities Berserk and Regenerator
  • Pokemon-type Omnikinesis
  • Skilled farmer
  • Trained brewer
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Appearance

As with most Mienshao, despite her age, Tristella is long and lanky with extremely long whip-like arms. However, through genetics, she ended up a Shiny, with silver fur over her body, plus pink and purple markings. As a Mobianised Mienshao, Tristella has a full head of pink hair, plus sharp, intelligent red eyes which carry a deep warmth or, on occasion, a great anger.


Normally, Tristella wears orange armor over her lower arms and torso, after a number of run-ins with military groups of three factions. Under this armor, she wears a brown and orange shirt and pants, with gold markings on the pants to match the armor. Finally, she wears orange greaves well-worn through her farming exploits.


Early History

Born to two farmers, Bark Tse'Elon, the heir to the Tse'Elon Family birthright and Cat, his echidna wife, Tristella was the eldest of four kids. As the eldest, a lot was expected of the young Mienfoo as she grew older, and that included keeping a guiding hand on her siblings as they grew up. By the age of twelve, she was already not only doing her own chores, but supervising the others in theirs, even the little four year old girl, Elan. The twins, Reina, the only echidna of the four, and Idau, were harder to respond, and in Idau's case, resented the control that their sister tried to use in order to keep their parents happy, the chores done, and their duties on the farm collecting some of the hops and barley used by the extended family elsewhere in brewing a rich beer, a big seller globally.

War with Soleanna

Eventually, though, soon after the twin's 16th birthday, the Pyranic Empire went to war with the Kingdom of Soleanna. Idau, as a skilled crossbowman, joined the military and vanished into the armed forces to fight for his country. By contrast, Reina, with her gift for languages, joined the diplomatic corps as a translator, leaving the farm down to their parents, Tristella and Elan. Over the two years of war, the farm continued as normal, with farm workers coming down during the harvest to help with the grain. Unfortunately, these workers were followed by Soleannan soldiers, who gave the farm residents only one chance to leave, before they simply took over the farm and the family's stockpile of beer, waiting for the Pyranic Empire to attack and throw them out.

They never expected Tristella, an attractive twenty-year-old Mienfoo, her Mienshao father, and lithely-built echidna mother to be threats. They were wrong. Even twelve-year-old Elan got involved, bringing one fighter down, but it was Tristella that all watched. The twenty-year-old pretended to seduce one of the guards, before slamming him into the ground with a Hammer Arm, one of the self-defense techniques her mother taught her. Before the other soldiers could draw their weapons, both Bark and Cat had emerged from the kitchen, plus Elan from the rafters, and as a family defeated the enemy soldiers. This prompted Tristella, a young, fit Mienfoo who regularly sparred against her parents and siblings, to evolve into a Mienshao. As a prize, Tristella stole the orange armor born by one of the few female operatives, a woman who seemed to be a close-combat fighter from the metal armor she wore, adding it to a set of brown clothes she kept. Finally, when the army DID arrive, Tristella happily stood by her father's side in the armor, the enemy markings replaced with the family crest, as the elder Mienshao handed over the captured soldiers to the team, lead by Idau, who had reached the rank of Lieutenant, even in that short time. Two more years of war were uneventful, and peace was finally restored to the country, and to the family buisness, booming with fresh sales.

Family Issues

Soon after the war ended, unfortunately, Tristella's mother fell ill and began to waste away, spending most of her time split between hospitals and the farm. She was soon diagnosed with lung cancer, and while she fought, Cat knew she was only fighting for time, and that was clear to her children. Reina made regular visits from wherever she was assigned at the time. By contrast, Idau rarely left the capital, and seemed to take no interest in what happened.

Four years after the end of the war, while Cat was out of hospital and traveling with Tristella and Elan on a shopping trip, an idiot speeding in his car struck Elan, throwing her over the body of his car, and simply kept driving. This brutal hit-and-run, in front of their sick mother, motivated Tristella to chase the idiotic driver, although the lack of a vehicle in the hands of the twenty-six year-old brought that idea to a halt.

Elan was rushed to hospital, and family rushed to be with her in intensive care. That is, with one noticeable exception - Idau. The middle child, unlike Reina, who flew from another country to be by their sister's side, refused to leave the capital to see his family, or even listen to the phone-calls sent to him. He had become a sniper, one of the top crossbowmen in the country, and simply refused to leave. With her father's permission to leave her hospitalized sister and dying mother, Tristella departed for the city to confront him and bring him home.

On arrival in the city, bearing her orange armor, Tristella almost caused a security alert. Her armor was taken to be that of a Soleannan soldier, although when she arrived and waited at checkpoints, it was quickly realized that the armor had been re-appropriated. Military security at headquarters allowed her in, purely on her name. However, her brother was NOT happy to see her. He accused her of spying, and tried to have her thrown out of his office. She refused to leave without dragging his ass out to be by his family in this time. He threatened her. She snapped, and the two began to fight. From the outset, it was clear that Tristella, while four years older, was a lot more powerful than Idau had expected. However, at range, he was a lot more accurate over a long distance, whereas she was much more powerful in close combat. The fight spilled out into the courtyard, where the local soldiers were astonished to see a woman in former Soleannan battle armor, now emblazoned with alcohol company logos, thrashing a sniper with ease. Military police didn't find this amusing, and Tristella was thrown out, with Idau swearing to turn his back on his family for as long as he could. Neither would forget this fight, and in future, it would be a memory that Tristella would smile about.

On her return, most of the family had returned home, barring Elan. Tristella tried to apologize for leaving, but her younger sister, still a Mienfoo, was generous, accepting this fact with grace. What wasn't taken with grace was the news - the twenty-year-old was a paraplegic, unable to move or feel her legs because the nerve endings in her spine had been crushed, an injury that evolution or healing couldn't repair. Tristella vowed at that moment to never let her sister suffer in a nursing home, and became one of her caregivers back on the farm.

Middle Years

For the next twenty years, life was almost normal, barring the death of Cat to lung cancer seven years after Elan's accident. Bark shifted to a much more focused approach to farming, and it was agreed on by critics that the beers brewed with the barley and hops grown on this farm were of a greater caliber than ever before. Tristella constantly worked, both helping Elan with as much as she could, plus serving on the farm. In this time, she married Amir Roche, a Hitmontop, and had a son, a Tyrogue named Pascal who became Elan's student as the disabled Mienfoo taught him, both how to fight and in intellectual matters. Elan herself wasn't infertile, and a number of dates resulted in her marriage to an Infernape, with their own children soon littering the farm. However, at the end of those twenty years, with the children growing old enough to serve on the farm, Bark Tse'Elon passed away, having worked himself to exhaustion in combination with his old age. Tristella found the farm thrust into her hands, and she swore to keep the farm running at all costs.

Unfortunately, a figure never expected to return did. Idau, now a sharpshooter and one of the best crossbowmen in Mobius, visited the family farm, and brought with him a full squad of soldiers. His intention was simple - the family would pay, to him, a larger than normal cut of the inheritance, plus an advance on their taxes, or he would burn down the next year's crop, which was just starting to grow. In anger, Tristella, Elan's partner, the kids and even the paralyzed Mienfoo herself swore to protect the farm without paying up to the corrupt soldier. Enraged, Tristella lead the attack, fists flailing in a Mienshao's full fighting glory as she brought down soldier after soldier, her armor protecting her against her brother's extremely accurate crossbow fire. Eventually, the soldiers fell back, and once again, Tristella dueled her brother. However, this time she didn't hold back, instead letting loose her full close-combat arsenal to bring her brother to his knees. With his defeat, she then had him cast from the family and it's buisness, although allowed him to keep his bloodname, mostly so there was only truly one family with this genetic technique in the area.

Later Life

After the hectic nature of her early life, Tristella welcomed the chance to take it easy and focus on farming. With Amir by her side, the two of them watched Pascal evolve into a Hitmonlee, eventually getting married himself. For her family, the farm was their legacy, their skill, and the brews made from their crops were amazing, with rich, vibrant flavors. Around the same time, Reina introduced Tristella to the former crown princess of the Empire of the Scarlet Moon, a mechanized foundry commander in the Pyranic Empire's army by the name of Tec the Squirrel. Tec and Reina had become friends back in the Empire of the Scarlet Moon, before the former princess was exiled, and when she arrived in the small country town, Tristella's anecdotes of fighting her brother seemed to bring a smile to the squirrel's face, the face of a woman with many years of experience behind her.


As a member of the Tse'Elon Family, Tristella possesses the family genetic ability of Berserk. This ability ties in to her body's natural stress hormone levels, specifically the hormones of adrenaline and noradrenaline, in conjunction with the pain levels she was experiencing. As her pain levels and stress hormone concentration rises, the more powerful her body grows. In addition, this effect mutes pain, allowing her to enter a true berserker rage in a fight, bringing down many foes without noticing damage sustained.

This is where her second genetic ability, this one unlocked by her species comes into play - Regenerator. As soon as Tristella's parasympathetic nervous system cleanses her body of the stress hormones, it also grants her a temporary boost in healing, akin to a low-level healing factor, allowing the stabilization of major wounds and the complete regeneration of minor ones.

As a Mobianised Pokemon, Tristella is, for all intents and purposes, an omnikinetic, learning combat techniques through maturation as she gains combat experience. However, unlike most other Mienshao, Tristella also has access to a few moves most wouldn't know, courtesy of her mother's training.

However, despite her power, Tristella suffers from an inability to combine her greatest power, Berserk, with any form of ranged combat. In addition, she naturally has a weakness to psychic powers, which can be a major source of havoc for her in combat.

Fire Abilities

Water Abilities

Dark Abilities

Earth Abilities

Poison Abilities

Elementless Abilities


A focused, family-oriented woman, Tristella has always stood by the idea that family and the family home comes first. As such, Idau's actions in ignoring family was an insult to Tristella, and earned her brother her enmity. She is also a devoted non-drinker, rarely drinking alcohol when she can avoid it, a fact that confuses most due to her easy access to alcohol.






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