This is a triple threat open conflict among Josh, Sky, & Eternal. Who will win among them? We'll find out soon enough.


  • No G-Modding.
  • No transforming by main forms, only elemental change.
  • The supporters must choose for their own. No asking to support.
  • No underestimating. (especially Sky)

Josh's Supporters

Eternal's Supporters

Sky's Supporters

  • Yea right Im winning thisThe Unknown Heart 01:27, May 13, 2012 (UTC)The Unknown Heart


Cervantes The Wolf

Rule Breakers

Urgent Note: If you delete the strikes, it'll add two more. If you change your edit correctly, your strikes disappear. Starboy036 - (for underestimating) Strikes: 2

Why he has strikes:

  • His character said, "and i have to say your wind power are to weak if u hope to beat me" & that's underestimating.
  • His character said, "just like limbo"

The Battle Begins!

Waiting for Sky

In Ventilus...

Josh: (leaning on a pillar)

Eternal: *humming to "If it all ended tommorow" then sees josh* Ohai Josh. I saw someone else around here. someone with POWER. and LOTS OF IT.

Josh: Hai there Eternal. Yeah, I saw someone else here too. A false demigod, I would say. And there he comes.

Eternal: *sits there waiting for him*

Josh: Oh, he's so zetta slow. (sits on a rock)

Sky: -walks past them,whistling- oh hey josh...hey eternal...-walks away-

Eternal: Where you goin?

Sky: me? well im looking for someone.....see ya -walks away-

Eternal: *pulls him by the shoulder* Who might that be?

Sky: *removes his hand from his shoulder* if you must looking for my farther ....

Eternal: You don't wanna fight me or josh?

Sky: why were all firends right? so why do u wanna fight...u know wat why not i could use some training

Eternal: What do you say Josh? Triple threat?

Josh: Yeah!

Cervantes: well then.... let's see if watching this will do anything about my boredom

Sky: well josh how about it.....

Josh: Battle Start! (teleports them in his arena)

Battle Start!

All: (teleported in the arena)

Josh: Okay, now we're here, FIGHT! (goes to his battle stance)

Sky: whoa this arena looks cool

Josh: This arena is mine, you're in Ventilus, so yeah. (levitates)

Eternal: *sitting there, meditating*

Josh: Eternal, you may stop that. It's time for the battle.

Sky: come on already eternal.

Eternal: OK. Let's star- *mystical transformation*

Eternity: *girl eternal* *facepalms* Damn it, not again.. Now i gotta fight as a GIRL?!

Josh: Is that automatic?!

Eternity: It does it when it feels like it! Gah!

Josh: Oh. Well, let's start.

Sky: *faceplams* i cant, a girl weakness is fighting a girl

Eternity: Deal with it.

Josh: Why? I fight Alice, while you're not fighting a girl?

Sky: its just i get distracted when I fight a girl.....even if its eternal

Josh: Oh. (Thought: Hmph, advantage would be an option when I have Eternity with me!)

Sky: *sighs* anyway lets do this... the last one standing wins

Eternity: *turns back into Eternal*

Eternal: Yes! *gets in fighting stance*

Josh: Okay, FIGHT! (teleports behind Sky & attempts to backflip-kicks him)

Sky: -gets up- alright u ask 4 it -disappears and sweep kick josh then throws him-

Josh: Whoa! (lands on both feet) I'll show you. (uses Rider Kick on Sky, thus blowing him on the lights of the arena, electrocuting him)

Sky: *spines spike up* whoa good one -fixes his spines- ok my turn -speed barrage kicks josh-

Josh: (smirks) Hah. (reads Sky's speed & blocks the hits, one by one)

Sky: heh you gotten better....

Josh: (Thought: Hah, you've gotten worse for a demigod) Even you're a demigod, I won't lose! I'm also a demigod, the Wind Ancient's descendant! (tries to suck Sky in his huge tornado)

Sky: heh is that all -spins his sword fast thus making the tornado fade away- and surpose to be a ancient inddescendant of w-sword disappears- your wind power are to are impressing but ur gonna have to hit me if u hope to beat me

Josh: DON'T EVER UNDERESTIMATE MY POWERS, IMPUDENT FOOL!!! (gets angry & his eyes turn red) DIE! (attempts to paralyze Sky & grabs him by the neck & slams him to the ground) And you aren't a demigod, if you underestimate! Get back what you said! (tries to punch him very hard) FOOL. (aims to stab him with his Cyclone Blade) Do not call me weak again! Or I'll destroy you!

Eternal: *studying their movse as they fast* Pfft... >Is it me, or is sky weaker then Josh?<

Josh: Oh, some people say we're auto-hitting. No really. They're not looking properly... Did I hit him successfully? No. They're... never mind. Let's do this!

Eternal: *studying their every move that they're doing to know how to dodge and counter attack*

Josh: (reverts to normal) Okay. He's saying that my wind powers are weak! Not in his opinion? Well, I'm going to crush him!

Sky: oh yea bring it josh

Josh: Shut up. You insulted me earlier. So it's my turn to crush you! (charges at Sky)

Sky: heh -runs at Josh-

Josh: Don't get too cocky, 'cause I'll beat you! (charges Rider Kick)

1 2 3

Josh: Rider.....KICK!


Josh: (tachyon energy runs through his feet)

Sky:rider kick huh *grudes himself and takes the impact*......

Josh: Just watch, I didn't use this attack yet. And shut up, 'cause I'll cut your mouth, you pathetic insulter. And the last thing I hate about you, is that you're too cocky & insultive! (aims the Rider Kick at Sky)

Sky: see ya *disappers and reappers behind josh* hah theres an opening *puts josh into a master lock*

Josh: Hmph. (teleports & reappears behind Sky) Don't insult me or I'll destroy you. (attempts a Rider Combo, AKA "Rider Kick & Rider Punch" at Sky) You're auto-hitting.

Sky: make me *gets in his stance* ( how?)

(JoshTheHedgehog12: Read the talk page.)

Cervantes: It's starting to bore me how much all suck

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