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This is a triple threat open conflict among Josh, Sky, & Eternal. Who will win among them? We'll find out soon enough.
*No G-Modding.
*No transforming by main forms, only elemental change.
*The supporters must choose for their own. No asking to support.
*No underestimating. (especially Sky)
==Josh's Supporters==
*Hah, I'll win! [[User:JoshTheHedgehog12|Signed Josh, over & out.]]
==Eternal's Supporters==
*Pfft... "No way i'll lose!" [[User:TheEternalAwesomeness|CUPCAKES MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]]
==Sky's Supporters==
*Yea right Im winning this[[User:Starboy036|The Unknown Heart]] 01:27, May 13, 2012 (UTC)The Unknown Heart
Cervantes The Wolf
==Rule Breakers==
Urgent Note: If you delete the strikes, it'll add two more. If you change your edit correctly, your strikes disappear.
None at the time :D
==The Battle Begins!==
===Waiting for Sky===
In Ventilus...
Josh: (leaning on a pillar)
Eternal: *humming to "If it all ended tommorow" then sees josh* Ohai Josh. I saw someone else around here. someone with POWER. and LOTS OF IT.
Josh: Hai there Eternal. Yeah, I saw someone else here too. A false demigod, I would say. And there he comes.
Eternal: *sits there waiting for him*
Josh: Oh, he's so zetta slow. (sits on a rock)
Sky: -walks past them,whistling- oh hey josh...hey eternal...-walks away-
Eternal: Where you goin?
Sky: me? well im looking for someone.....see ya -walks away-
Eternal: *pulls him by the shoulder* Who might that be?
Sky: *removes his hand from his shoulder* if you must looking for my farther ....
Eternal: You don't wanna fight me or josh?
Sky: why were all firends right? so why do u wanna fight...u know wat why not i could use some training
Eternal: What do you say Josh? Triple threat?
Josh: Yeah!
Cervantes: well then.... let's see if watching this will do anything about my boredom
Sky: well josh how about it.....
Josh: Battle Start! (teleports them in his arena)
===Battle Start!===
All: (teleported in the arena)
Josh: Okay, now we're here, FIGHT! (goes to his battle stance)
Sky: whoa this arena looks cool
Josh: This arena is mine, you're in Ventilus, so yeah. (levitates)
Eternal: *sitting there, meditating*
Josh: Eternal, you may stop that. It's time for the battle.
Sky: come on already eternal.
Eternal: OK. Let's star- *mystical transformation*
Eternity: *girl eternal* *facepalms* Damn it, not again.. Now i gotta fight as a GIRL?!
Josh: Is that automatic?!
Eternity: It does it when it feels like it! Gah!
Josh: Oh. Well, let's start.
Sky: *faceplams* i cant, a girl weakness is fighting a girl
Eternity: Deal with it.
Josh: Why? I fight Alice, while you're not fighting a girl?
Sky: its just i get distracted when I fight a girl.....even if its eternal
Josh: Oh. (Thought: Hmph, advantage would be an option when I have Eternity with me!)
Sky: *sighs* anyway lets do this... the last one standing wins
Eternity: *turns back into Eternal*
Eternal: Yes! *gets in fighting stance*
Josh: Okay, FIGHT! (teleports behind Sky & attempts to backflip-kicks him)
Sky: -gets up- alright u ask 4 it -disappears and sweep kick josh then throws him-
Josh: Whoa! (lands on both feet) I'll show you. (uses Rider Kick on Sky, thus blowing him on the lights of the arena, electrocuting him)
Sky: *spines spike up* whoa good one -fixes his spines- ok my turn -speed barrage kicks josh-
Josh: (smirks) Hah. (reads Sky's speed & blocks the hits, one by one)
Sky: heh you gotten better....
Josh: (Thought: Hah, you've gotten worse for a demigod.) Even you're a demigod, I won't lose! I'm also a demigod, the Wind Ancient's descendant! (tries to suck Sky in his huge tornado)
Sky: heh is that all -spins his sword fast thus making the tornado fade away- and surpose to be a ancient inddescendant of w-sword disappears- your wind power are to are impressing but ur gonna have to hit me if u hope to beat me
Josh: Oh really? I'm just warming up.
Eternal: *studying their movse as they fast* Pfft... >Is it me, or is sky weaker then Josh?< *studying their every move that they're doing to know how to dodge and counter attack*
Josh: Okay. It's time for the real battle!
Sky: oh yea bring it josh
Josh: Alright! (charges at Sky)
Sky: heh -runs at Josh-
Josh: Don't get too cocky, 'cause I'll beat you! (charges Rider Kick)
'''1 2 3'''
Josh: Rider.....KICK!
Josh: (tachyon energy runs through his feet)
Sky:rider kick huh *grudes himself and takes the impact*......
Josh: Just watch, I didn't use this attack yet. And shut up, 'cause I'll cut your mouth, you pathetic insulter. And the last thing I hate about you, is that you're too cocky & insultive! (aims the Rider Kick at Sky)
Sky: see ya *disappers and reappers behind josh* hah theres an opening *puts josh into a master lock*
Josh: Hmph. (teleports & reappears behind Sky) Let's see if you can endure this! (attempts a Rider Combo, AKA "Rider Kick & Rider Punch" at Sky) You're auto-hitting.
Sky: make me *gets in his stance* bring it
Josh: Yeah, eat this! (Rider Kicks Sky on the face & Rider Punches him on the gut)
Cervantes: It's starting to bore me how much all suck
Josh: (sighs) Oh c'mon, Sky, what time will you attack me?
Sky: you wanna attack, you *gets in stance* heh
Josh: Aha ha ha, really? I got bored of your pathetic beam. (drinks Haste Potion) You can't outmatch me easily when I drink this! (runs at hyper speed via Haste Potion & rushes towards Sky, goes behind him, & pushes him, thus making the Super Kamehameha Wave to fire above) Get a taste of your own attack! (creates a clone above & the clone uses Repel Armor to deflect the beam at Sky) Ooh yeah.
Sky: whoa ok i will say that was pretty skilled of you josh
Josh: Thanks. (summons helicopters) Have fun destroying 'em. (stealthily leans on a wall)
The helicopters shoot their machine guns at Sky.
[[File:Goku's Super Kamehameha Wave|thumb|300px|right|Sky dose to josh 1:50-3:55]]Sky: heh is that all *runs away from being shot* come on josh how about some missile
Josh: (still invisible)
The helicopters shoot missiles at Sky.
Sky: alright go time *jumps on top of the missile and let to others follow him* catch me if you can
Josh was happy to fight with his friend, Sky.
Josh: (still invisible) Alright, will do, dude.
The helicopters shoot homing missiles at Sky.
[[File:Jak and Daxter - The Lost Frontier (PS2) Part 21 Protecting the Phantom Blade, Pt. II|thumb|300px|right|How sky destory the helicopter 1:04-1:27]]Sky: heh how do ya like me
Josh: I'm just warming up, dude.
An invisible plane shoots omni-missiles at Sky without him knowing...
Sky: *gets blasted away and dizzy* oh man...did anyone get the number of that truck that hit me
Eternal: *still watching them, still not taking place in the fight, not letting him burn any energy*
Josh: (still invisible) ''Ah, Eternal... You're not helping me? We'll see about that. ''
'''1 2 3'''
Josh: ''Rider... Kick.''
Josh: (attempts a Rider Kick at Eternal, without him knowing)

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