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Trinity's introduction

Trinity Moon

Twilight Moon

Biographical Information
Age  16     
  • Trinity
  • Ms. Moon
  • Mercenary
  • Freelancer
Relatives Un-named parents, un-named older brother
Romantic Interest(s) Neo Tranquil
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Fox
Gender Female
  • Fur: Green
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Hair: Green
  • Merc for hire
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Freelance Mercenary, Chaotic Good
Weaponry Throwing Knives, daggers
  • Knife throw
  • Stealth
  • Fan of knives
  • Phoenix Up
  • Polarity
  • Eviscerate
Other Information
Japanese V.A. Lindsay Jones
American V.A. Lindsay Jones
Theme Song(s) Come and Get it by Krewella
Original Creator Neoexlucky

Trinity is a 16 year old fox. She is a mercenary that appears often in the Tales of the Echo series and is considered to be a main character. She was originally created by NeoExlucky. She is related to two un-named parents and an un-named brother.


Trinity is a tall green fox girl, with yellow eyes and green hair that goes down to her shoulders. She wears a black T-shirt with a smily face on it, that is normally covered up by her brown leather jacket. Paired with it is her black jeans that are normally partnered with a black belt. On her belt she has a cloth bag filled with light weight small knives used for throwing and on her sides she has two larger white daggers that she used in melee combat. She also wears a pair of blue trainers.


Trinity has a very happy go lucky personality. Taking life one step at a time, one job at a time. She is normally a very happy person and is normally very diligent. Trinity isn't the most paitent girl and she hates to wait, but does enjoy a good hunt. She has a very good outlook on life and is normally very sassy and friendly to strangers.

That is, of course, if you haven't made her angry. Trinity is unable to go into any form but when angered enough, her eyes will turn red and she will enter a limit state. During this state she is very aggressive and will randomly hit things to try and sate her anger.


A long, long time ago...

Trinity was born on June 22nd 1998, into the quite wealthy and industrially successful Moon family. Both her family and the Tranquil Family had shared years of friendship with one another and the two families often interacted. This is how Trinity met her childhood friend: Neo. The two often played together as children and because they, and their parents got along so well, Trinity's father and Neo's father arranged a betrothal between to the two children.

Then Trinity ended up moving into a different town, known as Wildfire city. In Wildfire Trinity was enrolled in a combat Oriented school, known as Stars academy, where she quickly took to a pair of daggers as her main weapons, as well as a throwing knives. She flourished her talents there, learning about combat, and using her energy as a quick and rouge-ish foe.

As she grew older, she began to learn more about combat and started learning more about elemental combat. She discovered her pyrokinesis rather late into the game as other students her age were already well aware of the elements they could control, but Trinity would not let that hold her back. She learned quickly how to use fire, and began using it in combat quite frequently.

When she was about 16, her family moved back to Station Square, and she began looking for working for Liberty Academy as the Combat Instructer's assistant. She also took on some work as a mercenary, which allowed her to travel across the country doing all sorts of jobs. To this day, she continutes her work at Liberty but has since stopped working as a mercenary.


Neo Tranquil

"Neo? Is that actually you?"

Neo and Trinity have been friends for a very long time. Since they were children the two of them used to play with each other all the time. The two often considered each other best friends in childhood. Now though, things have started to take a slightly different turn. Although the two are quite friendly with one another still, the lingering betrothal papers often put a bit of romantic tension between them.

Leah the Hedgehog

"I like this girl, ain't afraid to get dirty and get things done."

Trinity and Leah are best friends, there is no denying that. Since they first met in A Noble Effort, the two took to each other quite quickly and they are often found next to one another, talking about something. Leah and Trinity share many interests in music, movies, and in combat. Although Trinity is a little negative towards her cynical side, the two rarely get into fights and they look out for each other very often.

Zero Evol

"Sweet Scythe, you gonna go harvest some wheat?"

Zero and Trinity are both very intelligent and both have a huge knowledge of weapons. They have a very interesting bond and are close friends. Zero and Trinity both like to show how much they know about things, which can sometimes cause the two of them to get into competitions about their weapon knowledge.

Fey Wayward

" really think so?"

Fey and Trinity are really good friends. They often talk with one another about serious situations and Fey is often there to comfort anyone when they are in despair, this includes Trinity. Although the two are really good friends Trinity has mentioned that there are somethings that Fey does, that just doesn't seem right. When asked about this further, Trinity has brought up how she looks at technology or how she talks about certain places that seem really weird.



Most people have elements that they control, but Trinity is a little different. Instead of an element to control, Trinity has control over polarity, metal. This is useful against people who use metal tools, wear metal, and sometimes are even metal, but pretty much useless against anything else. Trinity doesn't use this power often as it's a bore.

Phoenix Up

Trinity, being unable to go into a proper form, instead uses Phoenix Up, a powerful technique that increases her speed and power, the more she has taken damage. This does not make her invulnerable, and worse; it decreases proper thinking. Did an entire army just shoot at her? Who cares, she's gonna run straight at them and hope for the best! This tactic is certainly a mixed bag.


When learning how to perform Phoenix Up, Trinity also learned about Pyrokinesis, a skill that she took to quite early in her life. She is able to use fire in a variety of different ways, including; Fireballs, flaming weapons, infernoes, and much more. Trinity often uses fire in combat as a third weapon, and it is a skill that she knows how to use with ease.


Fan of Knives

Trinity grabs a handful of throwing knives and throws them in a circle around her, damaging people nearby. This attack is simple, yet effective if attacked in groups.


Trinity's ultimate attack. Eviscerate is an attack requiring a few things. Trinity must have both of her daggers, she must be in melee range, and she cannot be using phoenix up. This attack moves Trinity quickly behind and enemy and she will begin to go to town. Slashing with her knives several times, dealing a large amount of damge. When the attack is finished, whether it hit or not, Trinity will stop afterwards and be heavily fatigured, requiring a while before she should fight again, and requiring an even longer time before she uses this attack once more.


Dagger throwing

A simple throw of once of her small knives. Simple, but effective, and makes for a great ranged weapon. Better than one thinks, but doesn't have as good of range as a gun or a bow.

Dagger training

Trinity has firm studies in the use of daggers, though that isn't really saying much. She's good, but not the best.


As a child, Trinity was very much into dancing, and often danced with her childhood friend, Neo Tranquil. It is unknown if she has continuted to pursue this trait, but she does show considerable skill at it, while in Reale City during Reale's Night Lights.



Logic in general is her weakness. A tactical strike on her could easily take her down, especially while phoenixed up.

Big weapons

If you have a big weapon, you have Trinity's weakness, simple as that. Vehicles, to rpgs, and anything in between is Trinity's weakness.

Phoenix Priest Moveset

The phoenix Priest is an odd thing to find. Most people who have learned the way of the phoenix are long forgotten, but there are a few out there who do know the way. The phoenix priest focuses on using the flames of the phoenix to fuel all of their attacks, an element of holy fire that decimates foes. They can even become one with the phoenix and provide faster, stronger attacks or even healing abilities if they so choose. A skilled Phoenix Priest can ascend even further than that, and some say that they best of the best can even become a phoenix themselves.The truth though, may never be learned. The Phoenix Priest is nothing to take lightly, whether they focus on burning everything ash, or rising from those ashes, they will be the end of you.


"Well then..." -F rank

"I said 'good day'!" -D rank

"That was fun!" -C rank

"Bwahahaha" -B rank

"Mission complete!" -A rank

"Ready anytime!" -S rank

"I am a one woman army!" -After beating a boss

"Make this a challenge, please." -Fighting in 2 player mode

"Tch...please..." -After winning in 2 player

"Ugh, I got distracted, let's have a rematch!" -After losing in 2 player

"I'm a mercenary, plain and simple. I'm not a hero, I'm not a villian, I'm just a girl getting paid, and if that means I have to get labeled as one of those for a time, then so be it." -Single player campaign, when selected as playable characte for the first time.


  • Trinity has gone through many changes since her creation. There have been four other versions of Trinity, one of which being human, one being a pony, one being a mobian noble, and one being a mercenary.
  • Trinity cannot enter a form due to a high amount of concentration required to go into one.
  • Trinity's phoenix up ability is inspired by Yang's flaming ability in RWBY.
  • Although she'll never admit it, Trinity loves dressing up for big events and really loves to dance.
  • Trinity is ambidextrous.
  • Trinity's original conception is very much different from her current. Originally she was very inquisitive and loved learning. She also only threw daggers then, instead doing anything else with them.
  • Trinity's shoes are inspired by the 10th doctor from Doctor Who, who also wore trainers almost everywhere.
  • Although having kinesis and being a pyrokinetic, Trinity's fire is kmown as "Sacred Flame", meaning it is part holy and part fire. What makes this odd though is that she cannot use holy or fire separately.
  • Ideas have been passed that Trinity would be a meta, and the apprentice to Time Spinner, but this was changed the position was instead given to a different charcter named Vellnorzmu, or Vellum for short.
  • Trinity has a brother, thoug he is unnamed.
  • Trinity has told her friends that she was a mercenary and has killed people, and although she is able to, she has yet to kill anyone in her entire life.

Theme Song

Krewella - Come & Get It

Krewella - Come & Get It

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