Trinity &

Renée are sisters and the counterparts of each other, Trinity being the darkest of the two.

Personalities & Traits


Their personalities are the exact opposite of each other. Since Renée is kind at times, Trinity is mostly cruel. But they both share the same favourite food and drink, which is watermelon and milk.


They are both wolves, Renée is a purple wolf with dark blue eyes, while Trinity is a black wolf with crimson eyes.


They share the same ablities, except Trinity's are more darker.


They can see the future, but can choose to see which visions they wants.


They can use Telepathy, to read minds. This helps when she's fighting; she can read the mind of her enemy to know what attack they are going to use against her. Telepathic Communication (T.C) allows them to speak in minds.


This allows them to keep herself and others out of trouble. This can get complicated when they are against each other.

Teaming Up!

This explains how Trinity and Renée work together.

Mephiles: Hmph! I expected more, Renée.

Renée: Urgh...

(Mephiles is about to take the final strike to Renée, when someone blasts him back)

???: Get away from my sister!

Renée: Trinity? (She tries getting up)

Trinity: Who else? (She helps Renée up) Besides, if you died, I would feel lonley, believe it or not, I would miss you.

Mephiles: Enough talk! Try facing this! (He fuses with Iblis to form Solaris)

Renée: Trinity....I think I have an idea.

Trinity: What?

Renée: We could fuse....

Trinity: That's not a bad idea...ok

Renée & Trinity: Soul Fusion! (They fuse together, making a dark purple wolf with grey eyes)

Solaris: What is this?! Some sort of mutation?!

???: We are Gemini! (She forms a white and black orb) And we will destroy you!

Solaris: You really expect me to lose to a weak fusion? You're highly mistaken.

Gemini: Twi-Star Blast! (A white and black blast strikes Solaris)

Solaris: Gah! Impossible! How can...

Gemini: With the power of sisters and split personalities, we are more of a match against you!

Solaris: No! I won't lose to a freak-show fusion! (He makes a huge purple and black orb)

Trinity's half: Time to use our scepter!

Renée's half: Let's do this!

Gemini: Twi-Star Scepter! (A black scepter with white jewels appear in her hands)

Solaris: Death Destruction Blast!

Gemini: Starlight Burst Drops! (Stars burst out of the scepter and hit Solaris' blast)

Solaris: I will not lose!

Gemini: Starlight Destruction Rush!

(Solaris' blast is sent back at him, along with Gemini's attack)

Solaris: No! (He dissappears)

(Gemini de-fuse back to Trinity and Renée)

Trinity: That was fun...but this doesn't change anything.

Renée: I know...

Trinity: Well...untill next time (She teleports off)

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