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Cquote1 Just because your dad said to hate me, doesn’t me we have to. Cquote2
Trident trying to talk to Drake.

Trident The Hedgehog is the hero of Station Square along with his father, Sonic The Hedgehog. He is friends with most of Sonic’s allies, having his own rival named Drake.



Trident’s body is mostly dark blue except for his blue tips on his quills and his skin (muzzle, arms, and chest) which is peach. These colors do change while he is in his Negative form however.

Main article: Trident The Hedgehog/Negative Form for more information.

As for his attire, Trident wears a bright yellow scarf around his neck alone with red goggles he wears on his forehead. Along with those two, he also wears white bandage tape on his arms and legs due to the fact that he believes it looks cool.


Trident is a very cocky type of person where he believes he can fight anyone who stands in his way. This usually tends to lead to his downfall within battles against his enemies. Trident is also very anti-social with new people because he worries people will hate his personality since most people expect him to be exactly like his father. He will always hate people who think that they are better than everyone because it reminds him too much of Shadow and causes him to be furious.

Most of the time however, Trident tends to question if he is the only sane hedgehog around because most of Sonic and his friends can be a bit… much.

History And Appearances

Main article: Trident The Hedgehog/History ((Will add soon))


Main article: Trident The Hedgehog/Concept




  • Sonic The Hedgehog – The super-fast blue hedgehog with a heart of gold who has beaten Eggman many of times over the years. He is also the speed and leader of Team Sonic. Being Trident’s father, Sonic is very over-protective and tries to teach Trident everything he needs to know since Eggman is still around.
  • Star The Hedgewolf – Rzan’s right hand commander of the Hedgewolfs. As Trident’s mother, she tends to smother Trident too much because she fears the world won’t accept Trident. With both her teachings and Sonic’s, Trident ends up being neutral until later on in life.


Canon Characters

  • Knuckles The Echidna – The guardian of the Master Emerald on Angel Emerald and a quick hot-head. He is also the power within Team Sonic. Trident likes Knuckles' company even if the echidna can be a bit... much at times.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower - The two tailed fox with extreme knowledge and craftsmanship. He is also Sonic's best friend (almost even considered a brother) and the brains (including being the flying type, of course) in Team Sonic. Trident loves to learn new things with Tails and considers Tails to be an uncle even though he is not family.
  • Amy Rose – The crazy fangirl of Sonic and annoying 'aunt'. She is also the leader of Team Rose. Trident does hate the fact that she forced Sonic to make her an official aunt (with some papers, of course) but does enjoy her fighting spirit and company.
  • Cream The Rabbit – The sweet rabbit with her memorable chao, Chesse, and her kindness. Cream is also the fly within Team Rose. Trident loves how caring Cream is to everyone and loves playing games with her.
  • Espio The Chameleon – The ninja and brains of the detective team (Team Chaotix). Trident believes that Espio is the coolest guy around because of his moves. He also enjoys his training sessions with Epsio even though he has a ways to go.
  • Silver The Hedgehog – The psychokinetic hedgehog is kind-hearted but naive. Silver is the leader and fly type of his new team called Team Future. Trident enjoys Silver's company greatly, seeing himself sometimes in Silver. He also listens to Silver's advice and applies it to help better himself.
  • Blaze The Cat – The calm pryokientic princess and protector of the Sol Emeralds. She is the speed type in Silver's team (Team Future). Trident sees a lot of himself in Blaze since they both tend to act like loners and do things on their own. Regardless, he takes Blaze's advice to so he can avoid being as anti-social as she used to be.
  • Marine The Raccoon - The talkative and stubborn sailor on Southern Island who visits from time to time. Marine is the power type in Silver's team (Team Future). Trident may hate that Marine rarely wishes to listen but when she does, she gives him advice to reach for the highest. She even jokes with him to bring her along on adventures.

Fanon Characters

  • Rzan The Hedgewolf - The intelligent yet rude leader of the Hedgewolfs. Though Trident has barely known Rzan, the two do help each other out when they need it.
  • Whirl Prower The Cyborg - The two-tailed foxrabbit with the IQ of 150 and half cyborg. He is the fly type of Team Hurricane and Tails and Cream's son. Trident met Whirl before the incident with Eggman happened and half of his best friend's body was unable to move. Whirl keeps Trident in check and out of trouble.
  • Lilly The Echidnacat - The naive echidnacat and next-in-line guardian of the Master Emerald. She is the power type of Team Hurricane and Knuckles and Blaze's daugther. Trident met Lilly while he was collecting the Chaos Emerald for his father. As they talked, he grew close to her like a sister and invited her to the team.


Canon Characters

  • G.U.N. – The only reason he is okay with G.U.N is because they helped out Sonic before. Otherwise than that, he despises G.U.N for enlisting Drake.
  • Rouge The Bat – The jewel crazy agent of G.U.N and brains of Shadow's team (Team Dark). Though Trident hates both Shadow and Drake, he can tolerate Rouge since Sonic thinks of her as a good ally.
  • Vector The Crocodile – The bossy and hard-headed leader of the detective team (Team Chaotix). Trident doesn't believe that Vector is well suited to be a leader but he does respect Vector.
  • Jet The Hawk – The brash and arrogant leader of the team (Babylon Rogues) who enjoys flying his hoverboard. Trident is somewhat okay with Jet although Jet tends to try and steal tons of items from everyone. He doesn't challenge Jet thought since he is not as fast as his dad.

Fanon Characters

  • Shine Rose The Hedgehog - The nerdy overprotective hedgehog who sees faults in everyone. He is also Silver and Amy's son. Trident has problems with Shine since Shine always refuses to help out but he does respect Shine... somewhat.


Canon Characters

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik (aka Dr. Eggman) – The doctor who wishes to take over Mobius and has the IQ of 300. Trident thinks that Eggman is extremely dumb and wishes Eggman would finally give up.
  • Shadow The Hedgehog – The Ultimate Life Form who is anti-social and holds a grunge against Trident. He is also the speed and leader of Team Dark. Trident hates Shadow due to how he behaves and always tries to one-up Sonic.
  • E-123-Omega – The emotionless bodyguard of Rouge and Shadow. Omega is also the powerhouse of Team Dark. Trident sees Omega as a threat, seeing as the model has no emotions about life and will kill anyone standing in it's path.
  • Charmy Bee - The annoying bee and youngest of the detective team (Team Chaotix). Trident absolutely hates Charmy because of how dumb his ideas sound and how they always backfire. He does understand, however, that Charmy is very young.
  • Wave The Swallow – The self-confident brains of the team (Babylon Rogues) who hates others giving her advice. Trident has a problem with her back-talking others like she owns the place.
  • Storm The Albatross – The dumb right hand man of the team (Babylon Rogues) whose only pro is his strength. Trident has no idea what Jet sees in this guy but Trident thinks he's nothing but a joke.

Fanon Characters

  • Drake The Hedgebat – The hedgebat with attitude and speed of Team Thieves. Drake is very much like his parents as he is a jerk, violent, liar, and thief. Trident also hates that they are repeating the whole faker thing because Shadow told Drake is must happen. Due to this, Trident goes along with the whole faker scene.
  • Rush The Echidnacat – The echidnacat who chose evil and has a ton of attitude. Rush is Lilly's older brother and the power of Team Thieves. Trident hates Rush for choosing evil but more so for hating his sister who only wants the best for Rush.

Super Form (Negative Form)

Main article: Trident The Hedgehog/Negative Form


Being a son of Sonic, you would think one of his weaknesses would be water but ironically it is not. However having a hedgewolf for a mother, he has a bit more weaknesses than what is thought.

  • Lightning: His mom, being a hedgewolf, is deathly afraid of lightning as is Trident. If lightning is high voltage, it could kill him in a second as he would be too afraid to even move.
  • Emotional: Trident may be very lonely but if anyone brings up that Shadow/Drake might be stronger than him or say ‘I killed your father’, he will break down emotionally and attack hastily. He will forget to block, leaving himself open to attacks.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Trident is not much of a close combated fighter so close range attacks are something impossible for him to block.


Trident has only a few moves just like Sonic. However within Sonic Heroes 2: Against Time, he has moves added plus his original for this game only.

Average Moveset

  • Windmill: Trident leaps towards an opponent then quickly spins 360 degrees with one let sticking out. This was passed down from Sonic to Trident.
  • Homing Attack: Trident jumps towards an enemy then quickly curls into a ball, performing a midair spin attack.
    • Light Speed Attack: Trident charges up a spin dash as orbs start to surround him. Once he releases the spin dash, all near enemies are hit with multiple (about 10 at least unless some miss) homing attacks.
  • Spin Attack: Trident curls tightly into a ball as he moves in any direction with his speed increasing (depending on how fast he is going).

Sonic Heroes 2: Against Time (Moveset)

  • Wind Tornado: Trident jumps towards an enemy, curling into a ball quickly as he spins around the enemy once. As he lands, a tornado is created and pulls the enemy and nearest ones into it, launching them high into the air.
    • Sonic Wind: Trident spindashes around the enemy 3 times before skidding to a stop. Once he stops, a small cyclone of sharp, sky blue winds surround and ensure the enemy.
  • Shockwave Storm: Trident jumps high into the air, curling into a ball. He then strikes downwards rapidly, releasing a shock wave on the ground. If enemies are close (As in maybe a good feet away) to the attack, they will topple over.


Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds

"Start the party, guys!"
—when selected in story mode of Team Hurricane in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"Our power combined will beat your lame team!"
—beginning a team match (Goes for all teams except Team Sonic, Team Dark, and Team Thieves) in battle mode in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"Alright Dad… give me your best shot!"
—beginning a team match against Team Sonic in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"I always hated you, Shadow… *hisses* I am NOT holding back on you!"
—beginning a team match against Team Dark in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"If it isn’t Drake… show that ‘power’ of yours, faker!"
—beginning a team match against Team Thieves in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"We won…? YEAH! Great job, team!!"
—winning a team match (Goes for all teams except Team Sonic, Team Dark, and Team Thieves) in battle mode in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"Not bad for a son, eh Dad? *chuckles*"
—winning a team match against Team Sonic in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"How does it feel to be a loser, ‘Ultimate Life Form?’"
—winning a team match against Team Dark in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"You’re just like your dad… nothing but a loser.."
—winning a team match against Team Thieves in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"No way… how did we lose?"
—losing a team match (Goes for all teams except Team Sonic, Team Dark, and Team Thieves) in battle mode in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"You did great, Dad. Guess I still got a ways to go. *smiles*"
—losing a team match against Team Sonic in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"N-No... how did I lose… to someone like you..?"
—losing a team match against Team Dark in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"*growls* Y-You… I hate you…"
—losing a team match against Team Thieves in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"'Get ready to soar!!'"
—beginning Team Blast, Flash Tornado, in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"'Now that’s what I call flying.'"
—finishing Team Blast, Flash Tornado, in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"You think that robot will stand a chance, Egghead? *grins*"
—before battling Egg Oracle in story mode of Team Hurricane in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"Hey, don’t look at me… I warned ya.~"
—after battling Egg Oracle in story mode of Team Hurricane in Sonic Heroes 2: Against Worlds
"Silver… you got a whole lot of us behind you… there’s no need to go by yourself… if anything, I want you to call your friends and make a team. Then go about your journey… with them. *smiles*"
—trying to change Silver’s mind about going a journey alone.

Memorable Roleplay Quotes

None at the moment.

Theme Song(s)

Heroes Don’t Ask Questions

This is his main theme throughout his life, representing mostly his past.

"Heroes Don't Ask Questions" Music Video

"Heroes Don't Ask Questions" Music Video

Trident's Main Theme

“Once an innocent boy, seeking a true friend...” – Trident was always a loner so he began to seek someone who he can call a friend.

“Found more than he asked for, now, fearing his own end.” – Eventually Trident found out that Eggman was still around and had sent Drake after him. Worrying he wouldn’t be able to beat Drake, he fled back to Station Square.

“In his place a hero at the edge of heaven or hell.” - Once Trident found a friend, Drake again was sent to attack and Trident pushed himself to fight. Trident started to change from just being on the sidelines to becoming a hero like his father.

“Heroes don't ask questions, this game isn't for the faint-of-hearted!” – Trident stopped questioning himself and started to prove he could be a hero.

“My skeletons have escaped my closet and they're out to let you know.” – Trident reviling the many secrets about himself that not many people know..



  • Trident has been through too many changes during the concept stages. Those concept drawings were scarped due to how many were just a recolor of classic Sonic with a cyan color to his skin. Items and more quills may have been added to the recolor but it was eventually scarped altogether.
  • Trident has more of a personality like it's creator and a mixture of Star. No part of Sonic's personality is involved at all.
  • Trident's colors actually come from a character I created on DeviantArt (My other account: CIA-Boy) named Dreven Romulus.
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