Just like most characters, Trick also has forms of some sorts.


Trick can become super by entering in contact with all Chaos Emeralds. His fur becomes golden, his shoes becomes red and tan, his bow tie becames red, and his top hat becomes white with a red stripe, and his eyes becames reddish-brown.


Trick can become hyper by entering in contact with all Super Emeralds. His fur becomes glowly silver, and all his accesorries and eyes flash all types of colors.


Trick can becomes "Neon Trick" if Proto the Robot 's electricity gets inside Trick. On this form, Trick glows a neon lime green color, and his accesorries glow neon dark green, and sparks constantly come out of him. This form is controlled by both Trick and Proto, so if they wan't to do separate things, they end up un-fusing and turning into their normal forms. On this form, Trick can use Proto's powers, and Proto can use Trick's powers, however they still have control on the respective powers, its a bit hard to explain. Basically, its a fusion of Proto and Trick.

Court Jester

On Sonic And The Black Knight, Trick turns into Mr. Joker, a court jester. His appearence as Mr. Joker barely changed, just his top hat turned into a black joker hat with dark green balls at the end.

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