Trezerac and Trezera the Dark are two siblings with differing personalities that both share the same page.

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Both siblings have black fur with a thin, red line along their fur. Their pupils are red and their sclera is black with a red line around their eyes. One difference that sets their appearance apart, is their spines. While Trezerac's spines hang down, Trezera's spines stick straight back and curve around her forehead. They each have a zig-zag black tail with the same red line.

Both siblings wear an entirely black and neon red outfit. Trezerac's outfit consists of a top hat, an old-fashioned tuxedo (no tie) with a collar that sticks up straight in a curve around his head, black pants, and black shoes.

Trezera's attire consists of a black and neon red cloak, a black undershirt, a short skirt, and black and red, strapped boots. A belt is held around her waist beneath her cloak, holding oddly colored vials, an ancient spell-book, and her machetes.


Both siblings have opposite personalities that describe who they are.

For instance, Trezerac is practically insane and wild, while Trezera is sane and restrained.


What Trezerac lacks in sanity and line of thought, he makes up for in emotion and feeling. Because of his bizarre sanity disorder, Trezerac can be a bit simple-minded and expresses his feelings in a dramatic, and overly felt way. He will cry if he sees something as sad, he will laugh if he sees something as funny, and so on. Often his emotions will be shown in a twisted way because of this.

Because of his insanity, Trezerac has immature and childish behavior. He sees live and death as a game for his own amusement. He also has a boyish fascination for the world around him, which comes with a desire to see it all for himself.

Even though he is viewed in the eyes of many as an insane, out of control delinquent, Trezerac manages to have a bit of sanity left in him to do the right thing. He easily sides with the heroes and will help those when help is needed. Even though he is a monster and a killer at heart, and is beyond all medical help, he is able to act like a gentleman and aid those as needed.


Trezera, unlike her brother, is a perfectly sane and rational Mobian. Unlike Trezerac, however, Trezera lacks practically all feeling and acts more like a robot than an actual person. Whatever feelings she has are stored deep down inside of her, buried along with everything else she abandoned long ago.

Trezera, also unlike Trezerac, acts like a mature adult and takes things seriously and with an open mind. She treats life as she sees it, a cycle where one thing dies and another thing grows in its stead. She is often quiet and says very little to people who aren't her family.

Trezera cares deeply about Trezerac and his safety more than anything else. She keeps a close eye on him, and the two are often always seen together. Though she doesn't show it, she gets very worried about Trezerac when he goes on some "adventure" without her by his side. Thus, she greatly disapproves of Trezerac going somewhere without her because she's worried he won't be able to take care of himself.


Birth and Early Life

Trezerac and Trezera were born in a Mercian village, which, like most of the villages at the time, were held under control by the Mercia Dark Egg Legion. Trezerac and Trezera's mother, along with most of the other adults of the village, had been forced by the Dark Egg Legion to work in the mines, so for most of Trezerac's life, he spent time with his sister Trezera, who, being the oldest, took care of him for most of the day and later into the night. One day, when Trezerac was 5 and Trezera was 8 years old, their was a terrible cave-in during one of the mining operations, and many fathers and mothers, including their mother, died in the mine.

After these horrible, and supposedly-untimely events both siblings, along with other orphaned children, were transferred to the town of Snottingham to stay in the town orphanage. The real intention of this, however, was to keep the children there, and when they had grown older, to train them to serve the Mercian Dark Egg Legion.


Years went by, and more and more children were being turned into cybernetic soldiers who served under the Eggman Empire. Once Trezerac and Trezera had come of a desirable, (and required) age, it wasn't long till they were transferred to a training camp and then turned into mindless soldiers!

Now, there was one thing both siblings had learned during their "imprisonment", which was that: no one could be trusted. Even the staff and fellow "prisoners" were beyond trusting. The night before the transfer, Trezera left her brother for just a moment to find some information about what was happening (since no one ever told the orphans anything). While she was sneaking stealthily along the halls (a skill she had acquired during her years spent there) she managed to overhear a conversation of a Dark Legion transfer soldier conversing with Grandmaster Lord Mordred Hood via some sort of digital screen coming out of his arm brace. Though she was only able to hear bits of the conversation, Trezera managed to hear just enough to know one thing: Trezerac and her were going to be separated, for good! She immediately hurried back to Trezerac, and told him everything (though he only understood very little).

Nevertheless, Trezera knew what had to be done. She and Trezerac had to escape.. no matter what.



Trezerac is an umbrakinesis user, a person who can channel and manipulate shadows into doing what they please. He can use his umbrakinesis to teleport (move from shadow to shadow), make him invisible, and as a means to attack and defend.

Trezera, however, is more capable of using dark magic than umbrakinesis. A young dark sorcerer, she carries a spell-book everywhere she goes, and when at home, she works on new spells. Sometimes Trezerac steals her spell-book and learns some spells of his own, only their not as effective as Trezera's spells. Not all of the spells, however, are evil, and sometimes, Trezera uses the evil spells for good.


Trezerac's cane is made of a dark kind of wood and its hold is a hand sized, red orb. Though it may look simple, beware of simple appearances, for Trezerac's cane is used as a tool to better channel Trezerac's umbrakinesis, along with some limited dark magic.

Trezera's machetes are long and crudely curved, their colors black and red. They are sharp enough to cut a person to pieces, but also light enough to carry.


Trezerac's immaturity and his irrational mind can make him easily tricked and naïve. This often takes him completely off guard, and will get him in trouble most of the time.

Trezerac is proud of his unnatural strength and is a big bragger. He can be easily taken advantage of by an enemy, if they use his bragging against him.

If her brother is in serious danger, Trezera will become tense, and gradually more exposed.


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