This is an article about Travis the Unknown, a character created by Travis the Unknown on 09/7/2014.


Travis is a tall, lanky Mobian who's body is concealed by a thick lemon yellow hazmat suit, he wears a facial respirator, which is tinted, hiding his face from others. The only way people know Travis' name is a small piece of duct tape on his chest with the word "Travis" written in bad handwriting across it. When Travis speaks, it comes out only as a faint mumbling, and his breathing sounds very deep and raspy.

As far as what Travis looks like beneath the suit, it is unknown, the only trait that could define what species he is is a suit extension on his hazmat suit that is for his tail, and two pointed ears on the top of his head. He could be a cat, or a fox, or something else, nobody knows.


Since Travis doesn't speak in a manner that people understand, it is unknown what his personality is. It is known that he has an extreme fascination with chemicals, explosives, and fire, suggesting he is a chemist of some kind, and that the hazmat suit is for intensive immersion with the chemicals.


It is known that Travis has exceptional skill in making explosives, and knows chemistry like the back of his hand. This knowledge allows him to create chemical weapons like chloramine gas, an unstable and deadly gas formed from mixing bleach with ammonia, or using aerosol to make a flamethrower. His knowledge of explosives and chemistry can make more purer compounds that can become more potent.


  • Travis is based on the Demoman and the Pyro from TF2.
  • Travis is based on Walter White from Breaking Bad.
  • Travis was supposed to be a robot, but the creator decided to not do that.
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