Travis the Echidna (born Travis Jordann; September 1, 2002) is the current guardian of the Master Emerald and the leader of the Future Chaotix. He is also the son of Knuckles and Tikal and the older brother of Elara.


Early life (2002-2008)

Travis Jordann was born on September 1st, 2002, 2 months after the end of the Third Robotnik War, two years later, he became the older brother of Elara the Echidna.

In March 2008, when Travis was five years old, he won the Breaking Bricks competition because he is the strongest.

In June 2008, 3 months after he won the Breaking Bricks competition, Travis ended preschool,.

Pre-Older Days (2008-2015)

On September 1st, 2008, Travis' 6th birthday was celebrated. Ten days later, he started to attend Mobotropolis School.

In 2012, Travis succeeded his father as Guardian of the Master Emerald, Travis chose Remington's son Theodore to be his successor.

Post-Older Days (2015-present)

Travis turned 13 in 2015 when he was still guardian of the Master Emerald.

In 2017, ten days later after he turned 15, He, along with Keith the Crocorabbit, Matthew the Hedgemeleon, Charmy Bee Jr., Lauren-Su, Robert the Armacat, Joseph the Squicoon and Colleen Bee formed the Future Chaotix.




Travis is an echidna who keeps his position as Guardian of the Master Emerald. On school, he shows his friends showing how fast, strong and cool he is, but sometimes accepts them a challenge.

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