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This is a page about Tranq the Hedgeguin, a character created by Wikikinetic

NOTE: This article may contain spoilers for Depths of Dimensions.

This article is about the normal version of Tranq. You may be looking for his CrossRealm counterpart, Tranq the Penguin.
"Let's do this, team!"
—Tranq, Depths of Dimensions/Part 2J (SO)

Tranq is a hedgeguin, a type of hedgehog-penguin hybrid. Tranq's main strengths are his eternally calm composure and his ability to keep situations cool. Tranq also frequently carries a foldable shield, which he is quite proficient at using for both offense and defense.


Tranq is a male hedgeguin with black fluff and cyan markings in a pattern resembling a Magellanic penguin. He has three short-but-thick quills in a triangular shape on the back of his head. He wears light gray sneakers with cyan laces, as well as light gray fingerless gloves. His hands have the hedgeguin sixth digit, which, on his hands, sticks straight out from the back of his hands; for this reason, his gloves have a hole in the back for his extra digit to stick through. He has gray eyes and a longish beak.


Tranq is almost always calm and optimistic about everything. He knows that everything is going to turn out right, and almost nothing will make him lose his cool. Due to this, he tries to keep everyone around him in the same state; if there's an argument, he'll try to break it up and try to get everyone to calm down.

It's very difficult to get Tranq to stop being happy; it takes something really life-threatening or depressing to do so. However, you can bet that, if such a thing does occur, he will be very emotional about it.

Tranq is fairly extroverted, and is quite content to spend most of his time with other people. If left alone for too long—say, a week or two—he could enter a state of depression, wondering how long it'll be until he'll ever see someone again.

Tranq doesn't have a specific set of activities that interest him; he generally will just go along with anything reasonable that his friends are doing. However, he is better at some activities than other. For example, he is fairly good at dancing and at making music (the latter of which he mostly does through computer programs); however, he is terrible at singing. These skills mostly come up during his part-time job as a DJ.

Tranq's personality is both an advantage and a disadvantage for making friends. On one hand, some people enjoy his constant happiness and ability to keep the mood bright; on the other hand, some people find it frustrating that he can't show negative emotion at appropriate times like most normal people.

Strengths and Powers

Tranq has no magical powers. However, he is very proficient with shields, having taken classes in using them for several years. He can use them to block most incoming attacks, and even use shields as weapons. Granted, a shield won't deliver a fast attack, but if it hits, it'll hit hard. His personal shield's folding capabilities make it very compact and allow him to bring it almost everywhere with him. Tranq's calmness also keeps him from becoming possessed by emotions and doing something stupid or reckless in the middle of a fight.


Finding a Wisp

Tranq (born Aiden Cooper) had a fairly normal and happy childhood with his parents and younger siblings (Madison and Opal). The only particular incident of note is that, when Tranq was about 9 years old, he encountered a Magenta Wisp wandering the streets and looking lost. After three days, someone showed up to claim it, and Bead disappeared with her. However, the three days with Bead, who was a very musical Wisp, made Tranq interested in making music himself, leading him to discover his own musical capabilities and then to get a part-time job as a DJ in high school.

Depths of Dimensions

Tranq's life was pretty normal from then onwards, until the day that he was walking down the street and suddenly realized that he was actually walking down a different street; in fact, he had unknowingly been teleported into another dimension. While in this dimension, he found some other people and tried to make friends with them, as he didn't know anyone in this dimension, but found himself repeatedly unable to interact with others properly without people either finding his very presence embarrassing (due to him not being a member of their group), or, in milder cases, simply leaving after one line of conversation. This continued until a battle broke out nearby, causing a member of the group to teleport them to the battle.

At the battle, Tranq was able to finally make himself useful by defending a young boy until Tranq's defenses were depleted, leaving him unconscious. When he woke up, he was sucked into a portal and dropped into a concert hall, where a kitsune named Scratch threatened to kill him and the other five people who he was with unless they competed in embarrassing musical challenges, which they ultimately did (Tranq's was singing "Call Me Maybe").

After finishing with the musical challenges, Tranq's group then made attempts to either trick Scratch into making them all win or to convince Scratch that she really shouldn't be thinking of killing them, the latter of which started to work, as Scratch started revealing her sympathetic backstory. However, this was cut short when one of Tranq's group members, Schnee, fell out of the ceiling fighting another person, Tina. Tranq's best attempts to redeem Scratch and thus prevent a battle failed, causing the beginning of the fight to provoke an all-out brawl with Tranq's group on one side and Scratch and Tina on the other.

The battle was concluded when Scratch was knocked out and Tina was nearly knocked out, causing Tina to call her boss, Luna, who made a portal to an unknown location, which Tina (carrying Scratch) went through. Tina then stuck her head back through to try to convince Tranq's group that they should come along too, as they had won the contest and the fight. Tranq protested against this, fearing that it would be suicidal to enter the portal. Two of his teammates agreed with him, but three didn't, fracturing the team as Schnee's half went through the portal and Tranq's half stayed behind…


This character's sixstat code is 533314

  • Health: 5 – Tranq's shield is very resistant to attacks. Tranq is somewhat less resistant, but all in all, he's able to mitigate quite a bit of damage.
  • Damage: 3 – His shield does quite a fair bit of damage, even if it's not as much as one might expect from a conventional weapon.
  • Speed: 3 – Tranq's speed is about average.
  • Reflexes: 3 – Tranq's reflexes to get into action are fairly good, allowing him to quickly pick up on opportunities to attack enemies (or to save allies). However, his reflexes for changing course in the middle of an action aren't that good, making him frequently stumble in the middle of attempted saves or fail to successfully go through with attempted attacks.
  • Intelligence: 1 – Tranq is easily distractible, frequently making it difficult for him to come up with plans. When he can come with plans, they're reasonably good, but this doesn't happen often.
  • Regen: 4 – Tranq recovers fairly quickly from a beating.


"No, Lena, we all need to stay here! Even if we'll never find a way out of here, if we go in there, we'll almost certainly die, and if we stay here, we only might die, but it's less of a chance than if we go in there, and we need to stay as a group! We're stronger together! Didn't you see how we could take out Tina as a team, but by herself, Sneer couldn't do it? We need everyone here! We need you here! You're important!"
—Tranq to Lena Fischer in Depths of Dimensions/Part 2J (SO)

Fun Facts

  • Tranq the Penguin is my first character who I've made an alternate version of. The alternate version of this character is Tranq the Penguin, a character designed for CrossRealm.
  • Bead was inspired by a now-removed line in Tranq's description that stated that "[his musical abilities] come up whenever he shares activities with musical friends". The "musical friends" then almost turned into a female magenta hedgehog singer accompanied by a Magenta Wisp that would have given her music-related powers, but after realizing that this character would be too similar to Sonia, I decided to turn the character into a Magenta Wisp and have Tranq be a DJ. Bead also used to be an integral part of Tranq's character, but I dropped it and merged it with something in Kara's history to make sense of the fact that Bead did not appear in Depths of Dimensions.
  • Tranq's personal folding shield was created by taking a normal shield and having a metal-worker cut the shield into a few pieces and attach them to each other with hinges. After he obtained this folding shield, he started carrying it with him nearly everywhere he went.
  • The name that he usually goes by, Tranq, is actually a nickname, and is a shortening of the word tranquil, a word that describes a facet of his personality.